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Best Accessories for Gray Hair

Best Accessories for Gray Hair
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Updated: 4/30/2024 | Accessories for Gray Hair

Staring your gray hair journey can be very scary but with the right tools, it can become an easy transition.

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Oftentimes, gray hair has a wiry texure and can look very uneven. For many people this is embarrassing.

Luckily, gray hair doesn’t have to be challenging to manage. Especially when you have the right products to help you fully transition.

Here are our top gray hair products you can use to manage your hair and keep it stylish while and after your gray hair transition.

See our complete list of recommended gray hair products here.

Best Accessories for Gray Hair

#1 Braided Hair Bands

Braided Milano Braided Hair Gia Headband Transitional Gray

You can find cute braided hair headbands, ponytails, and buns that come in full grey and transitional gray. It looks super natural and makes getting ready easier and faster.

Etsy has some similar gray hair headbands but they are double the price!

#2 Gimme Beauty Hairbands

Gimme Beauty Hair Bands Fitting Kit Black

Gimme Beauty Hairbands

Gimme Beauty makes gray color hairbands! They also make a ton of other hair products that help you create any hair do and style you desire.

#3 Clear Coil Hair Ties

Invisibobble coil hair rings

Invisibobble Hair Ties

I love clear hair accessories because they camouflage against gray hair and don’t look obvious or contrast against gray hair when worn. There is no need to color match your accessories when wearing clear accessories.

We love hair coils from the following brands:

  • Invisibobble – Use code ALEX15 to save 15% off all your orders at Invisibobble.
  • Kitsch – Use code SCHIMIGGY15 for 15% off your orders at Kitsch.

#4 Cyndi Bands

Cyndi Bands offer an entire assortment of hair accessories for silver sisters. They offer hair ties, pins, clips, headbands, and more.

#5 Grey Hair Buns

Braided Milano Arielles Bun Transitional Gray

Arielle’s Bun in Transitional Gray

Braided Milano makes these awesome hair buns that are super fun and easy to wear. They also look pretty natural.

#6 Silver Hair Clips and Pins

Hair accessory brands with silver hair clips:

#6 Silver Hair Barrettes

Silver hair barrettes can be used to keep hair back and out of your face.

Here are barrettes that we think work best with gray hair:

#7 Silver Bobby Pins

silver bobby pins for gray hair

Silver Bobby Pins

Silver bobby pins are great for keeping your stray hairs neatly tucked away. They’re also great for styling and putting gray hair into an updo.

#8 Grey Hair Ponytails


Faux ponytails are great for people with thin or thinning hair.

Braided Milano has an assortment of grey hair ponytails that can be worn to give your hair a fuller look that looks very natural.

Another brand that makes great braided hair headbands is Diguan and sold on Amazon.

#9 Grey Scrunchies

For updos and messy buns, we love using scrunchies that match the color of our gray hair. We always have one in our wrist and handbag, just in case. They’re so convenient.

We love scrunchies from the following brands:

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