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My Niyama Sol Collection

My Niyama Sol Collection
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Updates: 8/8/2022 | My Niyama Sol Collection

niyama sol review mayan beachcomber crop leggings standing sexy schimiggy

Wearing Niyama Sol Double Layered Bra and Mayan Beachcomber Crop Leggings.

Niyama Sol is easily one of my favorite brands due to their unique, beautiful prints and comfortable buttery fabric.

Niyama Sol is based out of Las Vegas and has been outfitting women since 2016. They’ve come a long way in just two years. You’ll see JLO wearing and promoting them everywhere she goes. You can read my Niyama Sol reviews here

I made an effort to inventory my current collection to hopefully curtail my spending on leggings. 

Below is my current Niyama Sol collection:

  • Amethyst Agate Endless Leggings
  • Cairo Endless Leggings
  • Eraser Endless Leggings
  • Fun Fun Fun Endless Leggings
  • Fuji Endless Leggings
  • Ganesh is Fresh Barefoot Leggings
  • The Guide Endless Leggings
  • Homegrown Beachcomber Crop
  • Hutch Barefoot Leggings
  • Joplin Endless Leggings
  • Mayan Beachcomber Crop
  • Opal Endless Leggings
  • Otomi Barefoot Leggings
  • Right Left Endless Brain
  • Sioux Endless Leggings
  • Succulent Endless Leggings
  • The Traveler Endless Leggings
  • White Stripe Endless Leggings
  • Hollywood Tank Top
  • Ultra Violet Layered Sports Bra
  • Dahlia Twisted Sports Bra
  • Ombre Beanie
  • Waterfall Ladder Sports Bra in Nude
Niyama Sol leggings collection

My Niyama Sol leggings collection (Sept 2018)

Niyama Sol Ganesh is Fresh Endless Leggings

Niyama Sol Ganesh is Fresh Leggings

Most Wanted List

Here’s a list of leggings that I would LOVE but some are out of production and I really don’t need that many. It’s just a way for me to document my wants while I focus on my needs.

  • Amunet
  • The Intellect
  • The Messenger
  • Odeley
  • Platinum Stripe
  • Rainbow Stripe Joggers
  • Rose Gold Stripe
  • Waimea
  • Cairo Mala
  • Waimea Mala


In an effort to downsize (per the boyfriend’s request) I am selling these Niyama Sol prints at a fraction of the original cost. The original MSRP ranges from $88-$98. I only wore these at MOST 3 times and some are NWT. If the item is new with tags, it will be listed as NWT.

Please contact me if you’re interested!

Niyama Sol WHITE STRIPE leggings

Niyama Sol Endless White Stripe Leggings and Hollywood Tank Top

Niyama Sol FOR SALE List

  • Retro Rainbow String Bikini Set (medium top and bottom) – $55
  • Kalahari Endless Leggings NWOT (S): $50+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Twilight Barefoot Leggings VEUC (S): $55+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Mixtape Limited Edition Barefoot Leggings EUC (S): $85+5 shipping SOLD
  • Amethyst Agate Endless Leggings NWT (M): $68+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Buddha Sage Beachcomber Crop Leggings NWT (M): $50+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Evil Eye Endless Leggings NWT (S): $60+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Foxy Brown Barefoot Leggings EUC (S): $68+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Moroccan Mint Barefoot Leggings NWT (L): $50+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Zulu Beachcomber Crop Leggings NWT (S): $45+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Ganesh is Fresh Endless Leggings (S): $125+$5 SOLD
  • Retro Rainbow Barefood Leggings (S): $70+$5 SOLD
  • Mystic Endless Leggings NWT (XXS): $45+$5 shipping SOLD on Mercari
  • Namaste Limited Edition Melrose Tank NWT (M): $55+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Chunky Sage Green Beanie NWT (OS): $23+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Tulum Endless Leggings NWT (S): $60+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Venice Tank Top NWT (M): $25+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Roller Girl Short (M): $50+$5 shipping SOLD
  • Waterfall Ladder Sports Bra in blue (S/M): $40+$5 SOLD

Thanks for tuning in. I hope this was of as interesting to you as it was to me. It was helpful to document what I have in my closet so that I can actively make an effort to let go of what I no longer wear.

If you have questions about what I currently have for sale, please e-mail me. 🙂

Where to Buy Niyama Sol

If you’re interested in buying Niyama Sol leggings, head to their website. Use the following discount codes for some major savings.

  • Use this link to get $25 off your first order of $125. 
  • Use code SCHIMIGGY for 10% off your orders anytime (no limit).
  • Use code SOLSCHIMIGGY for 10% off your first Niyama Sol Box monthly subscription.
Niyama Sol Traveler Leggings Seattle Troll

Taking my Niyama Sol Traveler leggings to check out the Fremont Troll in Seattle, Washington.

Do you collect leggings? If so, which brands? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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Crystal Akins

Sunday 20th of February 2022

Are you currently selling any of your Niyama Sol? Thanks


Saturday 13th of November 2021


Was wondering if you had any Niyama Sol leggings for sale at this time? Your article was helpful. 😊 Thanks! Crystal

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