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My Visit to the Glendale AZ lululemon Outlet (Dec 2017)

My Visit to the Glendale AZ lululemon Outlet (Dec 2017)
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tanger outlets logo and store

Welcome to Tanger Outlets!

Lululemon Outlet Glendale, Arizona Store Front

Lululemon Outlet Glendale, Arizona Store Front

I had an opportunity to finally visit a lululemon Outlet in Glendale, Arizona. The store is located at Tanger Outlets, a huge outdoor outlet mall with many high end stores including Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Coach and many more.

Aside from the lululemon warehouse sales, this was probably the next best deal on new with tags (NWT) lululemon. The employees were very nice and also very fond of my little chihuahua!

The store is separated into sections by size. Within the sections, the items are separated by type (i.e. bras, tank tops, built in bra tops, leggings (short to long) etc). It’s a great way to look through the great variety of lululemon merchandise!

All in all. it’s a great place to buy discounted lululemon. It’s also a great place for beginners to come try out lulu at an affordable price. Many items were marked down 40-80%. They also have a board where they post current deals. I was allowed to use my Sweat Collective instructor discount to get an additional 25% off everything in store.

There were some gems. I found some Refresh Maxi dresses in a size 8 but they were only on markdown for the price of $79 (original MSRP $88), so not really much of a discount. If they were $59 I definitely would have bought one! The Refresh Maxi dress is still online for the full MSRP.

Below are some pics of the store and my finds.

lululemon outlet glendale Arizona entry display

Display when you enter the store. Discounted bra racks on either side included mostly Break Free bras in light colors.

lululemon outlet deal of the day board

Deals are posted here to the left when you enter the store! The deals may change daily.

lululemon glendale arizona outlet mens display

There was only one wall and a couple of racks for men’s products.

lululemon outlet glendale arizona store

Wide shot of the store including the awesome employees!

lululemon double tap bra black deal

All bras were $24. The Sweat Collective discount can be used in conjunction with promo board pricing.

lululemon tech mesh singlet tank top

I felt this was pretty steep for the Tech Mesh Singlet. I do remember them being pretty popular though.

lululemon tank top and tees rack

Rack of tops included Departure 3/4 Sleeve shirt, Crusher Tops, Peplum tops, and more! Sizes were mixed. Colors were mostly greys, blacks and whites.

lululemon accessories

The accessories wall! There were Sage Scarves, Circle Scarves, yoga mats, socks, and yoga mat towels. On the table next to the scarves there were cute pom pom beanies/toques.

lululemon refresh maxi dress grey

Size 8 lululemon Refresh Maxi II Dresses in grey. This was on the only size they had and it was mixed in with outerwear and sweaters.

lululemon extra mile long sleeve top

lululemon Extra Mile Long Sleeve for only $49! It was a great deal. Too bad I didn’t need it.

lululemon outlet glendale arizona size 4 wall

Size 4 wall

lululemon outlet glendale arizona size 6 wall

Size 6 Wall

lululemon outlet glendale arizona size 8 wall

Size 8 Wall

lululemon size 10 wall merchandise

Size 10 wall – There was tons of size 10 merchandise! Almost twice as much as size 6 and 4.

lululemon outlet size 12 wall

Here’s the Size 12 Wall. You can also see my pup in the background.

lululemon outlet namaste in vancouver shirt

Some Namaste in Vancouver shirts found all the way in AZ. Had the in both size 6 and 8.

lululemon outlet men's apparel display

Men’s apparel is organized by size one wall.

Here are my lululemon Outlet try ons. I found a pair of Align crops. They looked appealing, but I’d rather have the long version. I also tried on the Enhearten Tank, seamless grey leggings and green Jet Crops.

lululemon outlet purchase shaped short sleeve

My best find was two $19 Shaped Short Sleeve tops. I also used my sweat Collective discount on top of the sales offered in the store. My total purchase cost ~$31. Sales tax in Glendale, AZ is 8.5%. Score!

Things You Should Know When Visiting the lululemon Outlets

  • You can use your Sweat Collective discount on outlet merchandise.
  • Promos cannot be combined. (i.e. cannot be combined with lululemon friends and family discount)
  • All purchases are FINAL SALE.
  • Sizing is limited. What you see on the racks is what you get.
  • Check the deals board for additional discounts.
  • Spend time here. You never know what you’ll find. I almost didn’t find the $19 Shaped Short Sleeve shirts. It can get overwhelming, so take it slow and give yourself ample time when visiting the outlet. If you’re looking for something specific, you may not find it and miss out on many other items.
  • When visiting outlets, the merchandise may be similar with some hidden gems to keep it exciting. Many of the items at outlets may also be on WMTM or sold at lululemon Warehouse Sales.

lululemon Outlet Locations

lululemon outlet locations map

lululemon Outlet Locations around the world! (12/2017)

To search for lululemon Outlet locations near your, use their store locator feature here.

This wraps up my visit to the lululemon Outlet in Glendale, Arizona. I definitely recommend that you check it out when you’re in town! If you’re not near one, it’s not worth a visit unless you want to possibly get a better deal on WMTM items.

Have you been to a lululemon Outlet store? Let me know if you found anything good in the comments below. Thanks for tuning in!

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Sunday 28th of October 2018

Does the outlet sell the same quality of attire as the regular LLL stores? Or does it just look similar, but it's cheaper?

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Tuesday 18th of September 2018

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Ellen Marie Benditcha

Friday 7th of September 2018

I love your “energy “ And I am sooo happy I had the honor to receive sooo many tips !! I LOVEEEE #lululemon!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR “Learning me a lot”!!! And your enthusiasm is A-MAZINGGG !!!!! HOPING TO BE MORE LIKE YOU !!!! ;))))) XOXOX I am SEARCHING FOR PHENOMENAL PRODUCTS THAT WON’T DESTROY MY CHARGE CARDS !!!! I am a sport fanatic and LOVEEE GREAT BEAUTIFUL YET DURABLE OUTFITS AND COMFORTABILITY ????????????????????????????????☺️


Sunday 9th of September 2018

Thanks girl!! Glad that you found me! If there's anything you need or want to know, just let me know!!

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Saturday 26th of May 2018

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