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What You’ll Find at the lululemon Outlet

What You’ll Find at the lululemon Outlet
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lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida store entrance

Entrance to the lululemon Outlet in Orlando, Florida.

I visited another lululemon Outlet in April 2018. This time it was in the Orlando Premium Outlet Mall in Orlando, Florida. The outdoor mall is the more popular of the two outlets in the area with high-end designer stores such as Burberry, CoachTheory, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and TOD’s. There was a good variety of high to low-end stores at the mall. Check out my December 2017 Lululemon Outlet in Glendale, Arizona visit and review here.

When I entered the lululemon outlet store, it was very busy with at least 50 customers browsing racks and bins in a frenzy. The racks and bins were full of clothing for men, women and teens/girls (Ivivva). Deals of the day included a Feeling Balanced Sweater for $29 and $20 off the current price tag on ALL outerwear.

I love visiting lululemon outlet stores because the deals are awesome! Items were marked down and were between 10-70% off. I was also able to combine my Sweat Collective discount for an additional 25% off my purchase. Please note that Orlando has a 6.5% tax. In Seattle, Washington, our tax is 10.1%. I was very stoked to save even more on my purchase!

For many women’s products, I could find pieces I would wear in sizes 2, 4, 10 and 12. I am a size 6 and stuff I wanted was not available in my size. The size 6 and 8 pickings were slim and products began to seem repetitive after browsing the store for about 15 minutes. The selection was representative of the past 1-3 seasons. I was hoping to find Align pants but could only find them in crop length and in at least 5 different colors with a decent availability of sizes.

Many of the cute bras in my size (size 8) were also gone. Overall the selection was good and probably slim from the number of customers shopping there throughout the weekend. The Orlando outlets are some of the best places for shopping for both the 60 million visitors visiting annually and its residents.

The only thing I could not find in the store were women’s dresses. There were two rows for outerwear which I found odd considering how hot and humid it is in Orlando’s springtime. It makes sense for snowbirds visiting Orlando from other states and countries who would want to buy some discounted Lululemon outerwear to bring back home.

Below are some photos of my visit to the lululemon outlet in Orlando, Florida.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida

Cash wrap area is to the left when you enter the store.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida dog area

Dog area for thirsty four-legged friends.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida daily deal sweaters

Daily Deal: $29 Sweaters

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida energy bra bins

Bins filled with Energy Bras

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida free to be wild bras

Bins of Free to Be Wild Sports Bras for $39

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens tank tops rack

Women’s Tank Tops Rack

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens sports bra wall

Women’s Sports Bra Wall

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens shorts and skirts

Women’s Shorts and Skirts. The festival bag up top was only reduced by $9.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens outerwear racks

Women’s Outerwear Racks #1

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens outerwear racks

Women’s Outerwear Racks #2

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens accessory wall

Women’s Accessory Wall

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida ivivva racks

Ivivva Racks

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida women's crop leggings

Women’s Crop Leggings

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida womens accessory wall

Women’s Accessory Wall

I was excited to find a Festival bag in green (see photo above) but it ended up being only $9 off the original price. I decided that the deal was not significant enough for me to make a purchase. They did offer a backpack in the same green color for only $59 (originally $98). I didn’t need another backpack so I passed on that as well.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida men's activewear

Men’s Clothing (right side of entrance)

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida mens small and medium tops

Men’s small and medium tops.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida mens large and extra large tops

Men’s Large and Extra-Large Tops

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida mens shorts and pants

Men’s Shorts and Pants

There were a lot of men’s tops and bottoms. The selection was from 1-3 past seasons.

Lululemon Outlet Try-On

I decided to try on some leggings, crops, tanks, and bras. My decision to try these pieces were probably due to how hot it was outside. I couldn’t take a full photo because the dressing room was tiny.

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida dressing room try on

Dressing Room Try-On

lululemon Outlet Orlando Florida haul

My haul from the lululemon Outlet store in Orlando, Florida

After my try-on, I exited and decided to buy the following items (top left to bottom right).

  1. Free to Be Wild Bra ($39)
  2. Highly Meditated Tank Top ($29)
  3. Swiftly Short Sleeve in Ombre ($39)
  4. Laced With Intent Sports Bra ($39)

I definitely came out on top with my haul, especially since I was able to combine the sale with my Sweat Collective discount. My favorite find was the Laced With Intent sports bra. I love the strappy front and back of the very lightweight bra.

Final Thoughts

My experience here was very great. The employees were some of the happiest and brightest I’ve ever met. The sun rays shine everywhere in Florida and infuse everyone with a large dose of vitamin D and happiness. My chihuahua was showered with attention and pets when she entered.

I found some decent deals but they were not the best I’ve experienced compared to other lululemon outlets or warehouse sales that I’ve participated in and visited. I definitely recommend that you stop by when you’re visiting Orlando, Florida. There are plenty of hotels nearby that offer shuttle service to theme parks and shopping malls nearby.

There is something for everyone at the outlet and it’s a great way to try out Lululemon at a fraction of the cost.

Find a lululemon outlet near you.

Happy shopping!

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