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What to Wear to Mexico City in the Winter

What to Wear to Mexico City in the Winter
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Updated: 11/17/2019 | What to Wear to Mexico in the Winter

Mexico City is packed with an endless list of things to do and see. The weather during Winter typically averages low 70s and is considered mild. We’ll be in Mexico City for a total of 5 days. 

We’re also going to check out Puerto Vallarta. The weather in Puerto Vallarta is always warm (mid-80s Fahrenheit). Mexico city is anywhere between 65-80 Fahrenheit year-round. The weather is mild and a perfect escape from Seattle’s cold weather.

And finally, I love packing light when it comes to traveling abroad. I find that most of what I need for a month-long trip typically fits in a carry on bag.

I create a capsule travel wardrobe each time I travel. If you’re searching for what to wear to Mexico, below are pieces that make up my wardrobe on our trip to Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City in December. My style is casual, comfy and sporty. If that sounds like you, this list of outfit ideas might just be exactly what you need!

What I Wore to Mexico! | Outfits

Travel Day

Wondering what to wear while you’re traveling via plane? We leave from Seattle so it may most likely be raining AND very cold. My outfit will keep me warm. The reDEW8 Örn jeans are the perfect travel pant. They’re so comfy soft I could live in them 24/7, naturally, they make the perfect travel companion too.

Everything else in my carry on will be for mild weather.

Mexico Travel Day Outfit Schimiggy Reviews

Travel Day Outfit: Ivanhoe Tranemo Sweater | ALO Yoga Rhythm Scrunchie | 8848 Altitude Zurich Raincoat | reDEW8 Örn Jeans | Bendy Shoes | Salt Wilcox Sunglasses

Fancy Dinner

We have a few tasting menu dinners lined up (including Pujol and Quintonil). I’ll be cycling through my polka dot slip dress and this bandage dress by lululemon.

To complete the ensemble, I got a knife barrette from Vinca USA.

What to Wear to Mexico City Outfit Idea Fancy Dinner | Schimiggy Reviews

Fancy Dinner: Salt Wilcox Sunglasses | Conner Avondale Hat | lululemon Contour Dress | Rothy’s Points | Moschino Crossbody Bag | Vinca USA Knife Hairclip

City Strolling

For strolling around Mexico City, I’m wearing this ensemble. I’ll be wearing this slip dress as a skirt with a contrasting yellow t-shirt by Alley & Rae.

Mexico City Outfit Idea City Strolling | Schimiggy Reviews

City Strolling Outfit: Alley & Rae Have a Nice Day T-Shirt | Rothy’s Points | Zara Polka Dot Dress (worn under t-shirt) | Conner Avondale Hat | Banton Frameworks Sunglasses | Moschino Crossbody

Fun Under the [Pyramid] Sun

While visiting the Pyramid Sun, I’ll be wearing shorts and my comfy Rothy’s point shoes. I am obsessed with this shirt y’all.

Mexico City Outfit Idea Fun Under the Sun | Schimiggy Reviews

Fun Under the Pyramid Sun: Conner Avondale Hat | Rothy’s Points | Alley & Rae T-Shirt | Celestine Eyelet Shorts | Banton Frameworks Sunglasses | Sandqvist Marta Backpack

Museum Time

We’ll be visiting the Mexico City Archeological Museum (this is only one of the 150+ museums) and most likely be spending the whole day there.

We’ll definitely need some comfy shoes (cue Bendy!) and keeping it casual with neutral colors and light fabrics.

Mexico City Outfit Idea Museum Day | Schimiggy Reviews

Museum Day: Free People Love Her Madly Top | Celestine Eyelet Shorts | Moschino Crossbody Bag | ALO Yoga Rhythm Scrunchie | Bendy Shoes | Banton Frameworks | Conner Avondale Hat

Beach Time

I can’t wait to spend some time lounging around on the beach. I brought a one piece swimsuit and bikini because decisions decisions. I’ll be wearing it with my shorts and hat.

I also have a RESERVED packable beach blanket so that we can stop drop and lounge about anytime.

Puerto Vallarta Outfit Idea Beach TIme | Schimiggy Reviews

Beach Time: PAPER Sollier One Piece Swimsuit | Celestine Eyelet Shorts | Conner Avondale Hat | TEVA Sandals | Salt Wilcox Sunglasses | HeYou! RESERVED Beach Towel | HipDot Cenota Eyeshadow Palette

Mercado Marching

We have one full day dedicated to shopping at various mercados (or marketplaces) in Mexico City. This outfit is super comfy and the pants can stretch to accommodate all the tacos trucks.

Mexico City Outfit Ideas Mercado March | Schimiggy Reviews

Mercado March: Carbon38 Ribbed Tank Top | ONA Paper Bag Pants | Rothy’s Points | Moschino Crossbody Bag | Salt Wilcox Sunglasses | Conner Avondale Hat

Maxi-mize the Day

I can’t travel without a maxi dress. A maxi dress automatically gets your ready for any outing. I found this Anthropologie maxi dress at Goodwill and have taken it with me to at least 4 countries and counting.

I love shopping secondhand because you save money and prevent clothing from going to the landfills.

what to wear in mexico city maxi-mize the day | Schimiggy Reviews

Maxi-mize the Day: Anthropologie Seersucker Halter Maxi Dress | Bendy Shoes | Gorjana Bracelets | Moschino Crossbody Bag | Salt Optics Wilcox Sunglasses | Conner Avondale Hat

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Keepin’ It Casual

For the final day of our Mexico trip, I’ll be wearing this casual getup and getting some last minute shopping, eating and sightseeing in. My Bendy shoes are a must because the sold is so comfy!

What to Wear in Mexico City Keeping It Casual | Schimiggy Reviews

List of What I Packed





  • Zara Polka Dot Slip Dress (secondhand) – Here are some similar styles. I wear this as a skirt with my Alley & Rae t-shirt.
  • lululemon Contour Dress ($118)
  • Anthropologie Seersucker Halter Maxi Dress (secondhand) – You can find similar styles on ThredUP or Tradesy.



For Puerto Vallarta, I am bringing two bright and sunny swimsuits. The PAPER Sollier swimsuit can also be worn with shorts for a put-together look.

Paper Sollier Swimsuit and SAME Sunflower Bandeau Bikini

PAPER Sollier Ruffle Swimsuit and SAME Sunflower Bandeau Bikini





makeup and beauty products in hotel room

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide on what to wear to Mexico was helpful. We are looking forward to our next trip there. What were some of your favorite style ideas? We’d love to hear about them in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting today! If you found this encouraging or informative, please connect with us on Instagram or TikTok.

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