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Best Camo Printed Leggings

Best Camo Printed Leggings
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Updated: 3/6/2024 | Best Camo Printed Leggings

Camouflage patterns have long been used to allow animals, hunters, and soldiers to blend into their environment. The camo pattern has become symbolic of patriotism and survival and is now used in fashion trends to replicate that symbolism.

When I initially conceptualized this article, I wanted to find the best brands for a particular print. I delved into the camouflage world and found out not only how popular the print is in fashion, but also how it represents strength, stealth, and patriotism.

When worn on the body, camouflage allows these qualities to show themselves in our practice and the way we live our lives.

Many brands offer their own take on this timeless print and I’ve done the shopping for you. Check out the following brands offering the timeless camo print below.

Best Camo Print Leggings and Tights

#1 Glyder High Power Legging

glyder high power camo printed leggings schimiggy reviews

We LOVE Glyder! Their range of camo leggings are eco-friendly, affordable and come in different lengths and colors.

Get 25% off your first Glyder order when you use our link.>>

Read our Glyder activewear reviews here.>>

#2 Terez Camo Leggings

terez camo leggings green blue white black

Terez Camo Leggings in Heathered Green, Blue and Black and White

Terez offers their signature heathered camo pattern in different colorways. The fabric has a bit of a shine to it. I recommend sizing up in Terez. They also sell a matching camo top.

Terez can be purchased on Amazon and Carbon38 (use code SHMGY25 for 15% off your orders of $100+).

#3 Ultracor

ultracor silk camo leggings

Ultracor Silk Camo Leggings

Ultracor makes some silky, luxe leggings. They’re priced at $185 and up but are definitely worth the investment. Their fabric will hold up to all your endeavors.

Buy Ultracor on Carbon38 and use Carbon38 coupon code SHMGY25 for 15% off! Check out our review of Ultracor leggings.

#4 Wear It To Heart (WITH)

wear it to heart with camo chameleon rainbow leggings

Wear It To Heart Camo Chameleon Leggings

Wear It To Heart (WITH) makes this fun ombre rainbow camo legging. I love the fit and it’s one of our favorite pants to wear during practice and at any time, really.

Buy WITH activewear on Carbon38 and use code SHMGY25 for 15% off your orders. Right now they have an awesome quartz pink camo colorway.

Check out our WITH leggings review here.>>

#5 Strut This

strut this camo leggings revolve

Strut This Camo Leggings in Pink, White, Eggplant and Green



Strut-This offers camo printed long leggings, Hudson (ruched crop and leggings) and the more sporty Flynn legging (with pockets one side).

They also come in various colors and are even star printed for an added uniqueness.

Buy Strut This activewear on REVOLVE and Amazon.

#6 Goldsheep Troop Long Leggings

goldsheep camo troop leggings sculptique

Goldsheep Troop Long Leggings

If you want camo accents, Goldsheep is the way to go! Their Troop Long Leggings allow you to don badges and camo on your legs.

Find Goldsheep on SimplyWORKOUT. Use SimplyWORKOUT discount code SCHIMIGGY for 20% off regular priced merchandise.

#7 Onzie

onzie camo printed leggings

Onzie has several camo printed leggings, including a beautiful white, stirrup and mesh paneled legging. Onzie fabric is typically very silky and sleek.

When shopping for Onzie, make sure to buy your true size as the fabrics stretch a bit.

Buy Onzie on Amazon, Carbon38, SimplyWORKOUT and REVOLVE.

Read our review of Onzie leggings here.>>

#8 Koral

koral camo printed leggings

Koral Camo Leggings (left to right): Knockout, Emulate and Knockout

Koral gets creative with multiple camo prints and silhouettes. They’re known for pioneering the shiny leggings trend that many other brands soon followed. I recommend sizing up in Koral.

Buy Koral on Amazon and REVOLVE.

You can read our Koral review here.>>

#9 Varley

varley camo printed leggings

Varley Camo Printed Leggings (left to right): Biona Tight, Kingman Tight and Decker Navy Camo Legging

Varley is a luxe activewear brand for women. Their fabrics are very comfortable and stretchy. We recommend going with your true size in Varley.

Read our Varley review here.>>

Buy Varley on AmazonCarbon38, and REVOLVE.

#10 Carbon38

carbon38 camo printed leggings

Carbon38 Camo Leggings (left to right): Honor, Hero and Wildcat

Carbon38 offers camo printed leggings in three silhouettes: Honor Crop, Wildcat and Hero. I love Carbon38 leggings and highly recommend them. The ruched detail at the waistband adds a feminine touch to a patriotic pattern.

Head over to Carbon38 to purchase and use code SHMGY25 for 15% off your first order of $100+!

#11 Noli Yoga

noli yoga hero camo leggings

Noli Yoga Hero Legging

Noli Yoga‘s Hero Legging is a run rendition of the camo pattern. The stripes through the pattern create an awesome illusion.

Buy Noli Yoga on their webstore and on Amazon.

#12 The UPSIDE

the upside camo printed leggings

The UPSIDE Camo Leggings (left to right): Crystal Camo Midi Pant, Camo Yoga Pant and Faded Camo Yoga Pant

The UPSIDE is an Australian brand that offers luxe and silky smooth fabrics in fun and unique patterns. The fabric feels like Ultracor but without the high price point.

Buy the UPSIDE on Carbon38 and use coupon code SHMGY25 for 15% off your first order of $100+.

Read our UPSIDE review here.>>

#13 Vimmia

vimmia camo leggings capris

Vimmia Camo Leggings (left to right): Dark Camo Long, Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, and Dark Camo Capri

VIMMIA is an activewear brand based out of Los Angeles, Calif. They create beautiful prints and silhouettes.

Check out our VIMMIA review here. When buying, we recommend sizing up in VIMMIA.

Buy Vimmia on Amazon, Carbon38 and REVOLVE.

#14 ALO Yoga

alo yoga camo printed leggings

ALO Yoga Camo Printed leggings

ALO Yoga‘s Airbrushed leggings are their basic long legging. The silhouette comes in various colors, prints and fabrics. They offer a camo print in three different colors.

Use our link to save 10% off at ALO Yoga.

Buy Alo Yoga at Amazon, Carbon38 and Nordstrom.

#15 Chill By Will

chill by will camo printed leggings

Chill by Will Camo Leggings (left to right): Love Capri, Life Legging in Pink and Life Legging in Black

Chill by Will is a brand created by two moms who wanted to create sexy and functional workout gear. They offer two camo printed styles: Love Capri and Life Leggings. I love the mesh and ruched detailing.

Buy Chill by Will on Carbon38 and REVOLVE.

#16 Altar Ego Apparel

altar ego camo printed leggings

Altar Ego Apparel Camo Fade Printed Leggings

Altar Ego Apparel is a Boston, Mass. athletic wear company. They took one of the biggest print trends of all times and highlighted it in a whole new way.

Their Camo Fade leggings offer a distressed camouflage that transitions to a beautiful scattered dot print on the lower leg. Strong yet soft at the same time.

When shopping Altar Ego, make sure to size up. Read our Altar Ego review here.>>

Use Altar Ego coupon code YOGANEWS for 15% off all your orders.

#17 Tuff Athletics

tuff leggings review camo mix grey front back

Tuff Athletics Leggings (front and back)

Tuff Athletics can be found at Costco stores across the USA and on Amazon. Their price point is affordable and ranges from $12-$18 a pair. The quality is pretty decent.

Read our Tuff Athletics camo leggings review here.>>

A Costco Membership will cost you $60 annually, so it may be better to buy on Amazon if you don’t have a membership.


SPANX Camo Printed Leggings

SPANX has expanded their shapewear line to include leggings. They’ve perfect both the perfect camo and faux leather leggings.

Get 15% off your first order at SPANX when you use this link.

You can also buy SPANX at AmazonAnthropologie, and Nordstrom. Read our SPANX review for more details on fit, sizing and more.

Read our SPANX faux leather leggings review here.>>

#19 lululemon

lululemon align ii leggings incognito camo multi grey front

lululemon Align Incognito Camo Gray Leggings

lululemon has two camo print variations. One is their regular camo print and the other one is their sequoia print. I love the Align II 28″ in Incognito Camo Multi Grey (ICMI) colorway.

I love the high waist and buttery soft fabric. The leggings cost $98 and have been sold out for months!

They also offered the print in their Fast and Free Tight and Wunder Under silhouettes. There are currently some Incognito Camo Green (ICMG) available for purchase online.

#20 K-Deer

k-deer camo peace print leggings and shorts

K-Deer released their Peace Out camo printed leggings. The leggings come in long, 7/8 (sneaker), crop and 5″ short lengths. The Peace Out camp print also comes in matching sports bras and tops.

Read our K-Deer reviews here.

#21 PACT

PACT makes sustainable and eco-friendly clothing for men and women. Their fabric is fair trade and is great for the environment.

We recommend PACT for low-impact sports, wearing casually or while lounging around the house. PACT is also super affordable at only $29 per legging!

Get 20% off at PACT when you use this link.

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