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What to Wear to Greece in the Summer

What to Wear to Greece in the Summer
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Updated: 7/14/2021 | What to Wear to Greece

casual outfit for hiking the acropolis in athens greeceGreece is super hot in the summertime. We decided to take a girls’ trip to explore a new country post-COVID-19. We started in Athens and continued our trip traveling the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, and Crete.

After 12 days in Greece, we departed for Turkey for 8 days, so we had to pack accordingly for both destinations.

Greece is super hot and humid in the summer. You’ll want plenty of breathable clothing and anything that can keep you cool while you explore the country.

We booked our tickets, did extensive research, and packed our little bags for our big adventure. We are huge believers in packing light for short and long-haul travels. Less is always more challenging and really forces us to test our needs versus wants while abroad.
wearing black tube top stanton ona pants

What to Wear to Greece in the Summer

Here is what I wore during my trip to Greece in July. 


I packed 4 dresses for my trip. I packed the following:


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Tank Tops

I brought a variety of tank tops with me. I wanted tops that could be worn both casually and for a fancy dinner.

The tank tops I brought included the following:

pink outfit for greece athens

White Clothing

White looks amazing against the streets of Greece’s islands. You’ll definitely want some white apparel because that is what almost everyone wears on the islands of Greece. I packed a white dress, white tie front top, and white pants for my trip.

Asymmetric Cut-Out Waist Dress by Lattelier Store ($78)

I love this dress by Lattelier Store. Their clothing is affordable and very stylish. Use code SCHIMIGGY15 for 15% off all your orders.

Asymmetric Cut-Out Waist Dress by Lattelier store

greece white dress outfit at paraportiani church in Mykonos

Lattelier White Dress ($78)

Adria tie front Crop top by Jonathan Simkhai ($195)

This tie-front blouse was a hit! I recommend wearing a bikini top or bra underneath for more coverage. Wear it with high-waisted jeans or shorts and you’re set for the day.

white tie front top and denim high waisted shorts
schimiggy at the windmills of mykonos

Bright Colors

You can also do the total opposite and choose to wear bright colors. Bright colors contrast really well against the white picturesque background of the Grecian islands. It’s sure to make you stand out!
bright pink dress outfit in oia santorini


I brought 5 pairs of shorts on my trip. I got my shorts from REVICE Denim, Forever 21 (always secondhand), and Alternative Apparel shorts that I bought for $10 bucks at their sidewalk sale in Venice Beach.

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Pack two one-piece swimsuit and two bikinis for the entire duration of your trip. I ended up bringing my Beach Riot rainbow bikini, a high-waisted black one-piece from Dipping Daisys, a white bikini by Plumeria, and a one-piece multi-wrap swimsuit by Londre Bodywear, a sustainable swimsuit brand that I guarantee you’ll love!

The one-piece swimsuits will double as bodysuits that you can wear with shorts, pants, or skirts for a whole new look.

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I loved wearing my Dippin Daisy’s swimsuit against the pink sand beach in Elafonisi (located on the Greek island of Crete). This was a bucket list destination for me!

Elafonisi pink sand beach in Crete Greece Islands SchimiggyMy colorful Beach Riot bikini top also doubled as a crop top that I could wear with shorts or pants. It was also super bright and stood out in photos.

what to wear to greek islands firawearing beach riot bikini at the black sand beach in Santorini

And here is me in my Plumeria white bikini. It’s super comfy and I recommend sizing up!

Seitan Limania zig zag beach in Crete Greece islands

At Seitan Limania, better known as Zig Zag Beach

Comfortable Travel Pants

I packed my Ona Paper Bag Pants ($185), Ona Stanton Pants ($265), and a pair of Girlfriend Collective FLOAT leggings ($78) for my trip. I wore mostly shorts but at night when the weather is cooler, I wore my pants for some added warmth during a cool evening breeze.

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wearing ona stanton pants and black ribbed tube top outfit


And last but not least, you’ll need accessories to complete your outfits.

We recommend bringing the following items:

  • Wide Brim Hat (I bought mine at a little stand in Maui, Hawaii and the brand is SCALA) – I highly recommend getting a hat with a chin strap because the Greek islands are SUPER windy and you can lose your hat if you’re not careful. Having a chin strap lessens the chances of it blowing away with the wind.
  • Head Wrap (I bought my headwrap or doo-rag in a little boutique in Playa del Carmen for only $3 USD!)
  • Sunglasses from Quay Australia – These sunnies are super affordable, comfortable, and stylish!
  • Turkish Towel from Sand Cloud ($38) – These towels were a lifesaver! We draped it on our ATV to keep our bums from burning on the leather seats under the hot sun. We also used it as a shawl/pareo over our swimsuits and a beach blanket.
  • Rothy’s Flip Flop Sandals ($56) are my favorite thing to wear. These babies are made from recycled water bottles and have been to six countries with me! Alternatively, you can buy their fashion sandals in Athens, but they’re cheaply made and will probably last you the duration of your trip.

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  • Crossbody purse. Trust me on this one. Bring a purse that you don’t mind putting on the ground while taking photos. Crossbody bags allow you to be hands-free and are less harder to get stolen or lost. Bring a fancier, smaller clutch for when you dine out.
  • Jewelry – I wore simple gold and silver chain jewelry that went with all my outfits. The brands I wore included Jennifer Zeuner and Loren Stewart.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found our article on what to wear in Greece helpful! You can find many of these items from different brands, but these are the brands I either collaborated with or already owned or thrifted.

I shared more Greece outfits on our Pinterest board and Instagram. Let me know if you’re going to Greece so that I can tag along and see your adventures!

If you found our what to wear to Greece packing list helpful, please share it on Pinterest. Thanks for your support!

what to wear to greece schimiggy

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