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Top 7 Interior Design Trends for 2022

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Updated: 8/13/2022 | Interior Design Trends

When it comes to predicting the future, experts say there are specific trends that always seem to come out on top. And when it comes to interior design, experts say there are a few trends poised to take over in 2022. 

In case you’re looking to give your home a refresh, here are seven of the top interior design trends experts say you should watch out for.

Use The Shades of Green

One of the top interior design trends experts suggests for 2022 is decorating your house with shades of green. This decorating style can include everything from light green wallpaper to dark green throw pillows. 

Decorating with shades of green is a great way to bring a sense of nature into your home. It can also help to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. 

If you’re looking for a decorating trend that will be both stylish and practical, consider decorating with shades of green.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

Use Curved Lines

Choosing the right furniture and fixtures is one of the most important aspects of decorating your house. They should be stylish, but they should also be comfortable and functional. 

With that in mind, experts suggest that curved lines will be one of the top interior design trends for 2022. Curved lines can add a touch of elegance to any room, and they can also help creating a more relaxing and comfortable environment. 

In addition, curved lines can help to visually expand a space, making it appear larger than it is Incorporating curved lines into your design scheme will give your home a fresh and modern look.

Use Warm Neutrals in Your Decor

As the world slowly returns to normal, people are beginning to think about decorating their houses again. According to experts, one of the top Interior Design Trends for 2022 is Warm Neutrals.

Warm Neutrals are colors inspired by nature and have a calming effect on the mind. They are perfect for creating a cozy and inviting space. And because they are inspired by nature, they are easy to pair with other colors. 

So if you’re looking for a trend that is both stylish and easy to work with, Warm Neutrals is the perfect choice for you.

Layers of Texture Decor

Experts suggest that the Layers of Texture will be one of the top Interior Design Trends for 2022. They are referring to the trend of decorating your house with different textures. The idea is to create an exciting and unique look that will make your house stand out from the rest. 

You cab add texture to your decors, such as rugs, throws, pillows, and wallpaper in many ways. You can create a one-of-a-kind look that is sure to impress your guests by mixing and matching different textures. 

In case you are looking for a way to decorate your stylish and unique house, be sure to consider the Layers of Texture trend.

Mixing Vintage and New

This trend is about decorating your house with a mix of old and new pieces to create a unique and personal space. It’s a way to add character to your home while still having all the modern amenities you need. 

This trend it’s easy to do. You can start with a few vintage pieces and slowly add new ones as you find them. Not only will this give your home a unique look, but it will also reflect your style. 

Do you look for something different than the cookie-cutter homes on your street? Consider decorating with a mix of new and vintage pieces. It’s a trend that will make your home stand out from the rest.

Biophilic Design

Nowadays as we spend more time than ever indoors, it’s no surprise that the trend for biophilic design is on the rise. Biophilic (or organic) design is all about decorating your house to encourage a connection with nature. 

One can achieve this by using natural materials, plants, and even water features. According to studies, when we spend time in nature, it can positively impact our health and well-being. 

It can lower stress and anxiety levels, improve our mood, and boost cognitive function. With the right interior design, you can bring a little of nature into your home, creating a space that feels calm and restful. 

So if you’re looking for a decorating trend that is both stylish and good for your health, be sure to consider the biophilic design.

casa organica or organic house by Javier Senoslain

Casa Organica by Javier Senoslain in Mexico City

The Decline of the Home Office

The home office was once a dedicated space where people could go to focus on their work in peace. However, experts now suggest that the home office may decline. 

One of the reasons for this is the rise of flexible working arrangements. With more people working remotely, there is less need for a dedicated home office. 

Instead, people find they can be just as productive working from their kitchen table or even their sofa. As a result, decorating your house to reflect this trend may mean creating a cozy and inviting living space rather than a clinical and functional home office. 

Another reason for the decline of the home office is the increase in video call meetings. People are now just as likely to participate in meetings from their living room or bedroom. 

We are shifting in how we think about decorating our homes, emphasizing creating both stylish and comfortable spaces. Are you looking for some decorating inspiration for your home? Consider borrowing from one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022: the decline of the home office!


So there you have it—seven top interior design trends experts say you should watch out for in 2022. If you want to give your home a refresh, keep these trends in mind. And who knows? Maybe one of these trends will help you take your home to the next level.

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