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Fitness Fashion Tips: How to Look Stylish at the Gym

Fitness Fashion Tips: How to Look Stylish at the Gym
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A great way to keep motivated to stay fit and feel confident while at the gym is getting the right outfit. In today’s market, there are many different yet fashionable gym clothes to wear. Athleisure is an $83 billion dollar market with lots of styles and brands for consumers to choose from.

One of my favorite retailers, Carbon38, releases new product almost every other day! It’s safe to say that you won’t have trouble finding inspiration from veteran and upcoming activewear designers.

From matching clothes to the right pair of shoes, here are some tips on how to stay fashionable while you sweat.

How to Look Stylish at the Gym

#1 Wear a Fashionable Co-Ord Set

Co-ord sets are on-trend with many varieties of styles and fabrics to choose from. For matching co-ord tops and bottoms, it may be best to go for neutral colors so that you can get the most use out of it. This way, you can look chic and be comfortable at the same time.

Remember to find an outfit that best represents you and your body type. This confidence is exactly what you need to stay focused on exercising and will prevent you from skipping the gym. Look more into what clothes work well for your body type. This can help you on your way to finding the perfect gym outfit.

fitness fashion tip wear co-ord sets matching top and bottom

Co-ord Sets by FP Movement and Carbon38

#2 Get the Right Sneakers

It is important to have the right sneakers during your workouts so you can prevent foot discomfort. However, it is just as vital to stay looking great while you do it! Invest in a current, stylish and long-lasting pair of shoes.

We recommend the knit Balenciaga sneakers. Everyone is wearing this brand at the moment, and these will surely go well with your fashionable co-ord as there are many differently designed shoes to choose from. SSENSE specializes in trendy clothes and accessories that are manufactured by many famous and luxurious brands. You can shop in style, knowing your products are made with the highest of quality.

For a less expensive alternative, we highly recommend the Bliss or Chelsea sneakers from Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL).

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alex tran running in apl shoes lululemon leggings

Wearing Bliss sneakers by APL

#3 Find the Right Gym Bag

Whether you are going to the gym after work and need to carry a spare change of clothes or carrying necessary gym equipment, it is important to get the right bag that suits your needs. The types of bags are endless, from duffle to backpack. There is something out there for everyone.

Consider going for a bag that can go with your work clothes as well as your gym attire. Remember that neutral colors will go with just about anything.

Our favorite bag is ANDI New York’s Signature bag. This bag converts to a tote, crossbody and backpack. It also comes with a little clutch that you can use to store your bag or use to take your most important belongings with you to class.

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ANDI Brand Signature ANDI Bag winter camo quartz pink try on

ANDI New York – Signature Bag

#4 Mix and Match

If you have a good amount of activewear, we recommend getting creative and mix and matching your activewear pieces. Wear different colors and patterns so that they contrast against one another and add a pop of color to your outfits. It also gives you more outfit options!

Right now leopard and tiger stripes are all the rage. Simply adding a pattern to your workout garb will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Mix your neutral colors and patterns to add some pizazz to your outfit.

We always recommend people to check out their outfits in the mirror prior to leaving the house with this tip.

woman doin plank workout outfit mix and match tops bottoms

Woman wearing a white tank top with blue leggings.

#5 Accessorize Your Outfit

There are many accessories out there that you can wear to help tie your gym outfit together perfectly. Consider getting a gym headband or a trendy training water bottle. While these are both useful to have at the gym regardless, they are both great opportunities to look chic and add something new to your more simple gym outfits.

Why not add a retro sports watch to add a trendy twist to your look? These vibrant colors will stand out against more toned down and neutral shades.

For us, hair accessories are a must. They must look cute and keep our hair out of our faces while working out. We love ALO scrunchies and these seamless hair ties that will never break on you.

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Final Thoughts

With all these fashion tips considered, you are sure to feel more confident, comfortable and stylish in your gym wear. Look into current trends and find what best suits you in order to find that perfect gym look.

Got any tips for us on how to look stylish at the gym? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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