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Freedom Moses Review | Birkenstock Arizona Dupes

Freedom Moses Review | Birkenstock Arizona Dupes
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Updated: 1/7/2023 | Freedom Moses Review

freedom moses logoDisclaimer: We received sandals from Freedom Moses to conduct this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are ours and 100% honest.

Freedom Moses Review Sustainable dots stone toffee SandalsAbout Freedom Moses

Freedom Moses (FM) is a Tel Aviv-based footwear company that specializes in gender-neutral two-band slide sandals for men, women, and children.

They are a Birkenstock competitor and their sandals are often referred to as “Birkencrocs,” due to the rubber materials used in their construction.

Below we’ll go over the pros and cons of Freedom Moses sandals and where to buy them.

Freedom Moses Review

We received the following sandals from Freedom Moses to review in this post:

  • Gaia & Stone – This marble print is GORGEOUS! It’s also a neutral color and can be worn with many outfits.
  • Glow (Hot Pink) – I love how bright neon their sandals are. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.
  • Dots Stone Toffee (Polka Dots) – Love that they made this neutral sandal more fun with white polka dots.

I first found out about Freedom Moses when I was shopping on Carbon38. I saw these cute vibrant sandals and wanted to give them a try. I purchased a mint green pair and used them as house slippers because I was afraid to get them dirty by wearing them outdoors.

I later discovered that Birkenstocks has the Arizona EVA sandal that looks exactly like the Freedom Moses slides.

Freedom Moses Review Sustainable Sandals NAP Dress Sak Feliz CrossbodyFreedom Moses Pros

  • Affordable – Each pair costs $50.
  • Gender Neutral – Their versatile sandals can be worn by both men and women.
  • Runs Small – I am a women’s street size 7 in footwear. I went with a size 7/8 in Freedom Moses sandals. If you’re in between sizes, I recommend sizing up.
  • Sustainably Made – The flip-flops are made from polycarbonate urethane (PCU), an artificial material that is an eco-friendly version of the widely used polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Several studies have shown that PVC is hugely harmful to the environment due to chemicals (dioxins) released during the manufacturing process. 
  • Comes in many colors and prints. FM offers staple and limited release colors and patterns.
  • Easy to clean. You can simply hose down your sandals in the sink and allow them to air dry. 
  • Waterproof – The sandals are made from plastic and can be worn in and out of water. They air dry very quickly and can also be wiped down with a towel.

Freedom Moses Cons

  • No arch support. While the sole is molded, the footbed is pretty flat and does not come with arch support.
  • Non adjustable buckle closures. The buckles are made of molded plastic and do not adjust.
  • Not entirely eco-friendly. PCU is made from rock salt and oil, with air and natural oils then injected into the plastic material. The production of PCU requires less fossil fuels than PVC, but it is still an artificial product. As a result, oil is still required in production, which results in greenhouse gas emissions. PCU is greener than PVC, but it is certainly not environmentally friendly.
  • Made in Xiamen, China. While Made in China is not entirely a bad thing, FM guarantees that they only work with manufacturers and factories that offer fair wages and safe working conditions. The distance products have to travel does affect the brand’s carbon footprint.
Freedom Moses Dots Stone Toffee Two Band Sandals Review

Dots Stone Toffee Sandals

Freedom Moses Review Sustainable Sandals Nap Dress Trendhim Hat Sak Feliz Crossbody BagShould I Buy Freedom Moses?

Yes! We actually love our FM sandals. 

The material is flexible yet durable. The sandals come in plenty of colors and patterns to choose from and they’re very comfortable to wear.

They’re a cheaper alternative to Birkenstocks and look great with any outfit.

We recommend buying FM sandals if you’re looking for stylish and comfortable sandals that fit the bill. We also love that the entire family can have matching footwear. How cool is that?

Freedom Moses Review Sustainable Sandals Nap Dress Trendhim Paolo pork pie HatWhere to Buy Freedom Moses

You can buy Freedom Moses sandals on their website.

You can also shop Freedom Moses from these other retailers:

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