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Where to Buy and Sell lululemon

Where to Buy and Sell lululemon
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Updated: 1/20/2020 | Where to Buy and Sell lululemon

A few ways to get more lululemon into your closets is by buying it, sometimes at a deal, and by selling your old lululemon and making more room and spending money on new apparel.

Where to Buy and Sell lululemon

If you’re looking to buy GUARANTEED authentic lululemon, your best bet is to buy from lululemon directly. lululemon sells its products online at and in outlets and retail stores located around the world.

2018 Lululemon Black Friday In-Store Deals 1

When lululemon has a physical warehouse sale, you’ll definitely hear about it. All items are the warehouse sale may be from past seasons, but they’re definitely authentic.

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If you see a website that does not belong to lululemon or is not an authorized retailer (and there aren’t very many), they will most likely be fakes.

One tip we’d like to offer is that lululemon stores (including outlets), will ship products to your home or office FOR FREE.

If an item you want online is out of stock, you can check their store inventory (this can also be done online) and request them to process the sale over the phone and send the items directly to your home.

Where Else Can You Buy lululemon?

#1 Through Fitness Studios and Collaborations

lululemon also collaborates with local yoga studios to sell select merchandise to their students. The selection at most fitness and yoga studios will typically include lululemon core products such as Wunder Under Pants, Cool Racerback Tanks and Free to Be sports bras.

Some big name fitness studios such as Soul Cycle and Barry’s Bootcamp will also collaborate with and sell lululemon merchandise online and in-stores.

One thing I love about collaborations is that their merchandise will often go on sale much quicker than at lululemon stores. The only downfall is that most of their merchandise will have screenprints of the company logo.

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#2 On Reselling Apps and Websites

Another great way to get authentic and discounted lululemon is to buy through the aftermarket.

Reselling apps and websites are great places to buy and resell used AND new lululemon. The items on these websites are often posted by individual sellers from around the world.

There is no guarantee that all the products found on these sites are authentic. It’s important to be able to tell when something is fake. It’s harder to tell if an item is damaged through photos.

When buying on these sites, we highly recommend asking all the right questions relating to the condition of the product such as shrinkage, tears, stains, loose threads, and pilling.

If an item is misrepresented, there’s a chance you can return the item.

Here are the top reseller marketplaces that we recommend buying lululemon from:

#1 Mercari

Mercari is probably my most favorite place to buy new and used lululemon. The seller fees are only 10%, which is low compared to most other resale apps.

Youcan also benefit from free shipping or shipping costs as low as $2.99.

You can also negotiate and make offers on items, which can sometimes help you land a great deal on lululemon. Once an item has sold, you can let it exist on their database or delete it after three weeks.

The only drawbacks are that you can only buy and sell through their mobile App, you cannot trade, and cannot sell or buy gift cards. If you are caught violating their terms repeatedly, this can result in a suspension or permanent ban.

If you’d like to give Mercari a try, use my code SYVFUT for $10 off your first purchase.

Shop Mercari>>

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#2 Poshmark

Poshmark is available via mobile App and desktop. You can create listings, buy and sell on both platforms.

You’ll find tons of deals on Poshmark and a lot of bonesy (very old and used lululemon) items.

The only drawbacks of Poshmark are their high selling fees (20%) and that buyers are required to pay shipping. Sellers are allowed to temporarily reduce shipping but it is never free.

You are allowed to trade on Poshmark. Many people will list items for $3 (this is Poshmark’s listing minimum) and traders would ship each other the item and confirm when received.

After a sale has been made, Poshmark will save that listing FOREVER. If you want to go back and see historic prices of items that have been sold, you can filter through their App and website fairly easily.

If you want to give Poshmark a try, use code SCHIMIGGY for $5 off your first order.

#3 eBay

You can find practically anything on eBay, including fake lululemon or people selling lululemon for ridiculously high aftermarket prices. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a unicorn on eBay at a great deal!

eBay takes 10% of the final value of your sale + PayPal fees. One major advantage of selling on eBay is that your listing will reach a large audience. If you want to sell internationally, make sure you check postage rates prior to making your listing open to international buyers.

#4 Bonanza

Bonanza online marketplace

Bonanza is very similar to eBay but not as popular. I’ve found tons of great deals on Bonanza, such as $15 CRBs and $20 lululemon sweatpants.

Their fees are 4-10%. This depends on account membership and the value of the item sold. Shipping can be set to be paid by the buyer or seller.

The platform is a little confusing to use at first. If you have issues setting up, you can always contact their helpful customer service team via email.

#5 Tradesy

Tradesy is a really great site with a simple and clean layout. The search function is very helpful and it’s easy to post.

Tradesy fees are 9% of the sale price. You have the option of choosing store credit or transferring your balance to PayPal for $2 + a 2.9% withdrawal fee. All prices include shipping and free returns.

Merchandise tends to move really fast on Tradesy, so you’ll have to act quick.

Two perks of using Tradesy is their $20 off $50 toward your first order AND free shipping and returns!

#6 ThredUP

ThredUP has a fun layout that is easy to navigate.

Their payout is 5-80% depending on the value of the item. The higher the value, the higher your percentage. You can view their payout schedule to set your prices.

You can list your own items via App or through their website. They also have a consignment option where you can fill up a bag and send in your items. Their team will sort through your clothing and sell it for you. You get a percentage of what sells.

I sent in a 40-pound bag and they were able to give me a payout of $56. For doing little to no legwork, I think that is fair!

Get $10 toward your first ThredUP order when you use our link.

It’s recommended to post your items on multiple platforms (this is known as “cross-posting“). The beauty of cross-posting is that sometimes you’ll sell an item for much more on a particular platform that was getting no attention on another.

For example, I was able to sell a pair of Align leggings for $115 on eBay when it was getting no attention and listed for only $95 on Mercari.

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#3 At Thrift Stores or Consignment Shops

I love finding a good deal at my local thrift shop! Thrift stores typically have a very slim selection of lululemon and other designer goods. It’s worth visiting a thrift store one in a while if you’re in need of quality activewear.

Here are a few thrift stores that we recommend shopping for lululemon:

Another place you can buy AND sell lululemon is at consignment shops. Consignment shops purchase products from sellers (like you or me) for a fraction of their ticketed price. They use the merchandise to fill their inventory.

Buyers will typically sift through bags of clothing to find items that are currently in season to stock their stores. Everything that isn’t purchased is returned to the seller to donate or keep.

Here are consignments shops that typically sell lululemon:

It’s important to note that even at consignment shops, this does not guarantee that your lululemon is authentic. Sometimes buyers can mistakenly purchase fake lululemon. Always look for telltale signs of fake lululemon before you finalize your purchase.

#4 In Facebook Groups and on the Facebook Marketplace

One of the most robust places to buy and sell is in a dedicated lululemon buy-sell-trade (BST) groups on Facebook. Over 100s of items are posted daily and some groups may have anywhere between 200 to 20,000 members.

These groups are managed by regular people (like us) called Admins. The majority of the groups are closed and will require approval. Each group comes with its own set of buying, selling and trading (BST) rules that are usually posted visibly at the top of the group.

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lululemon buy sell trade facebook group

lululemon BST group on Facebook

It’s very important that you read these rules before posting. Anyone found violating the rules can be deleted from the groups either temporarily or permanently.

Some groups are fixed price (item sold for asked price) and some are auction-style. Auction formats and times vary and are dependent on group rules. You’ll typically find the best deals in lululemon Facebook groups because there are little to no fees compared to the aftermarket Apps and websites.

The majority of the sales are processed with PayPal, Venmo or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Some people may even meet in person and pay in cash or Venmo.

The downside of selling on lululemon is that there are so many group rules and sometimes none at all. It can be confusing to sell between groups when many of the rules are consistent. This lack of structure can give scammers the opportunity to take advantage of honest buyers and sellers.

To avoid scammers, make sure you take precautions to protect yourself such as recording yourself opening up packages or while shipping. We always recommend buying tracking for your packages in case your package gets lost or is stolen.

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Final Thoughts

When selling on lululemon, it’s very important to accurately describe the items you are selling. The more written and photos details you include, the more likely someone is to buy your item.

Being transparent about the condition of your item is very important because not only will it encourage sales, it will prevent returns. Leaving out any details can be enough for a customer to request a return.

We hope our Where to Buy and Sell lululemon article helped you determine which platform is best to sell your lululemon products. It’s best to find one platform, learn it and use it for a bit before moving onto the next.

Eventually you’ll find a platform that best fits your selling volume and requirements.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time!

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