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lululemon Asia Fit Versus Normal Fit

lululemon Asia Fit Versus Normal Fit
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lululemon Asia fit guide

lululemon knows that when it comes to sizing, there’s no “one size fits all” formula. They understand that sizing and proportions differ between their patrons and strive to offer products that fit every individual woman so that she may perform and feel her best.

lululemon now offers plus sizing (sizes 0 to 20) as well as Asian sizing (more petite offerings). Their extended sizing is offered in their more popular styles such as Align pants, Wunder Trains, etc.

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This effort to provide a customized fit for their patrons has enabled lululemon to dominate the activewear market.

Below we’ll go through what the differences are between normal and Asia Fit and how you can purchase lululemon that fits you perfectly.

lululemon Normal Fit Versus Asia Fit

Global fit is also considered “normal” fit. The only difference is in the US we measure using inches while the rest of the world uses centimeters.

The major differences between Global and Asia Fit include the following:

  • Narrower waistbands
  • Slightly longer down the hip
  • Better (slimmer) fit on the knee and calves
  • Shorter inseams (24″ versus 26″)

The differences offer a more custom fit for petite women.

lululemon Womens Asia Fit Differences

lululemon Women’s Global vs Asia Fit Differences

For example, in the US/CAN, a 7/8 pant inseam is 25″. In Asia, the inseam for a 7/8 pant is 24″. And full-length pants in the US/CAN are 28″ compared to 26″ in Asia sizing.

View the complete Global fit specs here. This page is from their French website and includes European and Asia sizing as well.

Asia Fit Size Chart

While this chart states that the inseam is 29″ inches, it actually is not what is reflected on their Asia website. The inseams are actually much shorter and depend on the style of pant or top.

lululemon Asia Fit Size Chart

lululemon Asia Fit Size Chart

We created a chart to make it easier to compare Asia Fit and Normal sizing:

Asia Fit Size US/CAN Size
XS 0
S 2-4
M 4-6
L 8
XL 10

You should also take into consideration that Asia Fit will be slimmer around the knees, ankles, and thighs. And for tops, Asia Fit will be shorter from shoulder to bottom hem.

How Can I Tell If Something is Asia Fit?

The size on the tag should be a dead giveaway. Asia fit uses both lettered of numbered sizing depending on the product. 

Below are images of what the product tag and rip tag will look like on Asia Fit apparel for bottoms.

Asia Fit vs US Product Tag

lululemon Asia Fit Tag vs Normal US Tag

lululemon align pant asian sizing authentic hang tag example

lululemon Align Pants with Asia Fit hang tag (from Taipei, Taiwan)

Their tops use numbered sizing similar to the US/Canadian sizing standards.

lululemon scuba hoodie jacket asian sizing authentic hang tag example

lululemon Scuba Hoodie jacket Asian sizing hang tag (from the Taipei, Taiwan store)

Asia Fit Rip Tag

Here is an example of the rip tag. It will indicate that the product is from the Asia Fit collection.

lululemon Asia Fit Rip Tag (Wunder Under Pants)

lululemon Asia Fit Rip Tag (Wunder Under Pants)

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Where Can I Buy Asia Fit Products?

As of now, Asia Fit apparel is sold and shipped to Asian countries online and in Australia.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to snag an Asia Fit style on a third-party reseller website such as Mercari, Poshmark, or eBay.

Styles that you can find in the Asia Fit include but are not limited to the following:

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lululemon Asia Fit vs Normal Fit

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