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Athleta Review: High Rise Stripe Chaturanga™ Tight

Athleta Review: High Rise Stripe Chaturanga™ Tight
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Updated: 1/24/2021 | Athleta Review: High Rise Stripe Chaturanga™ Tight

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athleta chaturanga high waist leggings review

Athleta Chaturanga High Waist Leggings (left to right): Floral Crush, Stripes, Total Eclipse and Expanse Stripe

About Athleta

Athleta is part of the Gap family and has been around since 1998. They design versatile and fashionable performance apparel for the gym, studio and everything in between. Athleta believes that “A woman athlete is her most powerful self when she’s fully engaged in the moment – when she discovers her strength, her focus, her power.” Their products are designed to live up to the challenges those moments bring and hope to make you look as amazing as you feel.

In 2016 Athleta expanded their offerings by launching Athleta Girl, an activewear line for young girls and teens. Athleta also offers a Give-it-a-workout Guarantee. If the item doesn’t perform for you, you can exchange or return it without any hassle!

Athleta Review: High Rise Stripe Chaturanga™ Tight

I owned a pair of Lululemon parallel stripes but the fabric stretched so much that my size 6 leggings grew to a size 8. I was excited for the high rise Chaturanga tights after trying out their Stripe Chaturanga Capri leggings. The pattern is very similar to the parallel stripes, but the fabric is more durable and compressive.

athleta high rise chaturanga stripe leggings try on schimiggy

Athleta High Waist Stripe Chaturanga Legging Try On

The difference between the high rise and crop variation are the width of the stripes and the size of the waistband. The high rise tights have a thinner white stripe alternating between thick black stripes. The capris have similar sized black and white alternating stripes. The differences are very subtle (see below).

Athleta Chaturanga Stripe Capri

Athleta High Rise Chaturanga Stripe Tight

#1 Size: Athleta runs true to size (TTS) and comes in Regular, Tall, Petite and Plus sizing. I wear a size 6 in lululemon and opted for a size SMALL in Athleta. The leggings fit perfectly with a little room around the waist. I can see the room in the waistband being a bit troublesome for women with smaller or bigger waists. I did not experience any drooping of the pants during practice and they looked fabulous!

athleta Size Chart

Athleta Size Chart

#2 Style:  The high rise Chaturanga stripe legging only comes in long length at the moment. The print also comes in a matching bra (see below).

Athleta Infinity Stripe Transcendence Bra

Athleta Infinity Stripe Transcendence Bra ($54)

#3 Inseam:  The inseam of the Regular pant is 26.5″ and the leg opening sits just on my ankle.

athleta high rise stripe chaturanga legging leg opening

Leg Opening

#4 Rise: Front rise measures 9″ and back rise is 10.75″.

#5 Waistband: The waistband is constructed with an Unpinchable Waistband feature. A 3-layer inner mesh construction smooths out your midsection for a no-muffin-top look. The tights are constructed with a tall 4″ waistband that sits .75″ above my navel. I have a high waist Chaturanga crop (in navy) and the waistband fits more snug around the waist than the Chaturanga tights in this review.

athleta high rise stripe chaturanga legging waistband front

Athleta High Waist Striped Chaturanga Waistband

Athleta High Waist Striped Chaturanga Inner Waistband Pocket

Athleta High Waist Striped Chaturanga Inner Waistband Pocket

#6 Fabric

  • Fabric Content: Nylon/Lycra/Polyester
  • Fabric Feel: The fabric feels stretchy and lightweight. It has a cottony brushed feel and in the images you can see dust collecting on the surface of the fabric. After washing the fabric will feel stiff and will soften once worn again.
  • Fabric Performance:
    • The fabric is light and quick to dry.
    • The fabric has 4-way stretch, allowing it to contour to the body.
    • The fabric feels soft yet compressive. With the added Unpinchable Waistband feature, the pants offer a hugging sensation. You will not have to tug at these pants during practice.
    • Unfortunately after two wears, the fabric has already started pilling. This is common with striped pants in various brands (including Glyder and Lululemon).
  • Opacity: The fabric is 100% opaque (not see through).
  • Fabric Features:
    • There is a black Athleta logo on the back waistband of the pant.
    • There is a square pocket sewn on the inside of the front waistband, sitting just over the right hip.
    • Lines on the pant match up!
athleta high rise stripe chaturanga legging logo

Athleta High Rise Stripe Chaturanga Waistband Logo

#7 When to Wear: I wear my Chaturanga tights everywhere. They’re best suited for both low and high impact sports.

#8 Cost: The high waist Chaturanga tights cost $79, making them very affordable! Use my link to get $10 off your first order here. If you’re an instructor, enjoy 30% off in-store. Instructor verification will be required.

#9 Gusset: The pants are constructed with a triangle shaped gusset lined with breathable CoolMax® fabric in black.

athleta high rise stripe chaturanga legging gusset inside

Athleta Gusset Inside

Athleta Gusset Outside – You can even see the pilling after 2 wears.

#10 Stitch Seam: Flat fell seams are used throughout the pant, allow and flat and chafe-free fit.

#11 UPF Protection: Not disclosed.

#12 Made in Vietnam. My people!

#13 Care Instructions: You can machine wash and tumble dry your Chaturanga leggings. I prefer to wash my pair on delicate with gentle detergent and hang dry on a foldable drying rack such as this one. This will allow the fabric to last longer.

Should I Buy Athleta?

Yes! You should totally buy Athleta. I am so glad they finally came out with a long length striped Chaturanga pant in a simple black and white pattern. I missed my Lululemon Parallel stripes but was also disappointed as to how much they stretched out. I am hoping that these do not so the same.

I am disappointed that they began to pill right after two wears. That is my only gripe and most of my leggings pill anyways. It’s kind of inevitable with my body type. Still, for the look and feel, these leggings are definitely worth your investment.


Wearing Athleta High Rise Stripe Chaturanga Leggings and Inner Fire Tank

Where to Buy Athleta

Did our Athleta review convince you to give them a try? Check out where the buy Athleta below!

  • Shop using this link and receive 20% off your first Athleta order. Athleta offers FREE returns and has a customer satisfaction guarantee, even after the item is worn.
  • Athleta offers 30% for instructors in-store only. You will need to provide your certification along with a current class schedule. Qualified applicants will need to re-apply annually.

You can also buy discounted Athleta on these websites:

  • eBay
  • Poshmark – Use code SCHIMIGGY to get $5 off your first order!
  • Mercari – Use code SYVFUT to get $10 off your first order!

I love buying from reseller sites. If you do too, check out my list of sites where to resell online.

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