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How to Wear a Headband

How to Wear a Headband
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Updated: 2/20/2024 | How to Wear a Headband

Nowadays headbands are an accessory! But they’re also lifesavers for bad hair days or on days where you want to put in little effort but get the best results. Headbands are here to save the day!

Below we’ll share some ways you can wear your headband so that it looks chic and put together. 

How to Wear a Headband

#1 Classic Pulled Back

selkie marie dress in caviar namjosh headband isabel marant sneakers

The classic pulled-back headband look is great for keeping hair totally out of your face and showing off that pretty smile. Choose a cute embellished headband that compliments your outfit.

We like to use a pomade to keep our flyaways tucked away for a sleek and clean pulled-back look.

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#2 Side Part

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Gray Hair Styled with Namjosh Headband

The side-part headband look is one of our favorites! It’s effortlessly chic and the bangs frame the face in an attractive way.

I created a taming frizzy hair tutorial below for gray hair.


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#3 Middle Part

Namjosh Headband Lettsgo let that shit go tiger shirt adidas originals sunglasses

#4 Boho Headwrap

Have a chunky headband that wraps around your head? Wear it over your head around your ears and forehead. This creates a chic look that keeps hair tamed yet looks bohemian.

#5 Sport Headband

Wear a sport headband that wicks away sweat. You can wear it with or without a ponytail.

#6 Headband with a Bun

A clean or messy bun doesn’t matter! A bun is always fun! We love pairing a bun with a pretty headband. Wear it with bangs or with your hair pulled back.

#7 90’s Zig Zag Headband

The zig zag headband is a sure way to keep your hair tamed. It’s also a statement and a very practical way to wear a headband.

#8 Knotted Bandana Style

Bohio Playa Gallo Shirt Quay Sunglasses ta3 swimsuit gray hair bandana headband what to wear in 80 degree weather hawaii honolulu

We love accessorizing with a simple knotted bandana. We use our kitchen bandanas to create cute headbands to match our outfits. Afterward, they go back to the kitchen until the next outfit inspiration.

You simply fold the bandana in half and then roll it to the width you prefer. Wrap it around your head and then knot it at the nape of your neck or just above your hairline. 

Find cute and colorful cotton headbands on Amazon.

#9 Turban Headband

The turban headband wraps around your entire head and keeps your hair tucked away. We love this because all your hair is out of your face and around your neck. It also keeps you cool in warmer weathers.

#10 Pulled Back with Ponytail

This style is super classic and chic. Comb your hair back, create a ponytail, and then add your favorite headband to add some style. It’s so easy and is a very popular way to wear headbands.

#11 Headband with Braid

We love creating a French braid and then wearing a headband to keep everything tucked back. 

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