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How to Take Care of Gray Hair

How to Take Care of Gray Hair
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Updated: 5/31/2023 | How to Take Care of Gray Hair

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My gray hair

Taking care of your gray hair is not much different than your normal routine. What we would advise is to use additional moisturizers and oils because gray hair tends to become very brittle and wiry due to the lack of melanin, which creates color in your hair.

Over time, melanin levels decrease and this is what causes hair to grow out white.

If you’re looking to embrace your white hair, we can help you do exactly that.

Adding hair oil or leave-in conditioner to your hair and scalp can do wonders for it. The oils will relax your hair and make it appear less frizzy and wiry.

How To Take Care of Gray Hair

Here is my daily gray hair routine. My hair is dry, wiry, and coarse. My method might not work for everyone but is a great method for people who have thick, coarse, and brittle hair like mine.

I typically wash my hair every 2-3 days and do so in the morning prior to starting my day.

Products I Use

  • Shampoo ($30) – The shampoo smells amazing! The scent is light and leaves my hair feeling fresh and, literally, squeaky clean. There is no residue whatsoever.
  • Conditioner ($30) – The conditioner works great with my gray hair. I leave it on for longer so that it locks in more moisture.
  • Hair Repair ($15) – Hair Repair spray can be used as a detangler and relaxer for frizzy hair. I use it at the end of my shower when my hair is damp and allow it to air dry.
  • Deep Conditioner ($30) – My hair and scalp LOVE the Deep Conditioner. I typically leave it in my hair for 15 minutes after shampooing. 
  • Styling Gel ($30) – The styling gel works great. It has a gentle hold that stays all day long. It doesn’t feel stiff or grimy. 
  • KareCo Tangle Buster ($12)

Step 1

On days that I wash my hair, I start by brushing my scalp with my KareCo Tangle Buster brush. This brush has a contoured design that allows the bristles to glide through your hair and make contact with your scalp. I use it mostly to remove dandruff, detangle my hair, and massage my scalp prior to showering. This process takes around 3-5 minutes. 

Step 2

It’s finally shower time! I turn on the water and hop into the shower to wet my hair. I apply shampoo and make sure I scrub my scalp with my fingers and lather my entire head of hair. I completely rinse my hair.

Step 3

Once a week, I use my Deep Conditioner to really moisturize my hair. I leave it on for 10 minutes while I scrub my body and spend some time epilating in the shower. After 10 minutes, I rinse my hair.

On all other shower days, I am using the regular Conditioner to moisturize and soften my hair. I typically leave the regular conditioner in my hair for 3-5 minutes and then rinse.

On days when I am not washing my hair, I use my GIMME shower cap to keep my hair from getting in contact with the water.

Step 4

I get out of the shower and towel-dry my hair. I avoid using hair dryers because they cause my hair to become very dry and brittle. Instead, I use a hair turban which is great for my hair. I leave my hair in the turban for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. 

Step 5

I spray Hair Repair throughout my hair and then rub argan oil and rub it onto my scalp and into the roots of my hair. The oil and hair repair help to defrizz my hair and keep it moisturized for days.

Step 6

I use Styling Gel to tuck away my flyaways and my favorite hair accessories to style my hair. To keep my hair from getting damaged, I use seamless hair ties or velvet scrunchies that are great for thick hair and prevent breakage. 

Things I Avoid

  • I typically avoid heat tools as they could damage my hair. According to, researchers have found that flat irons and curling irons can damage 85% of your hair’s keratin proteins, causing it to become brittle and dry.


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