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How to Make Your Beauty Routine Sustainable

How to Make Your Beauty Routine Sustainable
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Update: 11/20/2020 | Sustainable Beauty Routine

In today’s world of selfies, what you look like tends to be important to most people. Of course, beauty is relative, so hopefully during your beauty routine, you’re looking for ways to bring out the best in yourself, and not trying to look like someone else. 

Here’s another goal you should add to your beauty mission: managing your beauty in a sustainable way. The world of cosmetics and plastic surgery would like you to believe it’s necessary to pay for expensive products and procedures. Apart from putting yourself at risk of the dangers of surgical negligence, conforming to societal expectations may result in financial debt as well as unnecessary waste, which affects the environment. Try breaking that cycle and using these tips to turn your beauty routine into a safe, sustainable one.

Who Are You Buying From?

If you’re buying a certain brand, you’re supporting that company in their practices. It’s important to check how environmentally friendly and sustainable the brands you’re buying from are. Companies understand consumers’ need to know where their products come from these days. Chances are you’ll find information about material sourcing, production methods and eco-friendliness on the brand’s website. For example, if they use recycled paper or plastic in their packaging, that’s a huge plus. 

Find out whether the company tests on animals and avoid them if they do. You should also rethink using brands that are rumored to use child labor in their supply chains. All of these factors play a role in sustainability in the beauty industry. 

Cut Down On Disposables

Instead of throwing away numerous pieces of cotton wool each month for face cleansing, why not invest in one item you can reuse? Products like the Makeup Mitty which you can wash and reuse will serve the same purpose, without negatively impacting your skin or the environment. You can also reassess how you purchase your facial products. Instead of throwing away containers on a regular basis, find out about refill services of the products you need. 

Check the Packaging

Purchasing refillable products means fewer containers in landfills – and our oceans. You can also cut down on unnecessary waste by choosing products that have less packaging. You can avoid plastic containers by switching to soap bars for many products in your bathroom. All you’ll have to throw away is a recyclable piece of paper. Some bars are designed to dissolve in water so you still have the liquid soap you love. These days you’ll find these soap bars for everything from hand soap to shampoo.

Consider Natural Alternatives

Let’s not forget the resources that nature has been offering for centuries. Your key to maintaining your natural beauty may be locked up in products such as coconut oil, honey and oatmeal, which are all proven to be good for your skin

When crafting our beauty routines, let’s make sure what we pick is good for us and the world at large. It’s vital that we craft sustainable practices for the good of our planet.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.