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Best Black Leggings

Best Black Leggings
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Updated: 3/5/2024 | Best Black Leggings

Everyone needs a reliable pair of black leggings.

Black leggings can be worn alone or under various tops and dresses. And black pretty much goes with just about everything.

The perfect little black legging (LBL) can be hard to find, so we tried dozens of brands to create the best curated list for you.

When we make our list of best leggings, we rate them on eco-friendliness, cost, design, performance and fair company ethics (fair pay, equal opportunity, etc.). We only want to share the best for us and our environment with our readers.

Best Black Leggings

Here are our top picks for black leggings along with a description of why we think they’re worth buying.

#1 lululemon Align Pants

lululemon align pants leggings schimiggy try on

lululemon Align pants (try on)

lululemon Align pants are made with Nulu fabric, which is super soft and perfect for low-impact sports. Align pants also come in lots of colors and prints. They will pill over time, so check out this post on how to prevent and remove pilling from your favorite leggings.

Read our lululemon Align Pants review here.

#2 lululemon Fast & Free Tights

lululemon fast & free tights best black leggings schimiggy reviews

lululemon Fast & Free Tights | Schimiggy Reviews

lululemon Fast & Free Tights come in 28″, 25″, 19″, 10″ and 5″ lengths. The leggings have side and waistband pockets. They’re made out of Nulux, a soft and buttery fabric that’s also quick-drying.

Fast & Free Tights also come in many colors and prints, so you have many options to choose from.

Read our lululemon Fast & Free Tights review here.

#3 Athleta Elation Tight

athleta elation tight in black powervita fabric

Athleta Elation tights are awesome. They’re made with Athleta’s buttery soft Powervita fabric. They have a waistband pocket and come in crop and 7/8 length.

Read our Athleta reviews here.

Get 20% off at Athleta when you use this link.

#4 All Access Center State Legging

All Access Center Stage Legging High Waist Black

All Access is Bandier’s in-house brand. Their Center Stage Legging ($98) has sold out multiple times and has a waitlist over 1,000+ long.

The Center Stage Leggings come in different colors, lengths, and even an option with side pockets!

Use this link to save $25 off your first purchase of $100.

#5 FlipBelt Thermal Legging

Nike sherpa jacket Flip Belt Leggings Vasque Sneakers Saint Owen Sunglasses

FlipBelt makes an awesome thermal legging that is great for cold weather wear!

They’re stretchy yet very compressive so they hug everything around and cinch the waist in. They also have multiple pockets so that you can literally go hands-free while you work out or run errands.

Originally, FlipBelt started with hip belts that can be worn around other pants and leggings for added storage. Now they’ve expanded to men’s and women’s clothing and other accessories that come with plenty of built in storage!


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#6 Girlfriend Collective Compressive Tights

Girlfriend Collection Leggings high waist compression tights trikonasana triangle pose yoga schimiggy

Triangle posin’ in my Girlfriend Collective leggings!

Girlfriend Collective makes SUPER sustainable leggings! Each pair is made of 27 water bottles and comes in three lengths and is size-inclusive (XXS to 6XL).

They also have a closed-looped system that keeps their apparel out of landfills. The Regirlfriend program allows you to buy a label and send in your old leggings for a $15 credit toward something new!

Read our Girlfriend Collective review here.>>

Use our link to get $10 off your first order of $95+ at Girlfriend Collective.>>

#7 Kyodan Be Well Leggings

Kyodan Be Well Yoga Leggings 25 inseam

Kyodan Be Well Yoga Leggings

Kyodan is a Canadian activewear brand that offers affordable and high-quality apparel for women. 

#8 WERKSHOP Athleisure Leggings

Werkshop Athleisure Black Leggings

WERKSHOP makes their popular and buttery soft Athleisure fabric in a solid black. The leggings fit like a second skin and have great stretch retention.

Read our WERKSHOP Athleisure review here.>>

Save $10 off your orders at WERKSHOP when you use this link>>

#8 Zella Live In Leggings

zella live in leggings nordstrom anniversary sale

Zella Live In Leggings in Black

Zella Live in Leggings ($59) have great shape retention and will make you bum look amazing. They also never pill! Now they offer a super butter soft fabric that is comparable to Beyond Yoga’s space dye fabric.

Read our Zella Live In Leggings review here.>>

#9 SPANX Look At Me Now Leggings

SPANX look at me now seamless black leggings

SPANX Look At Me Now Leggings in Black

SPANX Look At Me Now leggings ($68) come in various waistband heights and inseam lengths. The leggings are seamless and will contour and make your behind look lifted and great.

Use our link to save 15% off at SPANX.>>

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#10 Outdoor Voices TechSweat Leggings

outdoor voices techsweat black leggings

Outdoor Voices is an eco-friendly activewear brand for women and men. They make TechSweat fabric which is pill-resistant and feels buttery soft and light.

Read our Outdoor Voices TechSweat leggings review here.>>

Get 20% off at Outdoor Voices with our link.>>

#11 CRZ Yoga Butterluxe Leggings

CRZ Yoga Butterluxe Yoga Leggings black

CRZ Yoga makes excellent lululemon dupes at a fraction of the cost. Their leggings are only $24-$30 and come in lots of colorways.

CRZ Yoga legging styles that we highly recommend include:

Read our CRZ Yoga review here.

Ready to give CRZ Yoga a try? Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% off all your orders at CRZ Yoga.

#12 Inner Fire Black Leggings

inner fire basic black leggings pants schimiggy reviews

Inner Fire – Black Plain and Pocket Mesh Leggings

Inner Fire leggings are made from water bottles in Vancouver, BC. Their black leggings come in long, crop and even shorts length. If you want more functionality in your pant, Inner Fire also makes a pocketed mesh legging so that you can go hands free!

Read our Inner Fire reviews here.>>

Get 15% off your orders at Inner Fire with this link.>>

#13 EVCR Buttery Soft Black Leggings

Evolution and Creation (EVCR) black leggings

Evolution and Creation (EVCR) black leggings

EVCR is sold at TJ Maxx. They make high-quality leggings that last a long time.

You’ll rarely find EVCR in solid colors at outlet stores like TJ Maxx, but you can definitely get them at Amazon.

Read our EVCR review here.>>

#14 Beyond Yoga Space Dye Leggings ($88-$98)

beyond yoga space dye leggings in black schimiggy reviews

Beyond Yoga‘s space dye fabric is buttery soft and perfect for low-impact activities! Their black leggings also come in various shades. Beyond Yoga also offers inclusive sizing from XXS to 3XL.

Read our Beyond Yoga reviews here.

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