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Staying Fresh After Working Out

Staying Fresh After Working Out
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Lots of us like to head to the gym or go for a jog to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are tons of benefits to working out frequently such as:

  • It can make you feel happier
  • Help you lose weight
  • It’s good for your bones and muscles
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Reduces the risk of chronic disease
  • Helps you maintain healthy skin
  • It’s good for your brain and memory
  • It can help you sleep better and help you fall asleep easier
  • Promotes a better sex life

However, many of us find it difficult to stay fresh after a workout. Perhaps you’ve spent a long day at work, and you go to the gym to burn some calories, and find yourself covered in sticky sweat and feeling uncomfortable. Or maybe you’ve gone for a quick session during a lunch break and found yourself unable to get back into the mood to work after your short workout. 

This happens to many of us who like to exercise a lot. In the world we live in, it sometimes is hard to find enough time to fit in a workout, and if we do, we often feel tired and run down after the session is complete. In this article, we discuss how you can feel fresh after a workout session so you can continue with your day feeling great!

How to Clean Yourself after a Workout without going for a Shower

If you have gone for a workout session during your lunch break or perhaps you went to the gym just before you have to meet up with some friends, you might be stuck for time to go for a shower. So without going back into the office or meeting up with others smelling and looking terrible, here are a few things that will help you look and smell good while also feeling refreshed. 

  • Bring body wipes: These body wipes are a perfect solution if showering is not an option. They can help remove body odor and sweat from your body after your workout. They are very convenient as you can easily store them in your gym bag.
  • Facial cleansing wipes: This product is slightly different than body wipes as they are not as harsh on your skin. They give off a pleasant odor and are also easily stored in your bag.
  • Headbands and Wristbands: They can be used to wipe off sweat while you exercise and if you have long hair, a headband can help your hair from getting all sweaty.
  • Deodorant: After using your body wipes to clean your body from the sweat you’ve built up during your session, spray or roll-on deodorant will help you smell good again. Instead of using a deodorant that smells like perfume, use one that makes you smell fresh. Diluted essential oils are also a good alternative. 
  • Bring a change of underwear: If you return to work after a workout session with sweaty underwear, you’ll probably feel extremely uncomfortable. Bring spare underwear with you, and for ladies, a spare bra will make a huge difference too!

Being prepared with this list of items will help you enjoy your workout without feeling anxious about feeling fresh when you are stuck for time.

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Bring a Change of Clothes

It’s not just spare bras and underwear that you should bring with you, but a spare change of clothes would be ideal to help you feel fresh after a workout. If you put the same clothes on that you have just put into your gym bag after your session, chances are you will not feel comfortable. 

Worse again, if you wear the same clothes you have already been wearing while working out, it can be very unhealthy. Although most gyms nowadays look clean, they are no stranger to bacteria. Wearing these same clothes can cause breakouts and pH imbalances. A clean change of fresh clothes will prove extremely beneficial. 

Use Dry Shampoo Before and After Your Workout

Ladies, applying dry shampoo before your workout will help absorb sweat and will add volume to your hair. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is a superb alternative. There are lots of dry shampoos readily available. Some give off a very nice fragrance to help your hair feel and smell fresh. 

If you don’t have dry shampoo, baby powder is another alternative that you can use. Be careful not to overdo it with the baby shampoo, just a few shakes will do the trick. 

After all this is done, comb your hair to make you look fresh.

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What should you eat after a Workout to help you Feel Fresh?

If you are thinking about skipping food after your workout or even treating yourself to an unhealthy snack, think again. The food that you consume after a gym session is the most important meal you will eat that day. 

If your aim is to gain muscle, experts advise you to eat a minimum of 30 grams of protein and around 35g of carbs shortly after your workout. If you are trying to lose weight, wait for around 45 minutes to consume a meal.

If you decide not to eat anything, the chances are you will feel rundown very quickly, and in some cases, you can feel disoriented due to low blood sugar.

Electrolytes can be found in lots of foods and drinks. If you tend to sweat a lot during a workout, you must replace the lost salt, calcium, and potassium. If you don’t replace them it can cause you to dehydrate. It is not uncommon for people to pass out after a gym session due to not replacing these minerals. In more severe cases, the lack of electrolytes in your body can lead to an irregular heartbeat. 

Sometimes it is best not to overcomplicate these things. Good old fashioned water is also a great solution to help you feel refreshed. Water is the most important thing you need to consume after a workout. 

Final Thoughts

Eating properly just after a workout is not the only important meal. Having a good night’s sleep the night before and starting your day with a healthy breakfast is also important. Snacking on healthy meals such as protein bars and essential carbohydrates before your workout will provide energy. 

If you are constantly feeling tired after a workout, make sure you are taking rest days so you don’t burn yourself out. Relaxing for a day is also essential if you want to build muscle. If you don’t take a rest day you will be increasing your chances of sustaining an injury. 

If you have the time to go for a shower it is the best way of feeling fresh. Showering may sound simple but it is scientifically proven that it has physical and psychological benefits. If you have the time, don’t waste it and enjoy a relaxing shower. If you are experiencing itchy skin after your workout, taking a cold shower will help soothe your skin. Taking a hot shower is also a great remedy to help you if you are suffering from headaches or migraines. 

If you are constantly feeling fatigued after workout sessions, speaking with a professional doctor might be advised just in case there are more serious issues that need to be looked at. 

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