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How to Clean Rothy’s Shoes

How to Clean Rothy’s Shoes
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Updated: 6/26/2023 | How to Clean Rothy’s Shoes

Rothy’s created a sustainable shoe line made from used water bottles. One of their main selling points is that their shoes are machine washable.

Below we’ll go over the steps on how to clean your Rothys shoes along with a before and after photo of our shoes cleaned. 

How to Clean Rothy’s Shoes

There are two ways to clean Rothy’s shoes. 

  • The handwashing method.
  • The washing machine method.

We prefer the machine washing method because it’s much more convenient and you can wash multiple Rothy’s shoes at a time. And if you’ve ever owned a pair of Rothy’s, you know that one pair is never enough!

Here are the steps on how to clean your Rothy’s shoes using the machine washing method.

Step 1: Remove the inner liner from shoe(s).

Removing the inner liner of the shoe just allows the liner to get washed a little better. There is a shoe detail screenprint within the shoe that will not remove in the wash.

However, over time the screenprint will come off with normal wear and tear.

Step 2: Throw the shoes in the washing machine

Throw your shoes in the washing machine. We don’t really organize them in any way because the machine will naturally disperse them.

Rothys apl shoes about to get washed in washing machine

Rothy’s Shoes in the washing machine

As you can see, we don’t use laundry bags. But you totally can!

It’s important to note that cleaning Rothy’s shoes this way does create microplastic waste. We recommend using a Guppy Friend garment bag to capture and prevent microplastics from entering the ocean.

You can also use the garment bags Rothy’s provides with handbag purchases, but they will not filter microplastics.

Step 3: Add detergent and wash on a gentle cycle with cold Water

washing APL Rothys shoes in the washing machine

Washing Rothy’s shoes on the gentle cycle

We use Tide pods to clean our Rothy’s. We dropped one pod with our 4 pairs of Rothy’s points with 1 APL Bliss sneakers and set it to wash on a gentle cycle with COLD WATER

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We found that Rothy’s shoes are very durable, so you don’t have to worry about them being thrown around in the wash on gentle cycle.

 If you need some extra odor fighting assistance, we recommend adding some baking soda to your load. This also helps with tough stain removal as well. We shake about a 1/4 cup of baking soda into each load.

DO NOT use warm or hot water when washing your Rothy’s, as this can damage the fibers.

Step 4: Allow your shoes to air dry

We recommend laying your shoes out on the floor to dry. You can lay a towel on the ground to absorb any moisture.

Make sure to keep the shoes out of direct sunlight because heat from the sun can cause the fibers to shrink.

The shoes should be dry within a day. Once the shoes are dry, insert your soles and wear your Rothy’s!

DO NOT throw your shoes in the dryer because it can damage the plastic sole and fibers of the shoe.

Before and After

Here is a Before and After of our Rothy’s after they are cleaned.

Before and after cleaning Rothys shoes

Before and after cleaning Rothy’s shoes

We are very satisfied with how they cleaned up our shoes and especially our Ecru pointed flats! The machine washing process was so easy and the detergent left our shoes smelling amazing and fresh.

Final Thoughts

The cleaning process is super simple and it makes a huge difference on our lighter color Rothy shoes.

We highly recommend investing in Rothy’s because they’re sustainable and the maintenance is so easy.

Use this link to save $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s.

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