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Best Things to Do in Seabrook WA + Why You Should Go!

Best Things to Do in Seabrook WA + Why You Should Go!
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Seabrook WA big adirondak chair near beach

We spent a few days in the charming town of Seabrook and fell in love! This quaint beach town is nestled between the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean along the picturesque Washington State coastline.

It’s only a 2.5-hour drive from Downtown Seattle.

About Seabrook

Nothing was in this area until 2004 when a group of developers (led by Casey Roloff) thoughtfully designed a city for both short-term visitors and full-time residents. The city was created to mirror the Oregon Coast (think Cannon Beach area).

Today the town has 520 homes of all sizes in eight micro-neighborhoods, various merchants and restaurants, 18 parks, a Town Hall, a Montessori School, a community pea patch, hundreds of acres of mountain bike and hiking trails, a central amphitheater, sports courts, indoor pool, firepits, and miles of wide-open beach. 

The neighborhood is very quiet and safe. It’s perfect for families, relaxation, bridal showers, girls-only trips, and so much more.


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How to Get Around Seabrook

Seabrook is extremely pedestrian-friendly. You can pretty much get anywhere in the neighborhood on foot. Many visitors and residents also take scooters and bikes to get around town.

Where to Stay in Seabrook

Good Day Getaway Seabrook WA Cabin

Good Day Getaway Cottage

There aren’t any hotels directly in Seabrook. Instead, you can rent out cottages through Seabrook’s official website. You can find dog-friendly homes of all sizes and most have hot tubs. 

The town is split into nine neighborhoods. The Farm District is near a small enclosure with a few horses and is farthest from the beach (about a 15-minute walk). The others are closer to the town and beach, so if location is important to you make sure you find a vacation rental in those areas.

We stayed at the Good Day Getaway and loved it. The home was very charming and had everything we needed. It has enough space for 8 and 3 bedrooms.

You can use code SCHIMIGGY (valid until the end of March 2024) to save 10% off your booking at Good Day Getaway.

Follow them on Instagram and book your stay here.

Good Day Getaway Seabrook Cottage Kitchen

Good Day Getaway 3 Bedroom Cottage

Best Things to Do in Seabrook

#1 Gnome Forest and Trail

This is a very fun trail that is perfect for the whole family. It is not very long but all along the route are little gnomes in tree hollows and alcoves.

Although it is not long, it is quite steep so be aware of that. There are lots of areas for kids to explore and hunt for more gnomes so it’s a great experience for kids. The trail at the bottom connects to the beach and at the top leads to another fun point, a big Cedar tree stump.

#2 Go Hiking 

Seabrook gives access to several hikes ranging from easy to advanced.
Below is a selection of great hikes that would also make good day trips:

  • Olympic National Park – There are so many beaches and hikes to explore in and around the Olympic Peninsula.
  • The Hoh River Trail – Yes! Washington has its own rainforest. The Hoh rainforest receives over 12 feet of rain per year, mostly during the months between October and April.
  • The Enchanted Valley (via East Fork Quinault River at Graves Creek Trailhead) is a primitive, old-growth forest high above the Quinault River Valley.
  • Ozette Triangle Loop Trail combines the beauty of a forest hike and the openness of the rugged beachscape.
  • Marymere Falls: Along the shores of Lake Crescent, this trail takes you through the old-growth forest to Marymere Falls themselves – 90 feet high plummeting from Falls Creek above.

#3 Visit The Nearby Beaches and Lakes

  • Seabrook Beach – Most accessible by foot and located just a stone’s throw away from downtown Seabrook. It’s only 15-20 walk from the Seabrook community.
  • Moclips – Moclips boasts beautiful sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the Washington coast. The area offers an ideal spot for beachcombing, with ample opportunities to find unique shells, sand dollars, and other treasures. The picturesque setting is perfect for long walks on the beach while admiring the breathtaking Pacific Ocean views. Only a 10-minute drive north of Seabrook.
  • Roosevelt Beach – 10-minute drive south from Seabrook. 
  • Lake Quinault – 45-minute drive north of Seabrook.
  • Copalis Beach – A serene beach along the Washington coast just south of Seabrook. It’s an excellent option for beachcombing and exploration. It’s known as the home of the razor clams. Visitors can collect seashells, stroll along the coastline, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The tide pools at Copalis Beach provide the opportunity to observe marine life and engage in a hands-on learning experience.
  • Rialto Beach – Located just 2 hours north of Seabrook and makes a great day trip to see the Olympic National Park.
  • Ruby Beach – Known for its rugged shoreline and dramatic seascapes, is a superb destination for beachgoers seeking a unique coastal experience. The beach features tide pools, stacks of driftwood, and an abundance of sea life that can be observed in their natural habitat. Visitors can also find various types of shells along the shore, making Ruby Beach a beachcomber’s paradise. It’s one and 1/2 hours from Seabrook.
  • Kalaloch Beach Root Tree (AKA the Tree of Life) – 1 hour and 15-minute drive north from Seabrook.
horizon of seabrook beach wa milaner handbag nike jacket

Seabrook Beach

#4 Find Fort Seabrook

If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you can find Seabrook’s answer to Castle Byers out on the sandy dunes.

We won’t tell you where it is. The search is half of the fun!

#5 Make Rainbow Fire

There is a good chance, you are going to build a fire either on the beach or in one of the many community fire pits.

But before you get going with your s’mores, head over to the toy shop and pick up a packet of Mystical Fire. Once everyone has had their fill of roasted confections, throw the packet on the fire and watch the magic!

#6 Pacific Beach State Park

Pacific Beach State Park is an ideal spot to enjoy the scenic Washington coast. The park offers several beachcombing opportunities, and guests can explore the beautiful sandy beach, discover tide pools, or even spot migrating whales in the spring. The park is tailored for outdoor activities such as walking, biking, and picnicking along the coastline.

#7 Find Glass Fishing Floats

A lesser-known winter beach activity in the Pacific Northwest is searching for Japanese glass fishing floats. The best time to find glass floats along the Washington Coast, based on tides and weather patterns, is between December and May. 

These beautiful glass fishing floats are considered collector’s items. Adventurous people monitor tide patterns and head to the beach after high tide, even in the middle of the night. The most successful treasure hunts often occur after a storm has stirred up the Pacific Ocean.

Just a fair warning, the glass floats are extremely hard to find.

Seabrook WA Beach Stairs

#8 Relax at the Spa

At Seabrook, one of the best ways to unwind is by treating yourself to a calming massage at Spa Elizabeth, located in downtown Seabrook. 

This peaceful spa offers a welcoming and cozy seating area for guests to relax before their treatments. With expert therapists, my massage was an incredible experience, as they focused on areas I never knew needed attention. This released up a lot of built-up tension.

Spa Elizabeth provides a customized experience with appointments available for all treatments. They offer a variety of services, including traditional and specialty massage therapy, body fusions, scrubs, and wraps, as well as organic and oxygen facials for skin care.

#9 Kayaking Through A River

One of the most unique experiences I had in Seabrook was exploring the Ghost Forest on the Copalis River estuary, just a 15-minute drive south. Ghost forests are created when the sea level rises and engulfs the vegetation, leaving behind dead trees. The one created in Copalis happened during a tsunami.

You can access the Ghost Forest by kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding from Copalis Beach. Many shop offers rental equipment and even guided tours if you’re interested in learning more about the area’s history.

Kayaking through the Ghost Forest near Seabrook is a truly fun experience. With its haunting beauty and intriguing history, it’s definitely worth adding to your list of must-visit spots during your trip to Seabrook.

#10 Biking Around The Town

One of the best ways to explore Seabrook is via bicycle. Seabrook is so safe that you can leave your bike unattended and you’ll often see children bike around town unattended.

Seabrook WA Town Hall

Seabrook Town Hall

#11 Ride a Horse

**Currently Suspended**

Seabrook, WA, is home to a charming little farm that’s perfect for a fun day with your family. This farm offers horseback riding experiences and summer camps for kids, giving everyone a chance to connect with these magnificent animals and enjoy the countryside.

If you haven’t done horse riding before, then this will be a memorable experience for everyone.

#12 Check out Town Hall Events

We nearly missed the yoga and sound bath series (by a day!) at the Town Hall which is FREE for those staying in a Seabrook community cottage. 

See all their events here.

#13 Play Pickleball and Basketball

If you’re into sports, Seabrook has facilities for pickleball, basketball, and tennis. Most rentals will also have pickleball paddles. 

Pickleball is a popular outdoor activity in Seabrook. It’s a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

There are also basketball and tennis courts. 

Pros & Cons of Seabrook

Here is our summary of the pros and cons of visiting Seabrook.


  • The beach is huge yet not crowded. 
  • The town is super safe. 
  • The town is very pedestrian-friendly.
  • There are plenty of fun recreational activities for adults and children.
  • The town has a friendly community vibe. 
  • It’s a great destination for those wanting to explore the Washington Coast and Olympic Peninsula.
  • It’s a short drive from Downtown Seattle.


  • It gets cold on the coast so you may need sweatshirts for the beach. Rarely can you ever swim comfortably on the beaches.
  • It has a very affluent vibe with mostly Caucasian residents and visitors.
  • The food can be expensive and there isn’t a ton of options. You can plan on cooking some meals in your rental or visit establishments in nearby cities such as Aberdeen.

girls getaway to seabrook washington beach town

Explore Seabrook’s Dining and Retail Scene

Here are the businesses you can explore in the town of Seabrook.

Food and Beverage

Cruffin from Vista Bakery Seabrook WA

Cruffin from Vista Bakery


  • Buck’s Northwest
  • Spa Elizabeth
  • Arcade – 1980’s style arcade that is great for families!
  • Ice Skating – Available during the winter season.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • NEW outdoor heated pool, sauna, and gym 


Specialty Shops

Saturday market

There’s a small market in downtown Seabrook every Saturday from late June through August. There are about 20 vendors selling local crafts, Pacific Northwest food and gifts, and some produce.

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