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Weekend of Wellness and Visit to the Carbon38 Bridgehampton Store

Weekend of Wellness and Visit to the Carbon38 Bridgehampton Store
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Carbon38 Bridgehampton Store Ambassador Photo August 2018

Carbon38 Ambassadors, August 2018

I had the opportunity to join Carbon38 ambassadors on the East Coast for a weekend filled with wellness and fitness. Carbon38 is a women’s activewear line that begin in the East Coast but not operates out of the West Coast in sunny Santa Monica. The company was started by Carline Gogolak and Katie Warner Johnson, two business and fitness minded women who combined their forces to create a luxe activewear retailer. They began selling 175+ other activewear brands and now offer their own Carbon38 collection.

Carbon38 rented a home in Bridgehampton for the entire Summer of 2018 and MVP ambassadors were invited to teach classes in their Bridgehampton store. Below are MVP instructors Erika Hood and Danielle Pascente.

Carbon38 MVP Ambassador Instructors Danielle Pascente and Erica Hood

Carbon38 MVP Ambassador Instructors Danielle Pascente and Erika Hood.

I arrived to Bridgehampton on the Jitney. The ride was only 3 hours long and affordable. We had dinner and drinks at Elaia Estiatorio, a Greek restaurant. The next day I got to experience TruFusion for the first time. TruFusion is a workout method that is backed by Jennifer Lopez and her husband Alex Rodriguez. The workout was sweaty and fun.

At noon we visited the Bridgehampton store and began our photo shoot with Roberto Matteo Photography. Matteo stuck by us the entire day and there were lots of Ambassador photos to boost our portfolios and social media accounts.

Throughout the weekend we made multiple trips to the store. Their selection is definitely slimmer than what’s offered online, but it’s great to be able to try on a majority of the Carbon38 collection before purchasing. I tried on products that I would have never bought online, but in person it looked amazing on. After trying it on, the eyelet bra was a must have for me. They were sold out of most of their popular Takara leggings but could also order online and get it delivered straight to your home. Another perk of shopping at the store is they give you a full sized kombucha or tea with your try-on. Yay I’m being fancy in the Hamptons!

Below are more images of the Bridgehampton Carbont38 store.

Carbon38 Display at their Bridgehampton store.

Carbon38 Display at their Bridgehampton store.

Carbon38 Bridgehampton Store

Carbon38 Bridgehampton Store

Schimiggy Reviews at Carbon38 Bridgehampton store

Brought my Takara leggings to the party!

Carbon38 Ambassadors + Team38 Director Kristen (far right)

Carbon38 Ambassador Weekend Meetup!

Fancy pool at the Carbon38 Hamptons home.

Fancy pool at the Carbon38 Hamptons home, complete with Swan rides.

Carbon38 Ambassador LOVE!

SAME X Carbon38 Collection

SAME X Carbon38 Collection

Carbon38 Ambassador LOVE!

Carbon38 Ambassador LOVE! Wearing Same x Carbon38 collection.

poolside yoga schimiggy reverse table top carbon38

Poolside Yoga? Yes please!

What an honor it was to be invited to represent and connect with so many awesome Carbon38 Ambassadors. I initially felt out of place because little ol’ me is getting to go to this REALLY fancy place to spend time, learn and get fit with amazing women. Someone pinch me. Is this real life??? The event made me rethink what my purpose in the world of fitness is. Fitness fashion is awesome. Connecting with other fitness professionals with a purpose is even more awesome. We are here to connect people to fitness by making it accessible and fun. We are here to promote health, wellness and body positivity. My way of connecting people and fitness is through yoga and one of the reasons why I wanted to become a teacher was to connect people with elements of fitness that I fell in love with. How do I keep this going? Easy, just keep doing what I love.

I connected with many East Coast ambassadors that taught me a lot about what it means to be a fitness professional and that being able to love others starts with loving yourself first. This weekend of wellness was definitely what I needed. I look forward to coming back on that side of the USA soon.

Thanks again Carbon38 for EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to do this again. XOXO

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