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Collaborate With Schimiggy | Food and Travel

Collaborate With Schimiggy | Food and Travel


My name is Alex (AKA Schimiggy) and I am a Seattle-based food and travel influencer and blogger. 

You can find me on Instagram at @schimiggy or #schimiggyeats

I work with restaurants, hotels, and tourism boards to create content that can inspire people to experience their establishments. 

Rain City Burgers Roosevelt Burger best burger

Roosevelt Burger from Rain City Burgers

I create food and travel guides and have worked with hundreds of businesses worldwide to create content and market their amazing services and products.

Here are some examples of social content that I’ve created with partners in the past:

searing nodoguro fish Towa Kaiseki Restaurant Redmond WA

The coal searing method used at Towa Kaiseki Restaurant

Here are examples of food content that I create on my blog. 

These types of posts typically convert the best because these links are evergreen, meaning they last forever and help people easily search for food and dining ideas in the Greater Seattle area and beyond.

I’m also a professional photographer. My photography account on Instagram is and at #schimiggyphotography.

You can see some examples of my photography on Unsplash.

Collaborations with me typically mean that you also get content that you can use on your marketing documents and socials.

Lady Jaye West Seattle American BBQ Restaurant

BBQ Spread from Lady Jaye West

If you’d love to work with me, please send me a message on Instagram or e-mail me at

I can’t wait to work with you! Let’s make things happen!

alex tran schimiggy signature

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