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Best Places to Get Chirashi in Seattle

Best Places to Get Chirashi in Seattle
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Updated: 3/13/2024 | Best Places to Get Chirashi in Seattle

Chirashi is an entire sushi experience in a single bowl. It’s also one of our favorite ways to consume sushi. If you’ve seen it on a menu and wondered what it is, we’ve got you covered.

Chirashi, or chirashizushi (ちらし寿司), is a classic style of sushi. It’s a bed of sushi rice and ingredients “scattered” over the top in a decorative manner. Raw fish, tamago (egg), shiitake mushrooms, kanpyo (calabash shavings), and oboro (crumbled shrimp paste) are common chirashi ingredients.

Chirashi is often packed into a shallow rectangular or circular lacquerware box.

There are even vegan options that are served on holidays. Those are typically made with both pickled and fresh veggies atop sushi rice.

Below, we’ll share our favorite places to grab a bowl of Chirashi in Seattle.

Best Places to Get Chirashi in Seattle

#1 Donburi Station

Donburi Station Chirashi Bowl Seattle

Donburi Station has locations in Bellevue and Georgetown. We recommend their chirashi and salmon don bowls. The fish is fresh and the service is quick.

They also have an amazing pork curry that you can order on the side to eat with any leftover sushi rice or with one of their tasty katsu bowls.

They also have a sister restaurant in Fremont called the Fremont Bowl, but they do not offer the amazing pork curry.

#2 Kudedon

Kudedon sushi chirashi don bowls Seattle

Kudedon is located in Seattle’s Finance District in Downtown. Their sushi bowls are impressive in both flavor and presentation.

We highly recommend the Negitoro & Creamy Salmon (pictured) and Sake Ikura bowls.

For beef eaters, they offer a Sukiyaki Beef bowl that comes with a perfectly cooked runny poached egg.

Watch our Kudedon Instagram Reel to see all the bowls we devoured. 

Mention code SCHIMIGGY when you dine at Kudedon for 20% off! 

#3 Maneki

Maneki is the longest-standing sushi restaurant in Seattle and has been serving Japanese fare since 1904.

They offer a traditional chirashi bowl that is simple yet delicious. 

Visit their location in Seattle’s Chinatown International District (CID).

#4 Japonessa 

Chirashi Bowl Japonessa Seattle

While you can order a happy hour-sized chirashi at Japonessa, where we really think they shine is with their full-sized chirashi bowl.

Their selection of mouth-watering and silky fish makes it one of the best tasting and freshest chirashi bowls you’ll find in Seattle.

Visit their locations in Downtown Seattle and Bellevue.

#5 Wasabi

Wasabi is located in Downtown Seattle and offers a happy hour and full-sized chirashi bowls. Their pieces of fish are thick and creamy. Their prices are also very reasonable.

#6 Seattle Fish Guys

Seattle Fish Guys is a fish market that sells seafood dishes for takeout and delivery.

Their Salmon don and Chirashi bowls are prepared daily. They also make poke bowls to order.  

#7 Umi Sake House

Umi Sake House is located in Belltown and has an awesome menu featuring sushi items such as nigiri, sashimi, tempura, salmon kama (cheeks), and more.

They also have an amazing happy hour menu.

#8 Musashi’s

Musashi offers a traditional Chirashi bowl with an assortment of fish that is fresh and flavorful. 

They have two locations in Chinatown International District (CID) and Wallingford. Personally, we love how our chirashi bowls are prepared at the Wallingford location.

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