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Thigh Society Review | Awesome Anti Chafe Shorts

Thigh Society Review | Awesome Anti Chafe Shorts
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Updated: 10/14/2023 | Thigh Society Review

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Thigh Society. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine and 100% honest.


Thigh Society The Cotton Shorts Rosette Thigh Saver Shorts crossed

The Cotton Shorts

About Thigh Society

Thigh Society was created to help women feel great wearing whatever they want.

Marnie Rabinovitch Consky created the Canadian-based brand in 2009 and has since then created various shorts and redefined “chafewear” for the modern woman.

They are best known for their anti-chafe shorts that allow you to move freely without worrying about rashes and other uncomfortable experiences that can happen in between the thighs on a hot day.

Thigh Society offers 5 short options. All are great to wear as anti-chafe shorts. It’s hard to pick one so we tested all the styles and found that each short is perfect for a particular outfit based on the activity of the day.

Below I’ll review Thigh Society and their pros and cons to give you a better idea as to why I am such a fan!

Thigh Society Review

I’ve dealt with chub rub my entire life. Even when I was at my lightest at 130 pounds, I was experiencing uncomfortable chafing in between my thighs. Some people are just built this way. Sometimes there is no diet or trick you can do to prevent chub rub.

In the past, I’ve discussed thigh chafing prevention techniques on my blog and one of the best ways to avoid chafing is by wearing shorts underneath my dresses and skirts. 

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I was excited to finally try Thigh Society because these are made specifically for wearing under other garments. They are also made to be breathable and easily layer-able.

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Thigh Saver Shorts

I received the following chafing shorts from Thigh Society:

  • The Cooling – These feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. The fabric has a cooling sensation and is made to wick away sweat. It’s VERY thin yet durable. I typically machine wash these in cold water and hang dry them. I typically wear these under tight-fitting apparel because they’re so thin.
  • The Original – This style started it all. The fabric is thick enough that you can wear them alone as biker shorts. 
  • The Cotton – I love the brushed feel of the cotton fabric. These definitely feel thicker than the Cooling shorts. I still would not wear these alone.
  • The Cargo – This one is for the people who need their pockets! I wear these with dresses that don’t have pockets. The fabric is also thick enough that you can wear them alone as biker shorts. They’re exactly like the Orignal shorts but with a side pocket. Love how versatile they are!
  • The Staple – The staple is great for wearing under everything. It’s thicker than the cooling fabric, so you can wear it as shorts. 
Thigh Society The Cotton Shorts Rosette Thigh Saver Shorts side

The Cotton Shorts in Rosette

Thigh Society Pros

  • Seamless Design – The seamless design is what makes the shorts so comfortable! They can be worn underneath dresses or alone as shorts. We love wearing them around the house and while working out.
  • Second Skin Feel – The materials are thin and make you feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. 
  • Flat Panel Construction – The flat panel construction prevents camel toe. All the shorts are made with a flat panel design.
  • Durable – Their shorts are super durable! We have worn our shorts multiple times and they continue looking like new.
  • Pocket Option – Their Cargo shorts come with a pocket! We love shorts with pockets. 
  • Size Inclusive – Thigh Society offers their shorts in sizes XS–6XL. Use their size chart to find your perfect size.
  • Fits True to Size (TTS) – We found that their size chart is accurate. 
  • Many Colors to Choose From – Thigh Society offers a wide range of colors for you to choose from. While we gravitate more toward neutral tones, there are some bright and fun color options to choose from.
  • Affordable – At $39 per short, you can purchase multiple pairs to cycle through your wardrobe.
  • Easy to Care For – I machine wash and air dry all my shorts. They typically dry within a day.

Thigh Society Shorts Staple Cocoa Brown front

Thigh Society Shorts Staple Cocoa Brown side

Thigh Society Cons

  • Not Compressive – Thigh Society shorts are designed to be comfortable and stretchy. If you’re looking for compression, we recommend checking out other brands such as lululemon or CRZ Yoga.
  • Most Shorts Are See Through – Their shorts are designed to be worn underneath other garments. The majority of the fabrics are see-through. If you want something with more coverage, opt for the Original or Cargo shorts.
Thigh Society The Cotton Shorts Rosette Thigh Saver Shorts front

The Cotton Shorts in Rosette

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Thigh Saver Shorts

Should I Buy Thigh Society Shorts?

While there are many brands of anti-chafe shorts on the market, my brand of choice is Thigh Society.

They sell only one product and are able to focus and specialize in their craft. Their shorts are affordable, come in various colors, and are so comfortable to wear. I cannot recommend them enough!

Where to Buy Thigh Society

Shop for Thigh Society products directly on their website

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