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Great Crossbody Handbags for Traveling

Great Crossbody Handbags for Traveling
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I am obsessed with crossbody bags! The convenience of having a bag strapped across your shoulder and the ability to wear it in the front or back absolutely excites me and best of all, you get to be HANDS FREE! Do you realize what a luxury this traveling yogi and photographer? There is only one word to describe it: FREEDOM!

I recently stepped into a Banana Republic store and their Double Zip Half Moon Crossbody Bag caught my eye! I’ve been looking for a sleek silhouette forever! As I get older the cost of the handbag doesn’t really matter anymore. Whether I spend $5,000 or $50 on a bag, as long as it does the job (i.e. hold my sh!t) and looks attractive with multiple outfits – and that’s all that matters.

I began to look for other crossbodies for this Fall 2016 season and here are my top pics! Prices range from as low as $82 to $3,375. Hey, a girl can still appreciate things right?

Great Crossbody Handbags for Traveling

#1 Banana Republic Double Zip Half Moon Crossbody ($118)

I love the smooth leather and silhouette of the BR Double Zip Half Moon xbody. The price can’t be beat! It seems there are always sales at BR. Right now you can get this bag for $82. It comes in different colors – go bold with green or keep it classic with tan and black!

Banana Republic Double zip half moon crossbody green.jpg

#2 Delphine Crossbody by Baggu ($160)

I fell in love with the canteen shape of this bag. The strap is adjustable. Baggu makes great products. I could see this being a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. If you’ve never owned a canteen bag before, make this your first one! Their canteen bags are surprisingly very spacious and holds all my essentials.

delphine baggu crossbody canteen bag.jpg

#3 J.Crew Signet Bag in Italian Leather ($128)

The J.Crew Signet Bag is boxy, simple and the leather feels amazing. The bag is spacious and has functional compartments. The Signet Bag comes in several colors and designs – including fur textures and prints (costs ranging up to $298).


#4 Amparo Crossbody Bag by Tano ($148)

Anthropologie has a way of making new products look vintage. The Amparo Crossbody by Tano has a beautiful basket woven leather surface. The colors are treated so that they look vintage. The envelope shape gives your plenty of room to store your belongings.

amparo bag by tano basket woven crossbody.jpg

#5 Coach VARSITY patch turnlock saddle bag 17 in glovetanned leather ($495)

I have been obsessing over these patchwork designs! I have a pair of jeans by STS Blue (The Topanga) and figuring out how to match the pants have been a challenge. I could probably wear this bag with anything (solids or patterned pieces). Find other amazing Coach crossbodies here.

coach varsity patchwork crossbody.jpg

#6 MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large East/West Crossbody ($168)

Michael Kors is iconic. Their Jet Set Travel collection is perfect for every day wear. The collection updates itself every year with new colors and features.

michael kors jet set crossbody.jpg

#7 LIEBESKIND BERLIN Maike Leather Crossbody Bag ($128)

Liebeskind‘s soft leather makes the bag worth purchasing. The brand hails from Germany and has combined grunge with feminine touch to all their designs. You are definitely buying quality when you beLieb!

liebskind maike crossbody bag.jpg

#9 Longchamp RACING + Crossbody bag ($695)

Known for their Pliage nylon tote bags, Longchamp also makes amazing leather goods! Their Racing + Crossbody bag is big enough to hold a tablet. It’s great for travel. The look is sleek and sophisticated. Although it’s a men’s bag, I love the functionality and quality enough to wear it. I purchased a Cavalier last year in Paris and it’s been my go-to bag when I don’t have to tote around the backpack.

racing longchamp crossbody handbag.jpg

#10 Moschino ‘Letters’ Crossbody Bag ($875)

I love Moschino for their funky designs! They’re an Italian company that products unique clothes and accessories. Would definitely love to add this little crossbody back to my collection one day. It seems like a better investment that the letters belt.

moschino square letters crossbody bag.jpg

#11 Chloe Marcie Medium Saddle Bag ($1,395)

The Chloe Marcie Saddle bag is iconic. They also offer a mini one but it’s too small for my preferences. It comes in different matte colors and is a great staple to any wardrobe.

chloe marcie medium crossbody handbag.jpg

#12 LOEWE Small Puzzle Leather Bag ($2,350)

This Loewe bag is so funky! One day I’ll treat myself to this geometric beauty. The leather is supple and this bag will never go out of style. Loewe is a classic brand that buys the best leather to create their handbags. Their leather is better quality than Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Celine, so naturally the prices also reflect that.


#11 Hermes Evelyne III Bag ($3,375)

Time to take a trip back to Paris! I love the Hermes Evelyne bag. As you can see, it does cost a pretty penny. I love the perforated H design and grained leather of the bag. I’d keep it simple and go with the gull grey or sage (green-ish). If you’re on a budget but wanna look baller, try finding a discounted or used Hermes on Ebay. Watch out for fakes though!

hermes evelyne iii handbag crossbody.jpg

You could say this is my dream crossbody handbag list! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments section.

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