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Asanas and Yoga Poses that Connect LGBTQ Couples

Asanas and Yoga Poses that Connect LGBTQ Couples
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If you don’t know yet, asanas are body positions in Yoga that were long ago regarded as meditation poses but now include standing, balancing, and every type of pose you can think of. An asana should be balanced and comfortable, deeply physical and spiritual at the same time.

While you can do individual asanas, they can also be used by couples to help connect(yes, even LGBT couples, there is no bias in Yoga) and make them communicate with their body language and become one.

People of specific interests can actually be found on different dating sites. Taking into account that there are lots of them around nowadays, it’s sometimes kind of hard to choose a proper one. You can easily make the right choice, taking a small review of the best LGBT dating sites to find the one that would definitely help you find someone who would be interested in Yoga the same much. After you find an appropriate dating platform, meet the one you feel comfortable with, there is a question: what could we practice together to build up stronger ties or strengthen the existing ones? The answer is in the small research that was made for your convenience!

Yoga Poses that Connect Couples

The Seated Grounding

Grounding or centering are great ways to begin. You will connect the spiritual and physical and prepare for the session ahead. Sit with your legs crossed and face your partner, holding your hands on the other’s knees. Look one another in the eyes and try to truly see your partner while taking ten very deep breaths.

Marjaryasana / Bidalasana

Seated cat cows are actually two Yoga poses, but they are often paired. These will help you stretch and help several muscles at the same time. While seated, reach for your partner’s forearms as they do the same. You must release your shoulders both down and back. When you inhale, lift your chest and arch your back, and when you exhale, put your chin into your chest and round your back with your shoulder blades as wide as possible. With this position, you can develop trust with your date.


The back-to-back chair pose is perfect for beginners and for couples. You will support one another as you press your backs together and walk with your feet as far apart as possible. You must bend your knees to reach a position similar to sitting on a couch or chair.

It’s not easy to turn your back on someone, especially if you have met them recently; it takes a lot of courage and willingness to risk and put yourself out there. But it is worth it.

Paschimottanasana / Matsyasana

The seated forward and backbend are two opposite stretches. For the best experience, communicate with your partner and be gentle if one of you is more flexible and one is not.

Begin in a back-to-back position. One will extend their legs and fold ahead while the other will bend knees and lay both feet on the floor, flat, leaning towards the other.

Adho Mukha Svanasana / Balasana

The Downward Dog and Child’s Pose are some of the most well-known poses and stretches of all. One will sit in the child’s pose with knees far apart and toes touching with arms outstretched. The other will stand with their face towards their partner and grasp an ankle with each hand and then move their hands to the partner’s pelvis.

There is nothing more beautiful, pure, and innocent than a child, and this is how you must enter every new relationship. It’s a fresh beginning, and you are born again anew.

Parivrtta Utkatasana

Also called the revolved chair, this one is done standing up and facing your partner at a slight distance. Cross your arms (the right one over the left) and intertwine them with your partner’s. As you hold on, bend your knees and go lower to reach a sitting on a chair position.

This one requires balance and trust, and if you can do this, there is no stopping you from succeeding in every aspect of your relationship.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga is another great way to connect with your partner. You are taught to support one another in aerial yoga poses where one person is the base and the other person must trust that the base has their back when they are “flying” in air.


Hit play on your Yoga playlist, light some candles, set the mood, and get ready for some high-quality bonding between you and your partner. It’s not easy to open up and become vulnerable, but this step will bring you much closer together and make way for a beautiful, thriving relationship that is meant to last for the ages.

By understanding one another at a deeper level, you shall skip steps in your relationship and get further in a mutual yoga session than others have done in months of going out.

There are many relationships in which the partners don’t truly get to know and understand one another, even after years of being together, but if you practice Yoga and mindfulness and learn to listen even when the other isn’t saying anything, you’ll be closer than ever.

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