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Best Unicorn Leggings

Best Unicorn Leggings
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Updated: 10/29/2019 | Best Unicorn Leggings


The magical unicorn! [image credit from Unicorns Rule]

Unicorns are magical creatures that symbolize the unattainable and at the same time they also represent success. Altogether, they’ve become a metaphor for achieving the impossible. Although unicorns are not real (sorry to burst your bubble), I still love the idea of the unicorn because it symbolizes hope and dreams.
best unicorn pattern leggings

Best Unicorn Pattern Leggings

In my search for the perfect unicorn leggings, I ended up finding more unicorn magic than I could handle.

Below are some unicorn printed AND unicorn-inspired leggings. I would own them all if my boyfriend would allow me. Alas, I wanted to share this unicorn magic with you so that you may always pursue your dreams and never believe that anything is impossible!

#1 Arthletic Wear

arthletic wear unicorn leggings

Arthletic Wear (left to right): Unicorn leggings (original) and Rainbow Unicorn

Arthletic Wear is a Serbian activewear brand. They not only have one, but they have TWO unicorn legging styles. Both are pretty whimsy designs that will ignite the fun in your practice.

The original print (left pant) also comes in kids sizes and in a leotard/swimsuit. Use code YOGANEWS for 20% off your orders.

#2 Werkshop

werkshop unicorn leggings

Werkshop Unicorn Leggings

Chriztina Marie of Werkshop does it again! Werkshop has amazing artwork printed onto premium Italian sport fabric. You won’t stop at just one pair of Werkshops. Buy Werkshop leggings here and get $10 off when you sign-up for their e-mails. You can also read my Werkshop reviews here.

Get $10 off your first order with code SCHIMIGGY at WERKSHOP.

#3 Teeki Unicorn Wrangler Hot Pants

teeki unicorn wrangler leggings

Teeki Unicorn Wrangler Leggings

Teeki makes these awesome unicorn wrangler pants. The design is almost realistic and the Western mountain setting makes me want to take a retreat in Sedona, Arizona. They are constructed with a tall waistband to hide your muffin top and the fabric fit like a second skin.

The leggings are backed in white and I would suggest ordering true to size as the leggings do tend to stretch but fit small when first worn. Check out my review of Teeki Elephant Love leggings here.

#4 Black Milk

black milk unicorn leggings

Black Milk Hell Yeah leggings (Unicorn and Robot Godzilla battle)

black milk unicorn leggings pink

Black Milk Unicorn Leggings

Black Milk is an Australian brand and they also have TWO unicorn prints. Their fabric is soft and has a slight sheen. Their designs are unique and I would say many of their designs tend to look very gothic (with the exception of this bright unicorn pattern).

The quality is excellent, however, the leggings are constructed with a thin enclosed elastic waistband which does not hide the muffin top well. They have two unicorn patterns to choose from, one with Robot Godzilla and one without. Both prints are unfortunately sold out.

#5 Goldsheep

goldsheep unicorn leggings

Goldsheep Unicorn Emoji Leggings

Goldsheep leggings are fun! These unicorn emoji leggings are sure to be eye catching and all around whimsy. I’m not keen on wearing emojis on my leggings but you might be.

Goldsheep leggings are similar to Black Milk leggings with the exception of a tall waistband.

#6 Poprageous Unicorn Dream Legging (in black and purple)

poprageous unicorn leggings

Poprageous Unicorn Leggings (comes in black and purple)

Poprageous makes these fun neon leggings. The leggings come in both purple and black. I love that they now incorporate a tall waistband for a more slimming high-waisted look.

Get 20% off at Poprageous when you use this link.

#7 Purusha People Ocean Rainbow Leggings

Purusha People Ocean Rainbow review front back

Purusha People Ocean Rainbow Leggings (front and back)

Purusha People‘s Ocean Rainbow leggings don’t necessarily have unicorns printed everywhere on the fabric, but they are reminiscent of magical unicorn colors. For a more subtle unicorn look and feel, go with these made to order leggings by Purusha People. They look amazing on!

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#7 Flexi Lexi

flexi lexi unicorn cat donut leggings

Flexi Lexi Unicorn Leggings

Flexi Lexi leggings are some of the best around. I love their designs. There is literally something for everyone. They’re based out of Thailand and unfortunately, shipping does run on the more expensive side.

You can also find them on Amazon. Also, check my Flexi Lexi leggings review for how they fit and perform.

#8 Terez Unicorn Inspired Leggings

terez unicorn inspired leggings

Terez Unicorn Inspired leggings (left to right): Holi, Iridescent Oil Spill, Unicorn gem emoji and Oil Spill

I chose these Terez prints because they remind me of unicorn blood from Harry Potter. I love Terez’s prints. They come in both regular and tall waistband heights. Terez is pretty popular so expect some prints to be sold out!

Check out our Terez tall band leggings review.

#9 Exotica Athletica Unicorn Collection

exotica athletica unicorn leggings

Exotica Athletica Unicorn Leggings (left to right): I’m a FUCKING Unicorn, Unicorn Capri and Unicorn Sock leggings

Exotica Athletica is based out of Australia. They have an entire Unicorn Collection that includes bras, shorts and even kidswear so that you can match with your mini. Prices range from $50 to upwards of $140. Start saving your pennies!

#10 EVolution and CReation (EVCR) Unicorn Bliss Leggings

evolution and creation evce unicorn bliss crop leggings

EVCR is a TJ Maxx brand. These leggings are only $24.99 and hold up really well. The fabric is similar to Inner Fire leggings and is super durable and comfortable.

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#11 Rage On

rage on unicorn leggings

Rage On Unicorn Leggings

Rage On is an online based retailer that creates all the rage when it comes to all things pop culture. I saw their Lisa Frank collaboration and the unicorn prints immediately caught my eye (and heart).

They offer a variety of prints and there’s something for everyone here!

#12 Bombsheller

bombsheller unicorn leggings activewear schimiggy yoga leggings

Bombsheller is a Seattle based leggings company that offers geek, grunge and fantasy inspired leggings. They have a couple unicorn printed designs: #UnicornvsDragon (left) and #KawaiiUnicorn (right).

Check them out here. Use code SCHIMIGGY for 10% off your orders.

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