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Carbon38 Review: Sayang Collection in Dahlia Red

Carbon38 Review: Sayang Collection in Dahlia Red
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Carbon38 Logo

carbon38 sayang collection macrame padang tanjung and kuta leggings

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Leggings (left to right): Padang Leggings in Beige, Tanjung Leggings in Dahlia Red and Kuta Leggings in Black

About Carbon38

carbon38 sayang collection macrame leggings schimiggy reviews wheel pose

Wearing Carbon38 Sayang Collection – Seminyak Bra and Tanjung Leggings

If you haven’t heard of Carbon38, you should change that stat. Carbon38 sells high quality, fashion-forward workout gear from around the globe and has been featured absolutely everywhere. They believe that activewear is the new denim and are all about getting women motivated to look chic and sweat!

I am so much more motivated to hit the gym when I have cute clothes to work out in. Up until now my splurge go-to was Lululemon. With lululemon I was tired of getting the same ol’ designs season after season. Carbon38 works with different designers and each collection is a thing on it’s own.

I always love hearing the story behind a brand. The founders are Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak. Both started out as professional ballet dancers and reconnected at Harvard before moving to the New York City to pursue careers in finance. And both have (insanely) impressive backgrounds. Prior to working in finance, Caroline also did business development for Intermix + YSL and she’s a certified yoga instructor. Katie is a celebrity trainer (her clients include Emmy Rossum, Erin Andrews and Demi Moore) and taught at Physique 57.  I’d say they possess the perfect background of fashion, fitness, and finance that all go into the creation and success of their brand. Carbon38’s corporate office now thrives in Santa Monica, California. I had the privilege of hanging out with #Team38 in Los Angeles for a Lady Gaga concert last December 2017!

Carbon38 Review: Tanjung Leggings and Seminyak Bra

Carbon38 Sayang Collection (left to right): Seminyak Bra, Lovina Tank and Tanjung leggings

The Tanjung Leggings and Seminyak bra are from Carbon38’s Sayang collection. Sayang is the Indonesian word for “love.” I presume it stems from how the line was created and to go it is expected to make you feel when wearing it.  The collection allows the strong yet feminine woman to come forth. The collection initially offered neutral palettes with amazing macrame details. When I first saw the collection I thought, “Damn this line is too sexy. How are these macrame designs even practical? Next!” When I finally saw real live people wearing the leggings, the FOMO (“fear of missing out”) began to set in. I went on their site and found that many designs were out of stock and stayed that way since the initial release.

This December 2017 they released Sayang collection pieces in a new Dahlia Red color. I didn’t want to miss out this time so I nearly bought the entire collection (I skipped the Padang Pants and Canggu bra). I can’t wait to wear my Sayang tuxedo everywhere!

I also bought the Gili Hoodie, Legian sweater and Lovina tank but decided to keep only the Gili Hoodie. The material of the tops are different from the pants and bra. They are more of a more muted shade of red than the deep rich red of the spandex fabric. The material of the Gili Hoodie is a knit fabric that feels similar to terry fabric. The fabric kept me warm and feels soft against my skin.

Seminyak Bra Review

The Seminyak bra was everything I hoped it would be. It’s super comfortable and the enclosed elastic band at the bottom allows the top to stay put throughout your practice. The fabric is stretchy. The fabric of the bra is the same as the leggings. The bra has built in cups but not a lot of support. The Seminyak bra is great for low-impact sports and for smaller chested women. I sized up and it fits perfectly. If you buy this bra definitely SIZE UP. I wear a size 8 in lululemon for size reference. The bra cost $105, making it the most expensive bra I have ever bought! I am definitely keeping the bra as it’s unique and so beautiful!

carbon38 sayang collection review dahlia red tanjung leggings try on

Carbon38 Sayang Collection – Try On

#1 Size: Per Carbon38’s size chart I went with a size medium in bottoms and tops. I wear a size 6 in lululemon bottoms and size 8 in lululemon bras for reference. The fit is compressive and form fitting. I recommend sizing up in the Carbon38 Sayang collection.

carbon38 size chart

Carbon38 Size Chart

#2 Style:  The Sayang collection offers long leggings, bras, tanks, and sweaters. In this review I am focusing on the Tanjung leggings which are long length and have macrame details on the side of the pant.

#3 Inseam:  Inseam measures 29″making it great for taller women.

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings front and back

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings (front and back)

#4 Rise: High rise fit sitting at my navel. The rise on the front of the pant is 7″ and back is 8″.

#5 Waistband: The waistband is tall and measures 3″. The waistband is constructed with an elastic band that hugs the waist in for a slimming and stay put fit.

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings waistband front

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings – Waistband (back)

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings waistband back

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings – Waistband (front)

#6 Fabric

  • Fabric Content:
    • 73% Polyester 27% Spandex blend
    • Fabric comes in three colors: Dahlia Red, Beige and Black
  • Fabric Feel: The fabric feels different from their Takara leggings. The Sayang fabric is thicker, feels smooth and has a lot of stretch. I would compare the fabric to Girlfriend leggings in their thickness and durability.
  • Fabric Performance:
    • Leggings have a considerable amount of compression as the fabric is thicker than the Takara fabric.
    • Fabric is moisture wicking and quick to dry.
    • 4-Way Stretch allows the pants to stretch and contour to the body.
    • Wrinkle Resistant
    • Antimicrobial fabric prevents stink.
    • The fabric is very thick and durable.  I would consider these abrasion and pill resistant.
  • Opacity: The leggings are not white backed and are 100% opaque! The fabric is very thick and soft.
  • Fabric Features:
    • Custom handwoven macrame detail with variations between pants due to the intricate nature of the design.
    • No logos
    • No pockets
Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings label details

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings – Label Details

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings - Detail when worn

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings – Detail when worn

#7 When to Wear: The Carbon38 Sayang Collection is meant for low to high impact sports. I wore my black Padang leggings casually and I always get complements on the macrame detail.

#8 Cost: Depending on the amount of macrame detail, your Sayang leggings may run $145 to $165. The Tanjung leggings cost $165. They’re expensive but definitely worth the spend. I have never worn beautiful macrame leggings such as these!

#9 Gusset: The Sayang Collection pants come with single layered, triangle gussets. The gussets are sewn into the pant with flat fell seams.

Carbon38 Sayang Collection tanjung Leggings Gusset Inside

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings – Gusset (inside)

Carbon38 Sayang Collection tanjung Leggings Gusset Inside

Carbon38 Sayang Collection Tanjung Leggings – Gusset (outside)

#10 Stitch Seam: The leggings are constructed using flat fell seams for a smooth, skin tight look and feel.

#11 UPF Protection: Not disclosed but I am pretty sure there’s some protection in the fabric as the fabric is thick.

#12 Made in China. Designed in Los Angeles, California.

#13 Care Instructions: Hand wash the leggings in cold water and hang dry. I hang to dry on a foldable drying rack such as this one. Always avoid bleach and hot water treatments.

Should I Buy Carbon38’s Sayang Collection?

Oh heck yes! Hands down this is probably one of my favorite activewear collections period. I’m so glad I got in on the Dahlia Red release. The pieces are truly a work of art from Carbon38. It’s reminiscent of the Bohemian culture where the corporate headquarters are located. I was thinking the color may be a burgundy red, but it’s a true lipstick red (think Sephora signature red). Within weeks of launching the collection in red, many pieces have already sold out. Snag these quick before they’re gone!


  • The Sayang collection prices have been reduced! Bras are now $85 and leggings are $128.
  • They currently have the Sayang collection in shiny black and the fabric is less compressive yet more comfortable. I highly recommend getting the Sayang pieces in this fabric while it lasts.

Wearing Carbon38 Sayang Collection: Tanjung Leggings and Seminyak Bra in Dahlia Red

Where to Buy the Carbon38 Sayang Collection

Where to Buy Carbon38

Shop at Carbon38 and use code SHMGY25 for 15% off your first two orders. Enjoy free shipping AND returns on purchases of $200+.

You can also check out their sales section for awesome deals on Carbon38 apparel and other brands.

You can also find great Carbon38 deals on the following third-party marketplaces such as:

  • eBay
  • Mercari - Use code SYVFUT for $10 off your first purchase. 
  • Poshmark - Use code SCHIMIGGY for $5 off your first purchase.

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