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Best Halloween Leggings

Best Halloween Leggings
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Best Halloween Leggings

It’s the season for tricks or treats! Why not both? These leggings for Halloween will get you feeling and looking festive. Use them as a part of your costume or just to add some Halloween pizzazz to your getup. Try making up some Halloween routines and poses in your classes. I always try to source leggings that are eco-friendly and Made in the USA. Below are the best brands offering Halloween themed leggings.

Round Up of the Best Halloween Leggings

#1 Onzie

Onzie Halloween Themed Leggings

Onzie now offers their ever popular skull leggings in a high waist silhouette! They also have cropped hoodies that have a skull and the words “boo” screen-printed on the back.

#2 Goldsheep

Goldsheep Halloween Leggings

Goldsheep Leggings: Kandy Korn, Skeleton, Peace Skeleton Hands, Boo Ghosts

Goldsheep is a SoCal based spandex company that makes fun prints for casual and activewear.

#3 Bombsheller

Bombsheller Leggings

Bombsheller is based out of Seattle and makes leggings to order.

Bombsheller is current not operating. We hope they do make a comeback!

#4 Poprageous

Poprageous Halloween Leggings

Poprageous Leggings: Harlequin, Skeleton, Antihero/Deadpool, Storm Trooper

Poprageous is an LA-based spandex brand that is eco-friendly and makes leggings to order. I love their artwork. Their leggings come in both standard and tall waistbands.

Use this link and save 20% off your purchase at Poprageous!

#5 Werkshop

WERKSHOP Halloween Leggings

WERKSHOP Leggings: Pirate Octopush Mashup, Sugar Skull Mashup, Gothic Skull, Momento Mori, and Brim and Firestone.

Werkshop leggings are amazing! Chriztina hand draws all her designs and then transforms them into beautiful artwork for your legs. Werkshop offers triathlon (compressive) and athleisure (soft and stretchy) fabric. I love the Athleisure mashup leggings that offer TWO of her beautiful designs on one pair of leggings.

You can also read our Werkshop reviews here.

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save $10 off your orders at WERKSHOP.

#6 Terez

Terez Halloween Skull Leggings

I love Terez. Their tall waistband keeps everything in. They have a print for every occasion.

Buy Terez on Carbon38, Shopbop, and Terez.

Read our Terez review.

#7 Arthletic Wear

Arthletic Wear Halloween Leggings

Arthletic Wear is an activewear brand created by Serbian twin sisters Milena and Alena. They draw all their designs.

Use code YOGANEWS for 20% off your orders.

#8 Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk Halloween Leggings

Black Milk Leggings: Magic Death, Gone Batty, Spellbound and Hogwarts Hufflepuff

Black Milk is an Australian brand that makes spandex everything. I am digging their Hogwarts collection. They make tons of fun prints including a mermaid print that transforms you into Ariel almost instantly.

#9 Yoga Democracy

best halloween leggings yoga democracy skull and moon tights schimiggy reviews

Yoga Democracy makes eco-friendly and high-quality activewear for women.

We love their skull and moon phase leggings that can be worn during Halloween or anytime.

Read our Yoga Democracy reviews here.>>

#10 Etsy

Halloween Leggings on Etsy

Buy Halloween leggings on Etsy. Shop from a network of independent artists and find a decently priced pair of leggings from over thousands of sellers.

#10 Jala

jala asana legging skeletons doing yoga halloween schimiggy reviews

Jala makes these cute skeleton yoga leggings. Their products are sustainably made and have a soft cottony feel. Right now their skeleton leggings are on sale for only $47!

We hope you were able to find some spooky inspirations to dress your legs! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. 

Stay safe and BOO-tiful!

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