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Best Zodiac, Constellation and Astrology Leggings

Best Zodiac, Constellation and Astrology Leggings
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best zodiac constellation and astrology sign printed leggings

Zodiac constellation map with leo virgo scorpio symbols vector illustration

diac Constellation Map

Updated: 12/5/2019

So many brands have got us seeing stars!

Zodiac signs are made of star patterns and are often used to paint a picture who we are, our temperaments, and sometimes who we’re compatible with.

I don’t 100% believe in zodiac sign interpretation, however it’s fun to learn about where a particular behavior could come from reading the zodiac profiles.

There are 12 zodiac signs are comprised of four elements (Wind, Water, Fire and Earth). The elements manifest in each of us. By reading our Zodiac sign profiles, we learn ways to deal with both our positive and negative traits.

If you’re into wearing your sign openly, below are some of the best activewear brands offering Zodiac and Constellation prints.

Best Zodiac Constellation and Astrology Leggings

#1 Ultracor

ultracor cosmic collection activewear constellation zodiac prints

Ultracor Cosmic Collecton

Ultracor is a super luxe activewear brand. Their cosmic collection offers ombre purple fabrics with screen printed constellation signs and stars on the fabric.

Buy Ultracor on their website and at Carbon38 (get 25% off your first order with this link or code SHMGY25).

#2 Teeki

teeki stardust constellation zodiac sign leggings

Teeki Stardust Constellation and Zodiac Sign leggings

Teeki’s Stardust hot pant ($76) are soft and stretchy. The signs are printed in purple on a navy background. Teeki leggings are great for hot yoga and casual wear.

Get at 10% off Teeki coupon code here.

#3 Running Bare

Running Bare - Paris Namaste Printed Pant

Running Bare – Paris Namaste Printed Pant

Running Bare is an Australian brand that makes luxe activewear. Their prints are some of the more interesting that I’ve seen. Their Paris Namaste pant offers constellation prints over a black background. The leggings are white backed however they are not see-through. The pants also have a matching high-neck, zip front sports bra.

Buy Running Bare on their store website and on Carbon38 (enjoy 15% off your first two orders with this link).

#4 Arthletic Wear

arthletic wear constellation zodiac sign leggings

Arthletic Wear – Zodiac Printed leggings

Arthletic Wear is a Serbian based activewear company headed by twin sisters with a passion for yoga and art. They have Zodiac leggings in blue and an ombre pink and blue color.

Buy Arthletic Wear here and use code YOGANEWS for 20% off.

Read our Arthletic Wear reviews here.>>

#5 Onzie

onzie pink constellation zodiac sign leggings

Onzie Pink Constellation High Waisted Leggings

Onzie offers constellation prints in blue and pink (copper) colors. The leggings are high-waisted and fabric is compressive and high-quality.

Buy Onzie on their webstore, REI or Nordstrom.

Read our Onzie reviews here.>>

#6 Target JoyLab™

target joylab constellation zodiac sign printed leggings

Target JoyLab – Constellation Leggings

Target‘s in-house JoyLab activewear brand offers a constellation print leggings and sports bra. Their line is eco-friendly however it does have some opacity issues. For $30 this is a good budget legging for the fashion-forward yogi.

Read our Joylab review here.>>

#7 Emily Hsu

emily hsu constellation zodiac signs stars leggings

Emily Hsu – Constellation Leggings

Emily Hsu offers long leggings with extended length and tall waistbands for women, teens and children.

#8 Beyond Yoga Zodiac Collection

beyond yoga zodiac astrology collection leggings

Beyond Yoga Zodiac Collection

Beyond Yoga‘s Zodiac Collection offers super soft leggings made from space dye fabric. From this round-up, BY is the only brand to offer activewear pieces for your particular Zodiac sign. They also offer celestial jewelry by Maya Brenner to complete your look.

Get 15% off your first purchase with code GYPHOV.

#9 Beach Riot

Beach Riot Star Constellation Zodiac Sign Collection

Beach Riot’s activewear line offers stars and moons as part of their Celestial collection. Their fabrics are buttery soft and fit like a glove.

Buy Beach Riot on Carbon38REVOLVE, and Beach Riot.

#10 Carbon38

Carbon38 In the Bold Cosmic Collection |

Carbon38‘s In the Bold holiday collection offers celestial prints in gold on black. I love the catsuit and high waist leggings. The sports bra also looks super comfortable. Many of the pieces can be worn formally or for working out.

Get 15% off your first two orders at Carbon38 when you use this link.

Read our Carbon38 reviews here.>>

#11 Werkshop

Werkshop Ode to the Moon Leggings Sweater Constellation Astrology Stars Schimiggy Reviews 2018

Werkshop – Ode to the Moon print

Werkshop has a moon phases print that also has subtle constellation designs. It looks absolutely dreamy! It comes in cropped and long length and a dolman sweater style.

Get $10 off at WERKSHOP through this link or with code SCHIMIGGY.

#12 Niyama Sol

niyama sol perseus high waisted leggings constellation astrology stars

Niyama Sol‘s Perseus leggings are dreamy! Their fabric is buttery and perfect for low-impact sports and lounging around in.

Use our link to get 20% off your first order at Niyama Sol.

#13 Liquido

liquido astral celestial astrology leggings

Liquido makes star and celestial leggings. Their buttery soft fabric will hug your legs as your flow and grow.

Read our Liquido reviews here.>>

#14 Avocado

shop avocado best zodiac leggings schimiggy reviews

Shop Avocado has seamless leggings with a subtle Zodiac design. The pant comes in many pastel and darker colors.

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