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What to Wear in Hawaii + Packing List

What to Wear in Hawaii + Packing List
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Updated: 10/4/2023 | What to Wear in Hawaii + Packing List

What to Wear In Hawaii Beach Outfit

Hawaii is a magical place that keeps us coming back year after year.

We love traveling here because it’s always warm, a beach destination, and a great place to live Aloha!

One thing that we’re always excited to do is pack our bags for paradise. If you’re looking for Hawaii outfit ideas, we have you covered. Use our guide + checklist to make sure you bring everything you need for your next island adventure.

What to Wear in Hawaii

Here are some outfit ideas for your next trip to Hawaii.

#1 Shorts

And lots of them! We typically bring 2-3 denim shorts, 2 activewear shorts, and 2 lounging/pajama shorts.

The only pants you should have are your travel pants. These can be leggings, comfortable stretchy pants or sweats. It never really gets cold in Hawaii and that’s why we love coming back year after year.

My REVICE Denim shorts come with me on every beach destination trip. I’m obsessed with their cuts and all their denim is Made in the USA.

Use this link to save 10% off your next $75+ REVICE Denim order.

Read our honest REVICE Denim review here.

hawaii outfit ideas monokini denim shorts

#2 Swimwear

Bring your bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. You’ll find yourself going to the beach every day. Wear your swimsuits like a new outfit as you peruse about.

We typically pack 2-3 bikinis and 1-2 one-piece swimsuits in our luggage. We also try to opt for sustainable swimsuits when possible.

Below I’m wearing my Wolven Onyx swimsuit that is both sustainable and reversible!

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 20% off on all your orders at Wolven.

Beach Outfit in Maui Hawaii

Wolven Zephyr Deep-V One Piece Swimsuit


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A post shared by Alex – Travel Food Fashion Photography🌻🌎 (@schimiggy)

beach 69 hawaii with my friend Tracey

Shipwreck on Kaanapali Beach

Shipwreck on Kaanapali Beach

#3 Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals are made to withstand many environments while you explore Hawaii. They have textured soles to help with traction on uneven and rough terrains that you’ll find throughout Hawaii.

We love hiking sandals made by Chaco, Teva or Keen!

Keen Hiking Sandals on Hawaiian pahoehoe lava

Wearing my Keen Elle hiking sandals over pahoehoe lava on the Big Island!

#4 Flip Flops

We love Rothy’s and Oka-B flip-flops. They’re a little spendy but SO WORTH IT! These shoes are practically indestructible and they’re also super eco-friendly. All of Rothy’s products are made from used water bottles and Oka-B sandals are biodegradable.

Use our link to save $20 off your first order at Rothys.

Lahaina Coastline

Lahaina Coastline

#5 Crossbody Bag

We chose a crossbody bag because it’s the perfect way to go about your day hands-free. As a photographer, a crossbody bag also doubles as a camera bag. 

We are obsessed with The Sak bags. Use code ALEX25 to save 25% off all your orders at The Sak.

Sak Fillmore Hobo Crossbody Bag

#6 Sunglasses

We love a good pair of sunglasses. They need to be polarized, lightweight, sustainable and come at the right cost.

Coming from Seattle, we are constantly losing our sunglasses. Having a decent pair of sunglasses while traveling makes all the difference and helps protect your eyes.

We recommend sustainable sunglasses by:

  • Sunskis – Sustainable and comes with a lifetime guarantee!
  • Rheos – These sunglasses FLOAT so you’ll never lose them in the ocean.

Rheos floating sunglasses Rothys flip flop sandals on a beach

Wailua Falls Hike to base schimiggy wearing dippin daisys lululemon and lovers and friends denim shorts

Wailua Falls Hike

#7 Tank Tops

When we’re not wearing our swimsuits, we love a good and comfortable tank top.

Tank tops we recommend for Hawaii include:


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green sand beach papakolea big island hawaii

Wearing Kitty Gains cropped Riley Tank + Forever21 shorts (thrifted) + Keen Elle sandals

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hawaii beach outfit tank top and high waist shorts

Wearing a Seek the Label tank top + Forever 21 Shorts (both thrifted)

#8 Dresses

Bring 1-2 dresses in your luggage. We typically bring one casual and one “formal” dress in the event that we do some fine dining.

Many people wear Hawaiian-themed clothing, but you can wear whatever you want! A nice loose-fitting dress will be great for Hawaii weather.

Dresses can also double as cover-ups over your swimsuit.

Red Dirt Waterfall Kauai Hawaii Perrin and Co Ella Red Dress Wallaroo

Red Dirt Falls in Kauai, Hawaii


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#9 Cover-Ups

Cover-ups are worn over your swimwear and meant to be worn while you’re not at the beach. They can be rompers, maxi dresses, mini dresses, jumpsuits, overalls and more.

Cover-ups should be easy to take on/off and also help with drying your swimwear.

Silk and Salt Review Go with the Flow Dress Green Kauai Hawaii sitting

Silk and Salt Go with the Flow Dress

Below we are wearing our favorite leopard Shinesty overalls, lululemon Align tank top and Quay sunglasses.


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A post shared by Alex – Travel Food Fashion Photography🌻🌎 (@schimiggy)


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A post shared by Alex – Travel Food Fashion Photography🌻🌎 (@schimiggy)

#10 T-shirts

Have 1-2 t-shirts for lounging and colder nights. We recommend cropped t-shirts from CRZ Yoga. They’re made from Pima cotton and come in many colors.

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% at CRZ Yoga.

Road to Hana Maui Hawaii Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Wearing CRZ Yoga crop top and REVICE Denim shorts.

#11 Sports Bra

Have 1-2 sports bras on hand for hiking and more strenuous activities. Sports bras provide support for your breasts and can be more comfortable than a swimsuit when you partake in physical activities.

We recommend sports bras made by:

Kauai Travel Guide Angel Wings in Kapaa Town love fitness shorts lululemon tank top wallaroo hat

Kapaa Town in Kauai

#12 Jumpsuits

Bring 1-2 jumpsuits. Jumpsuits ALSO double as cover-ups.

Below we’re wearing our Spiritual Gangster jumpsuit which I LOVE SO MUCH!


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A post shared by Alex – Travel Food Fashion Photography🌻🌎 (@schimiggy)

#13 Tie-Front Top

I LOVE Los Angeles Apparel’s Le Weekend tie-front top ($36). The 3/4 sleeves are great for blocking out the harsh sun and the cotton material is super comfortable for warmer climates.

Pair it with high-waisted shorts for a cute and comfy look.

This top isn’t something you need to bring, but it should be something you’d definitely want to wear!

Hawaii outfit idea shorts tie crop top schimiggy

What to Wear In Hawaii: LA Supply Wrap Top + Black Shorts + Keen Sandals

#14 Hat

A wide-brimmed hat is perfect for Hawaii. It will provide a lot of shade while you explore.

You’ll find many windy places in Hawaii. We constantly see people’s hats and other belongings get lost in our major attractions like volcano craters, waterfalls, or canyons. Try to find a hat with a necktie to wear around your neck as it prevents your hat from being blown away.

Our favorite hat brands include Furtalk, San Diego Hat Company, and Wallaroo

hawaii outfit idea leopard print romper with wide brim straw hat

What to Wear in Hawaii: A wide brim hat with a leopard printed romper that I bought at a swap meet in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Instagram Spots Aloha Surf Hostel Nap Loungewear Dress Sak Wallaroo

Aloha Surf Hostel

#15 Jewelry

Wear jewelry that you’re not afraid to get wet. You’ll visit beaches often and will probably find that cheap jewelry will get ruined real fast in Hawaii waters.

Wear jewelry that you won’t mind getting soaked in occasional rain and salty ocean water. Otherwise, invest in high quality jewelry that can withstand the humid weather and won’t rust.

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#16 Hair Accessories

Bohio Playa Gallo Shirt Quay Sunglasses ta3 swimsuit gray hair bandana headband what to wear in 80 degree weather hawaii honolulu

Hair ties, scrunchies, headbands, and hairpins are a must! It can get super windy in Hawaii. Use these accessories and products to keep your hair in place and out of your face.

And if you have unruly hair (like me!), check out our article on how to tame flyaways for additional tips and product recommendations.

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Kauai Hawaii palm tree hedges

#17 Backpack

wearing day owl backpack on a hike

We never leave home without our Day Owl backpack. It has a luggage strap, is sustainable, has multiple compartments, and has a sleeve big enough for your wine bottle. It also comes in a small and large size.

Seriously, we can’t get enough of it.

Use code SCHIMIGGY20 to save 20% off all your orders at Day Owl.

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#18 A Travel Companion

And a trip anywhere isn’t complete without a travel buddy! Find someone who loves traveling as much as you do and you’ll never have a bad time. Boy was I wrong…

kona hawaii trip with zack roppel

Ready to travel? Use our checklist below and start packing your bags for what to wear in Hawaii!

Complete Packing List for Hawaii

Now that you have some fashion ideas for Hawaii. It’s important to know exactly all the things you’ll need to bring with you to the island.

Use this checklist to ensure you have everything you need prior to departing. Being prepared for your vacation will save you money and prevent any inconveniences along the way.

Safe travels and Aloha!

If you enjoyed our What to Wear to Hawaii packing guide, please share it on Pinterest! Thank you!

what to wear in hawaii schimiggy fashion blog

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