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WERKSHOP Review: Pirate Mashup in Athleisure Fabric

WERKSHOP Review: Pirate Mashup in Athleisure Fabric
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WERKSHOP Athleisure Leggings













  • True to Size
  • Super Soft
  • Stretchy
  • Comes in Different Prints and Colors
  • Women Owned
  • Made to Order


  • No Pockets
  • Expensive

Current WERKSHOP Deals

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eagle rock werkshop logo

Werkshop Athleisure Leggings Schimiggy Reviews

Werkshop Athleisure Leggings:


Eagle Rock WERKSHOP was created by the talented Chriztina Marie (AKA Tina Z). She wanted to own a business where she could express her creativity freely. She creates all her own designs in small batches out of the little town of Monrovia, California.

WERKSHOP Review: Pirate Mashup in Athleisure Fabric

Athleisure fabric was debuted in March 2018. This made WERKSHOP’s beautiful designs accessible to low to medium-compression athleisure lovers. I received the Pirate Mashup leggings to review. I was SUPER stoked because I have been wanting to wear my treasure map leggings but it’s way too compressive for my current workout routine (yoga and hiking).

Right off the bat, the mashup of artwork is stunning.

WERKSHOP review athleisure leggings pirate mashup schimiggy reviews try on

WERKSHOP Athleisure Leggings (try on)

#1 Size: I went with my true size in WERKSHOP Athleisure pants. I wear a size small in WERKSHOP Athleisure fabric and size 6 in Lululemon for reference. The fabric will stretch some immediately after wearing, but not to the point where it is too loose.

In WERKSHOP’s triathlon fabric, I have to size up to a medium. Read my Butterfly crop leggings review to learn about the difference in fit.

eagle rock werkshop athleisure size chart

WERKSHOP Athleisure Size Chart

#2 Style:  WERKSHOP’s Athleisure pants currently come in long length only. WERKSHOP’s triathlon styles come in long and cropped length (in select prints only). They also offer tank tops, sports bras, yoga towels, yoga mats, accessories, and clothing for men.

WERKSHOP athleisure pirate mashup schimiggy reviews front back

WERKSHOP Athleisure Pirate Mashup Leggings (front and back)

#3 Inseam:  The legging length is long with a 29″ inseam. I can wear the bottom hem over my heels. The leggings are great for tall gals (or dudes).

#4 Rise: Athleisure leggings have a high-rise fit. The front rise measures 9″ and back is 10.5″.

#5 Waistband: The leggings come with a tall waistband measuring 4″. The waistband sits at my navel. The waistband can also be folded down for a low rise look. The waistband has a single seam on the back and no top seam. The leggings held up throughout the day without slippage.

Werkshop Review Athleisure Yoga Leggings Pirate Mashup waistband front

Waistband (front)

Werkshop Review Athleisure Yoga Leggings Pirate Mashup waistband back

Waistband (back)

#6 Fabric

  • Fabric Content: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
  • Fabric Feel: The athleisure fabric is SOOOOO SOFT! The fabric feels similar to Liquido and Caju Brasil (or any Brazilian brand really) fabrics.
  • Fabric Performance:
    • Quick Drying
    • Dry Wicking
    • 4-Way Stretch
    • Not compressive – this makes them great for low-impact sports.
    • Does stretch a bit in the waist area compared to the rest of the leggings.
  • Opacity: Leggings are 100% opaque (not see through)
  • Fabric Features:
    • One logo printed on the lower back right of the leggings.
    • No pockets
    • Product details are printed on the inner waistband of the pant.
    • Text is printed on the inside of the hem opening. I would use this as an indicator for authentic WERKSHOP pieces.

#7 When to Wear: Athleisure fabric is super soft and stretchy. I find myself wearing these leggings more than my Triathlon WERKSHOP leggings. They’re great for daily wear and low to medium impact sports such as yoga, pilates, and barre.

#8 Cost: All long-length WERKSHOP leggings cost $88 a pop. Cropped triathlon leggings are $78.

#9 Gusset: Athleisure pants do not come with a gusset. There is a + shaped seam in place of the gusset. It does not bother me during wear due to the fabric being very stretchy.

Werkshop Review Athleisure Yoga Leggings Pirate Mashup gusset inside

Gusset (inside)

Werkshop Review Athleisure Yoga Leggings Pirate Mashup gusset outside

Gusset (outside)

#10 Stitch Seam: The leggings are made with both plain and flat-fell seams. Plain seams are used on the front and back rise and along the inseam. Flat fell seams used at the leg opening and at the waistband where it attaches to the legs of the pant.

#11 UPF Protection: Leggings offer UV protection.

#12 Made in small batches in Los Angeles, USA! Tina and her crew make all their leggings in-house. 

#13 Care Instructions: These leggings are super durable. I wash on gentle cycle with gentle detergent and hang dry. I hang to dry on a foldable drying rack such as this one.  Do not use fabric softeners or machine dry, it could destroy the elastic fibers in the fabric.

Should I Buy WERKSHOP Athleisure Leggings?

YES! I am in love with WERKSHOP and love their designs and silhouettes. Now that you can choose select designs in both a technical and the more relaxed athleisure fabric options, I love WERKSHOP even more. The buttery fabric will have you rolling around in your leggings 24/7. My favorite thing about these leggings is their small scale, sustainable operation. Chriztina is also very active in the community and loves feedback. She truly implements your ideas in her future designs and campaigns.

1. WERKSHOP Pirate Mashup Athleisure Leggings
2. Lululemon Free to Be Wild Bra
3. Lululemon Twist Back Tank Top

Where to Buy WERKSHOP

Buy WERKSHOP leggings on their webstore and get $10 off when you sign-up for their e-mails. WERKSHOP doesn’t send e-mails very often, but when they do, you know it’s gonna be something good!

A great way to save on WERKSHOP is to join their Werk Perks Program! Earn points and redeem them for rewards towards discounted and FREE gear.

You can also buy WERKSHOP on Amazon, Ebay, Mercari, and Poshmark (use code SCHIMIGGY for $5 off)!

Chriztina’s talent has attracted people who want to benefit off her designs. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THESE RETAILERS. Please support Chriztina as she has put her heart and soul into her company. You can read more about her struggles with counterfeiters here.

The following companies sell counterfeits of her designs.

Thank you for visiting today! If you found this encouraging or informative, please connect with us on Instagram or TikTok.

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eagle rock werkshop pirate mashup athleisure leggings review schimiggy

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