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Great Backpacks for Casual Traveling

Great Backpacks for Casual Traveling
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It’s a fact I own more backpacks than purses. If you can ask others to describe me, they’d probably say that I am always wearing a backpack. It also serves as my gym bag when I am out running errands or teaching yoga across town.

The reason why I love backpacks are because I can carry more than what I can with a purse and that it allows me to be hands-free. I am all about being able to use my hands at any to give out high fives or pet cute dogs.

Below are some great backpacks that I recommend for the avid traveler. This selection of casual backpacks are great for carrying your belongings while you’re scooting around town. A more technical post on travel backpacking backpacks will be up next!

Best Casual Travel Backpacks

#1 Patagonia Black Hole Backpack ($129)

If you see someone with a green Patagonia Black Hole bag on the streets in Seattle, it’s probably me. I am always wearing my Patagonia Black Hole bag. It’s very sturdy and holds all my yoga stuff as I’m running from one studio to the next. The fabric is coated in rubber and provides water-resistant protection all day long. I have the 25L bag and it fits my YOGO travel mat along with an outfit and few other necessities perfectly. Need more room? Go for their 35L bag. Definitely glad about this investment!


#2 Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack ($79)

Yay a backpack with style and function! I love the padded laptop and sunglasses compartments. The front pocket has tons of slots for compartmentalizing and is easy to access while in route. The fabric is durable and the prints are fun! I highly recommend this as a book for casual traveling and academia. I currently own the houndstooth and polka dot print! It’s one of my favorites! You can buy Herschel on Amazon and at Nordstrom.


#3 Timbuk2 Uptown Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack ($119)

I bought this for my boyfriend and he makes great use of it. He travels often and wants an easy way of transporting his laptop through TSA. The fabric is water resistant and will keep everything inside dry for about 2 hours. It’s easy to clean and lightweight. I highly recommend this for the avid traveler, especially when you have to work remotely even while traveling.


#4 High Spirits Anti-Theft Backpack ($110)

I reviewed the High Spirits Anti-Theft Backpack a while ago before I made my way to Paris, France. I received so many compliments on my bag. I felt safe when toting it around because the zipper is on the back side of the bag and only accessible when you take the bag off your back. I have the black ostrich color and absolutely love it! They use limited materials so once a style is gone, you’ve missed your chance! They’re always using new limited edition prints and fabrics. Get em while they last!

Read my High Spirit Bags review here.


#5 Gucci Signature Backpack ($1,950)

I am so obsessed with the Signature print in the Gucci collection. it’s just so sleek looking. I honestly I hate labels, but this is probably the only one that I admittedly love. The backpack comes in green, black, red and brown.

gucci signature backpack green leather.jpg

What do you prefer to carry while traveling? Is the backpack style for you? Or have you ever tried it? Let me know if you have other bags you recommend and your thoughts in the comments section!

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