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My Favorite Lululemon Pattern + Color Combo: Slalom Green Bean & Inkwell

My Favorite Lululemon Pattern + Color Combo: Slalom Green Bean & Inkwell
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If you are a Lululemon fan, there’s always that one color combo or pattern that you need to collect. This pattern is like my Pokemon. #gottacatchemall

My obsession is the Slalom Green Bean and Inkwell combo from Lululemon circa 2013.

It came out when I first moved to Seattle towards the end of 2013. I looked at it and it reminded me of everything I liked about Seattle; the rain, the Evergreen trees, the dreary and cold winters. I absolutely loved it.

My Favorite Lululemon Pattern + Color Combo: Slalom Green Bean & Inkwell

I’ve collected enough pieces to be proud of my current collection. Here’s a peek at my togs.

lululemon green bean flowy tops bra tank

No Limits Tank, Restless Tank, CYB Tank

green bean inkwell lululemon tops bra

Cool Racerback (CRB), Modern Tank, Power Y Tank, 105F Tank, Power Y Bra

seamless lululemon green bean

Seamless Collection In the Flow Crop, Ebb and Flow Bra, In the Flow Shorts


Lululemon Green Bean and Inkwell colored activewear bottoms

green bean inkwell vinyasa scarf

Vinyasa Scarf

lululemon green bean inkwell nice asana scuba hoodie

Scuba Hoodie II, Nice Asana Jacket

lululemon the mat green bean.jpg

lululemon the Mat (le Tapis) in Green Bean

Pieces that I still “need.”

  • Run Full tilt Long Sleeve (6) – Got It!
  • Speed Shorts (8)
  • Astro Pants (6)
  • Ebb and Flow tank (8)
  • Fast Cat Skirt (6 or 8)
  • Nice Asana (6 -Green Bean Solid)
  • Cool Racerback (6 – Green Bean Solid)
  • Karmady V-Neck (6)
  • Falling Freely neckwarmer and headwrap (Inkwell, Angel Wing and Green Bean)
  • Groovy Run Shorts (8)
  • Turbo Shorts (6) – Got it!
  • Swiftly Long Sleeve (6 or 8)
  • Wunder Under Pants (6 – Quilted Band)
  • Wee Are Too Cozy Jacket (6)
  • Scuba Hoodie II (8 – Solid Green Bean)
  • Can’t Stop Pant (6) – Got it!
  • Neck Warmer
  • Run With Me Ear Warmer
  • Brisk Run Gloves
  • Fly Away Tamer (Solid Green Bean and Striped Green Bean and Inkwell)

Pieces that I’m missing:

  • Forme Jacket (6)
  • Avenue Pullover (6)
  • Run First Base Tank Top (6)
  • Dharana Crop (6) – Got it!
  • Scoop Neck (8)
  • Scuba Hoodie II color-blocked (8 – Inkwell, Angel Wing and Green Bean)
  • Scuba Hoodie II (8 – Wee Stripe and Inkwell)
  • Swiftly SS (6 – Green Bean Stripe)
  • Groove Short (6)
  • Groove Pants (6) – Got it!
  • Boogie Shorts (8)

For the Boyfriend (um yeah…we need to match)

  • Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve (M – Heathered Green Bean)
  • Five Year Tee (M)
  • Core Hoodie (L)
  • Pace Breaker Short (L) – Got It!
  • Velocity Long Sleeve (L)
  • Velocity Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Pullover (L) – Got it!

They never made stripe bottoms, but if they did, they’d probably look like Athleta’s Green Paddy Navy stripe Chaturanga crops (which I own and love btw). 😛

athleta green paddy navy chaturanga crop leggings.jpg

That about sums up my lulu pattern obsession for the time being. I can’t wait to see what other green palettes and designs they come up with next.

Where to Buy Lululemon

Where to Buy lululemon

The best way to buy lululemon is online or in one of their physical stores. Search for the store nearest you using lululemon's store locator.

Buying directly from lululemon will ensure that your items are 100% authentic.

Do you like to save money? Here are some ways you can save money on lululemon products:
You can also buy lululemon for less through third-party reselling websites and marketplaces such as:
  • eBay
  • Mercari - Use this link for $10 off your first order. Download the App here.
  • Poshmark - Use code SCHIMIGGY for $10 off your first order. Enter the code when you create your profile.
  • Tradesy - Use this link to get $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more.
  • Vinted - Use this link to get $ off your first purchase.

What’s your favorite pattern and color combo? Let’s see your collection! Comment below to share.

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Saturday 8th of July 2017

I love this color scheme too! I'm just starting to collect different items though. I only have the speed shorts, sports bra and the Asana jacket. So hard to find!


Tuesday 1st of August 2017

It's slowly getting harder to find! I have so-many-pieces in this color scheme. I barely wear them because I don't want to ruin them. On, the pain of owning your unicorns! I will tuxedo up and add a photo to this post!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.