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Diva Cup Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Diva Cup Review & GIVEAWAY!!!
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DISCLAIMER: This review won’t be for the faint hearted or pleasant for our male friends who don’t experience nor want to read about the monthly female ordeal. Just sayin’.

diva cup logoI am VERY excited to present a life-changing product with my readers today. I received a Diva Cup to review.

I recently started bleeding more (probably due to getting older with age and tons of grace) and I was going through pads and tampons like it was nobody’s business.

I hated experiencing leakage mid-way through yoga class and having to rush to change my tampon during inconvenient times of the day. I imagined there has to be a better solution out there for active girls with a similar problem.

I remember seeing the Diva Cup in my local Walgreens and thought that the product looked awkward and that I could never build enough courage to put that “huge ass cup” in me. I was about 19 years old at the time and had many reservations about trying new things that weren’t discussed amongst my girlfriends.

My reservations included carrying a potentially bio-hazardous cup in my body and possibly spilling it all over the floor in a public restroom. *gripes* It reminded me of the grocery store period scene from Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Love. Ummmm yeah, no thanks!

DivaCup on BagFast forward 10 years, I am now 29 and I decided to give this product a try after reading many FAQs and getting tired of wasting my money on tampons.

Once you take the time to learn about The DivaCup and actually try it for yourself, you will be surprised at how clean and comfortable it really is. Plus, unlike tampons and pads, by catching your menstrual flow in its unique bell-shape, The DivaCup gives you the opportunity to learn about your monthly flow, educating and empowering you about your body and your health.

Diva Cup Review

Day 1: Implantation

I observe my Model 2 (for women ages 30 + OR having bared children) in its box. I looks peaceful. Maybe I shouldn’t wake her up. No…I know the flow is coming and it is not getting on my lululemons again! I open the box and a booklet of instructions falls out.

Secondly the cup, snug in it’s cardboard holder, slowly slides out. I take the silicone cup and observe it in between my thumb and index finger. It’s bigger than I imagined. Holy moly. Where does this go again? I find the drawstring bag for the cup and it’s purple with little daisies printed on it. I place the cup in there and read the instructions before doing anything else.

The instructions are long and very detailed. I usually look at photos and scan the text but I wanted to be careful. I didn’t want any spills because this thing does NOT absorb. Like I said, the lululemons are NOT getting stained again.

After thoroughly reading the instructions 2 times, I finally go to the restroom to commence my new form of VJJ hygiene maintenance. I spread eagle squat over the toilet and over the seat a little. I squeezed the top of the cup in half per instructions so that it fits in my VJJ.

At first it feels like I’m penetrating myself because it’s thicker than a tampon. It feels like the width of two tampons. Once the cup is halfway in, I spin the bottom of the cup and it opens up into my VJJ like a flower. *Ahhhhh!* i can hear a sucking noise as it opens up. I wiggle my hips and body around until I was sure it was up there. I don’t feel it nor hear it. Awesome! I put on a pair of lululemons and out the door I go.

At Yoga Class:

6 hours later I head to yoga class. I wore black pants just to be safe. I have not experienced any leakage yet. The teacher comes in and I feel this overwhelming flood of warmth rush through my body.  I am anxious to find out if this product works! A couple of Sun Salutations and standing poses later, I am finally done. I skip the studio showers and rush home to review my efforts.

8 hours after implantation:

I remembered The Diva Cup must be removed every 12 hours. I became a little anxious and decided that it was time after I returned home from yoga class. I crouched awkwardly in my leggings over my toilet. I felt for the stem at the base of the cup and found it easily. I tried to pull the cup out but it wouldn’t budge. I started having a panic attack because it was stuck.

If I pulled any harder I could’ve splattered the walls. Oh god my boyfriend would kill me (not really). I then remember reading a Dive Cup page about vaginal strengthening and kegel exercises. Well, unbeknownst to all, my kegels are strong and I vaginally pushed the cup out as I was pulling on the stem. The Diva Cup easily slid out into my hand. Yahoo!

The Diva Cup was 1/2 full and did not have an odor. I was surprised! Luckily I was at home because my hands looked like I had just escaped a murder scene (i watch too much Criminal Minds). I cleaned the cup with Softsoap and then placed it back into my VJJ. I decide I’ll just knock out and wake up in 12 hours to check on Aunt Flo.’

Day 2

I actually wake up in 11 hours. I do feel very “moist” down there and decide there’s no better time than now to check. I checked and I experience no blood on the gusset of my shorts. Yahoo!

I removed the cup and notice it’s 3/4 full. I am very impressed at how much this little gal holds. I then clean the cup with Softsoap and re-insert it into my  VJJ. I notice that the insertion is becoming easier. I have now cut the insertion process by 32 seconds! *applauds*

I check the cup 12 hours later and it’s 3/4 full. My pants are still safe and I still have not experienced any problems with the Diva Cup. I was thoroughly impressed!

Day 3

Same process as the day before, BUT today…I decide to wear my grey herringbone lululemon WUPs.

I run errands, do yoga, work and come home to check my cup. Lo and behold, my pants are OK!!! I have used 5 less tampons than I would have with the Diva Cup!

Last Day

M1-M2-boxesMy periods are SHORT but they are heavy. The cup is 3/4 to 100% full each time I “dump.” By the 4th day , my flow starts to trail off. I still wear the Diva Cup the entire day and during my dump my cup is less full (1/4) full).

Once the blood in the cup starts to brown, I know my period is over. I boil the cup to ensure it is sanitized and place it back into its little drawstring baggie.

I wear a panty liner on my underwear to catch any remnants of Flo.

Throughout this process my VJJ remained moist, which is an entirely different and POSITIVE sensation. I usually feel dried out when using tampons and towards the end of my period the tampon insertion process kind of hurts (which I also think isn’t good for the mucosa membrane and overall vaginal health).

The DivaCup can be worn up to a maximum of ten (10) – twelve (12) consecutive hours! That means you are free to do all your activities until you find a convenient time to “dump.”

The product should be emptied, washed and rinsed a minimum of two (2) – three (3) times daily. There is a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) even with using a cup.

Because the cups needs to be cleaned 3 times daily, it’s difficult to do so discreetly and in a public bathroom. I have resorted to cleaning it twice per day – once in the shower and once while I am at home.
The DivaCup conveniently holds one full ounce of menstrual flow (30 ml). The average woman only flows approx. 1 to 2 ounces (30-60 ml) per cycle, The DivaCup is the ideal menstrual solution to care for your cycle.

Many women are surprised at the amount of flow and expected that there would be much more!

The cup doesn’t come in different colors. It is only offered in skin tone colored silicone material. At least the cup doesn’t have any dyed chemicals that people can possibly be allergic to.
The DivaCup is made of soft silicone that actually softens with body heat. Because of this, the cup forms to your body. The cup will get stained with use. I’ve had my cup for well over 5 years now and it’s now a dirty maroon color (I know, yuck).
Menstrual flow only begins to develop an odor when it is exposed to air. The DivaCup is worn internally, your days of worrying about period odor are over. The DivaCup will leave you feeling fresh and confident the entire day! Does not do well under pressure, literally. Do not wear your DivaCup on the plane if you’re experiencing a heavy flow.

The pressure from the plane may cause the cup to collapse and blood will escape and make its way onto the seat. My advice? Get into the plane with a clean and empty cup.

It is not necessary to remove The DivaCup for urination or bowel movement; however, as The Diva Cup sits low in the vaginal canal, it cannot be worn during intercourse.  

More Important Information

For those concerned about the hymen ripping during use, please consult your physician before use of any internal feminine hygiene protection. As for all other gynecological concerns, we suggest you consult your physician. This will help you make an informed decision!

Please note the following when using The DivaCup with an internal birth control device such as an IUD or NuvaRing®.

The DivaCup is worn low at the base of the vagina and away from the cervix. This means that it should not interfere with an internal birth control device. However, please use caution when using any internal feminine hygiene product with an IUD as there is the possibility that they can be dislodged.

When using The DivaCup, it is important to carefully follow the directions in our User Guide, paying close attention to inserting The DivaCup low in the vaginal canal and breaking the seal (suction) before removal. Many of our customers use The DivaCup with an IUD or NuvaRing® simultaneously, but we recommend that you become familiar with your birth control device’s risks (such as the body expelling the IUD, etc.).

The DivaCup is not a birth control device and should not be used for this purpose. The DivaCup is regulated by the US FDA, Australian TGA and Health Canada solely for use as feminine hygiene protection.

Silicone is very durable, but we recommend that you inspect your cup regularly for signs of deterioration such as a sticky or powdery film, severe discoloration or odor, etc. If you detect any of these signs or if you experience irritation we recommend you replace your DivaCup with a new one.

Depending on the factors unique to each woman, like vaginal pH, how well and often the cup is cleaned, what cleansing agents are used, etc., the lifespan may vary.

Since The DivaCup is a personal hygienic product, a general guideline is to replace it once a year, but ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide when it is necessary to replace the cup.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, it may seem that The DivaCup is expensive compared to buying a box of tampons or pads. However, every DivaCup user will attest that it is worth every penny.

Eventually, the DivaCup pays for itself. In just a few months, you’ve already made back what you would’ve spent on single-use tampons and pads.

The suggested retail price of a DivaCup is USD/CAD $39.99. This reflects a savings of $80-120 a year when compared to purchasing disposables hygiene products.

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DivaCup Giveaway – OVER

One lucky reader will receive a free DIVA CUP! I have set up a contest that runs until the 20th of November. Complete more activities to earn more entries! Winner will be picked randomly.

giveaway banner

Because of the lifespan, production and cost of The DivaCup does not offer free samples. However, they believe strongly in giving back to their Diva fans. Diva Cup frequently posts discount codes, sales and giveaways on both their Facebook and Twitter! pages.


Can’t wait to get your hands on a DivaCup? You can buy the DivaCup on the following sites:

DISCLAIMER: I was NOT COMPENSATED for this review and endorsement. All the information in this review is strictly based on my own opinion and experience with the product.


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Wednesday 19th of November 2014

Thanks for the chance! I have a size 2 and I'm convinced I really need a size one, so I'm hoping to win one!

Sarah N.

Saturday 15th of November 2014

Great review.

Ariel Minter

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

I have yet to try Diva Cup but would love to :) thanks for the opportunity!


Wednesday 12th of November 2014

Heard so many good things about this product. Nervous to give it a try but would love to see how it works!!

Mae A.

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

Wow thanks for the giveaway I would love to try this cup

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