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Sunflower Gifts for Sunflower Lovers 🌻

Sunflower Gifts for Sunflower Lovers 🌻
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Updated: 5/29/2023 | Sunflower Gifts for Sunflower Lovers 🌻

where to find sunflower fields

Sunflower Gifts for Sunflower Lovers 🌻

#1 Sunflower Necklace 

Jessica Santander Claire Sunflower Necklace

Claire Sunflower Necklace by Jessica Santander

A sunflower necklace is a perfect way to adorn sunflowers on your body and with any outfit.

Brand with sunflower necklaces that we love include Jessica Santander, and .

#2 Sunflower Purse Charm

Sunflower purse charms can be attached to any bag you own and look gorgeous. 

We’ve found gorgeous purse charms on Etsy and Amazon.

#3 Sunflower Sunglasses

Lele Sadoughi Sunflower Emerald Green Sunglasses

Lele Sadoughi makes cute sunflower sunglasses that you’ll want to wear everywhere. Add this adorable knitted sunflower eyeglass chain by Hemsin Atelier to complete the ensemble.

Hemsin Atelier Sunflower Crochet Lanyard Chain for Sunglasses

Sunflower Crochet Lanyard by Hemsin Atelier

#4 Sunflower Dress

Selkie Sunflowers Tea Rose Dress

Selkie Sunflowers Tea Rose Dress

We LOVE Selkie‘s Van Gogh Sunflowers Tea Rose dress. It hasn’t been restocked in over a year, so we are patiently waiting for its return.

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#5 Sunflower Shoes

Sunflower Cowboy Boots

Who doesn’t love sunflower boots that you can wear with anything.

You can buy sunflower shoes on Amazon, Walmart, and REVOLVE.

#6 Sunflower Swimwear

Agua Bendita Sunshower Sunflower Reversible Bikini

Sunflower swimwear is perfect for a sunflower lover. We love bikinis and one-pieces with pretty sunflower prints.

Brands that we recommend include Agua Bendita, Berry Beachy, and Amazon.

#7 Sunflower Hat

We are obsessed with hats. A sunflower hat? Even better!

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#8 Sunflower Socks

Sunflower socks are fun to wear. They keep your feet warm and seeing sunflowers makes anyone’s day.

#9 Anything Sunflower Yellow

Yes, sunflower yellow is a color. We recommend getting yellow handbags, purses wallets, tote bags, etc. 

We love sunshine yellow products from Hydroflask, The Sak, Portland Leather Goods, Wallaroo, and more.

The world needs more yellow and we’re here to deliver it.

Hydro Flask Review: Insulated Tote for groceries

Sunflower tote by Hydroflask

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