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Best Anti Chafing Shorts

Best Anti Chafing Shorts
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Updated: 2/3/2024 | Best Anti Chafing Shorts

Anti Chafing shorts are a lifesaver when it comes to wearing pretty dresses in warmer weather. It prevents your thighs from rubbing together and getting irritated or even worse, infected. 

Also referred to as “thigh saver shorts,” these very practical garments allow you to stay comfortable wearing anything you wish all day long.

They also tend to come in various colors, fabrics, and lengths, so it’s best to shop around to see what you will feel most comfortable wearing. 

Below are our favorite anti chafing brands you should try.

Best Anti Chafing Shorts

#1 Knix

Knix Thigh Saver Shorts Chafe Prevention

Knix Thigh Saver Shorts                                

While Knix is known for their period underwear, they also create shapewear and even anti-chafe shorts that they call “thigh savers.”

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% off your orders of $120+ at Knix.

#2 Thigh Society

Thigh Society Thigh Saver The Cooling Shorts

The Cooling Shorts

Thigh Society allows you to choose from five different anti-chafing shorts in various materials and colors.

The Cooling shorts are their most popular because it fits like a second skin, are buttery soft and the fabric wicks away sweat keeping you cool down there all day long. 

Read our Thigh Society review to learn more.

#3 Boody Smoothing Short

Boody makes organic apparel that is kind to your body and the environment. Their Smoothing Shorts come in black, white, and nude.

#4 Honey Love

Shapewear meets anti-chafing shorts and you’ve got Honeylove.

The brand was created by Betsie Larkin, a longtime EDM vocalist and performer who wanted shapewear that performed well and looked great.

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% off your orders. You can also use this link to get $20 off your first order.

We recommend going with your true size in Honeylove products.

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#5 Amazon 

Amazon WOWENY Thigh Saver Shorts with lace

WOWENY Thigh Saver Shorts

Amazon has lots of brands that offer inexpensive anti-chafing short options. It’s best to read the reviews to determine which shorts are best for you.

#6 Shapermint

Shapermint Essentials Everyday Empower Mesh Shaper Shorts Latte

Shapermint is an awesome underwear brand. We love their shorts because they’re comfy and stretchy.

Check out their entire selection of shorts here.

#7 Understance

Understance Shaper Anti Chafing Shorts

Understance offers Contour Bike Shorts that feel like a second skin. 

If you’d like a $25 off code towards your first order, please ping me on Instagram with your e-mail and I’ll get a code sent to you right away.


SKIMS Soft Smoothing Short seamless

Soft Smoothing Short


SPANX Thinstincts® 2.0 Girl Short cafe au lait

The Thinstincts Girl Shorts by SPANX has contoured patterns which makes them great for anti-chafing and shapewear.

#10 lululemon Align Shorts

lululemon Align Shorts Java brown

lululemon is a popular Canadian activewear brand that has

#11 Yummie

Yummie bria comfortably curved smoothing short seamless black

Yummie Bria comfortably curved smoothing seamless shorts. 

#12 Undersummer

The Shortlette by Undersummer are lightweight shorts worn under skirts and dresses. They come in various colors and even a pocketed version.

#13 Bandelettes

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands - Prevent Thigh Chafing

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

Bandelettes aren’t necessarily shorts, but they are bands that you were on your upper thighs to prevent chafing. They have pretty lace options and unisex options that are skin-tight stretchy bands worn to prevent thigh friction.

#14 The Chub Rub Patch

chub rub patch anti chafing adhesive patches

The Chub Rub Patch are precut adhesive patches that are placed in between the inner thighs to prevent chafing. The patches come in sets and various colors to match your skin tone. 

The adhesive lasts all day and can be easily removed in the shower after soaking.

This option is great for people who want to avoid panty lines and bulking under their clothing.

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