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Yoga Pose Library

Yoga Pose Library

It’s finally here! I decided to make better use of all the photos I take of myself in activewear and compiled them into a Yoga Pose Library. Please use this resource to expand your yoga practice whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner.

All poses and entries that are linked will redirect you to a detailed tutorial on how to get into the pose and what its contraindications are. I will continue to add poses to this library when I can. If you have a pose in mind, please let me know! I am always open to shuffling things up.

If you’d like to practice with me in person, please visit my yoga teaching schedule for group yoga class dates and times. I am located in the Seattle, Washington area.

Yoga Pose Library

English NameSanskrit NameImage
Airplane PoseDekasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Airplane Pose or Dekasana
Baby Crow PoseBaby Bakasana
Big Toe PosePadangusthasana
Bird of Paradise PoseSvarga Dvijasana
Boat PoseNavasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Boat Pose or Navasana
Bridge PoseSetu Bandha SarvangasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Camel PoseUstrasana
Cat PoseMarjariasana
Chair or Fierce PoseUtkatasana
Chair Twist PoseParivrtta Utkatasana
Child's PoseBalasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Child's Pose or Balasana
Cobbler's PoseBaddha Konasana
Cobra PoseBhujangasana
Compass PoseParivrtta Surya YantrasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Compass Pose or Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana
Corpse PoseSavasana
Cow Face PoseGomukasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Cow Face Pose or Gomukasana
Cow PoseBitilasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Cow Pose or Bitilasana
Crescent LungeAnjaneyasana
Crow PoseBakasana
Deaf Man's PoseKarnipidasana
Dolphin PoseArdha Pincha MayurasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Dolphin Pose or Ardha Pincha Mayurasana
Downward DogAdho Mukha Svanasana
Eagle PoseGarudasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Eagle Pose or Garudasana
Easy PoseSukhasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Easy Seated Pose or Sukhasana
Eight Angle PoseAstavakrasana
Extended Hand to Foot Pose (Standing and Supine)Utthita Hasta PadangustasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Extended Hand to Foot Pose or Utthita Hasta Padangustasana
Fallen Angel PoseDevaduuta Panna Asana
Fire Log PoseAgnistambhasana
Firefly PoseTitthibasana
Fish PoseMatsyasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Fish Pose or Matsyasana
Fixed Fern PoseSupta Virasana
Floor Bow PoseDhanurasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Floor Bow Pose or Dhanurasana
Flying PigeonEka Pada Galavasana
Flying Splits PoseEka Pada Koundinyasana I
Forearm or Dolphin Plank PoseMakara Adho Mukha Svanasana
Forearm StandPincha Mayurasana
Forward FoldUttanasana
Frog PoseMandukasana or Bhekasana
Frontal SplitsHanumasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Full Frontal Splits or Hanumasana
Garland or Yoga Squat PoseMalasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Garland/Yoga Squat or Pose Malasana
Goddess PoseUtkata KonasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Goddess Pose or Utkata Konasana
Gorilla PoseHasta Padangusthasana
Grasshopper or Dragonfly PoseMaksikanagasana
Half Lord of the Fishes PoseArdha Matsyendrasana
Half Moon PoseArdha Chandrasanaseni by fit rebel fighting fish leggings half moon ardha chandrasana pose schimiggy reviews
Half Moon Side Bend or
Upward Solute Half Moon Side Bend
Urdhva Hastasana Ardha Chandrasana
Half Pigeon PoseEka Pada Rajakapotasana
HandstandAdho Mukha Vrksasanalineage wear peacock leggings green handstand
Happy BabyAnanda Balsasana
Head to Knee PoseJanu SirsasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Head to Knee Pose or Janu Sirsasana
Hero PoseVirasana
High Plank PosePhalakasana
Humble or Bound Warrior PoseBaddha Virabhadrasana
King Dancer PoseNatarajasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | King Dancer Pose or Natarajasana
King Pigeon PoseKapotasanaKapotasana or King Pigeon with a Yoga Wheel
King Pigeon PoseEka Pada Rajakapotasana
Lateral SplitsUpaviṣṭha Koṇasanaalex schimiggy shiva hands kdeer leggings lateral splits pose
Legs Up the Wall PoseViparita Karani
Locust PoseSalambhasana
Lord of the Dance PoseNatarajasana
Lotus PosePadmasana
Low Lunge PoseAnjaneyasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Low Lunge or Anjaneyasana
Low Push Up or Four-Legged Staff PoseChaturanga Dandasana
Mermaid Pose (Seated and Standing)Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana/Natarasana (variation)
Mountain PoseTadasana
One-legged Crow PoseEka Pada BakasanaOne-Legged Crow Pose or Eka Pada Bakasana
Peacock PoseMayurasana
Pendant PoseLolasana
Plow PoseHalasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Plow Pose or Halasana
Puppy Dog or Heart Melting PoseAnahatasana
Pyramid PoseParsvottonasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Pyramid Pose or Parsvottonasana
Reverse or Exalted WarriorViparita Virabhadrasana
Reverse Table Top or Half-Upward Plank PoseArdha PurvottanasanaReverse Table Top Pose
Revolved Half Moon PoseParivrtta Ardha ChandrasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Revolved Half Moon Pose or Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana
Seated Forward Fold PosePaschimottanasana
Shoulder StandSarvangasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana
Side Angle PoseUtthita Parvakonasana
Side Lunge PoseSkandasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Side Lunge Pose or Skandasana
Side PlankVasisthasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana
Sphinx PoseSalamba Bhujangasana
Staff PoseDandasana
Standing Head-to-Knee PoseDandayamana Janushirasanayoga pose library schimiggy reviews standing head to knee pose dandayamana janushirsasana
Standing SplitsUrdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana
Sugarcane PoseChapasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Sugarcane Pose or Chapasana
Supine Twist PoseSupta MatsyendrasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Supine Twist or Supta Matsyendrasana
Table Top PoseSantaluna SandhAra-asana
Three Legged Dog PoseTri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana
Thunder Bolt PoseVajrasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Thunderbolt Pose or Vajrasana
Tree PoseVriksasanaTree Pose or Vrksasana
Triangle or 5 Pointed Star PoseUtthita Trikonasana
Tripod HeadstandMukta Hasta Sirsasana A
Twisted Easy PoseParivrtta Sukhasana
Twisted Low Lunge PoseParivrtta Sanchalasana
Twisted or Revolved Triangle PoseParivrtta TrikonasanaTwisted or Revolved Triangle Pose or Trikonasana
Upward Dog PoseUrdhva Mukha Svanasana
Upward Plank PosePurvottanasanaSchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Upward Plank Pose or Purvottanasana
Warrior IVirabadrasana ISchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Warrior 1 or Virabhadrasana I
Warrior IIVirabadrasana II
Warrior IIIVirabadrasana IIISchimiggy Reviews | Yoga Pose Library | Warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana III
Wheel PoseChakrasana
Wide Legged Forward FoldPrasarita Padottanasana I
Wild Thing or Fallen Star PoseCamatkarasana

DISCLAIMER: Remember to always work within your own range of limits and abilities. Not all yoga poses are suitable for all persons. Practicing under the direct supervision and guidance of a qualified instructor, in addition to the direction of your health care provider, can also help determine what poses are suitable for your particular situation. The information provided in this blog, website, and other materials is strictly for reference only and is not in any manner a substitute for medical advice or direct guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. If you have any medical concerns, talk with your Medical Doctor before practicing yoga or any other exercise program.

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