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Best Travel Clothing Brands for Women

Best Travel Clothing Brands for Women
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Updated: 2/23/2023 | Best Travel Clothing Brands for Women

We love clothing that travels well yet looks high-quality and put together. Travel apparel is often wrinkle resistant, easy to care for, lightweight, and very durable.

They’re made to withstand wear and tear, especially when you’re living out of your suitcase.

Here are our favorite travel clothing brands that we think you’ll love wearing on all your adventures.

Best Travel Clothing Brands

#1 Everlane

Everlane makes sustainable apparel and accessories for men and women. Choose from dresses, pants, tops, outerwear, jumpsuits and travel-friendly accessories.

What we love about Everlane is how transparent they are about product pricing. They invest in the quality of their products and price it fairly so that they can support their workers and supply chain.

#2 Kosan

Kosan go Travel Dress Venetian Lemons Styled

Kosan Go Travel Dress in Venetian Lemons

Kosan is a travel apparel and gear company that also happens to make awesome travel apparel for women. Their Go Travel Dress has all the functionality a seasoned and new traveler needs. It also comes in many prints and colors.

Read our Kosan Go Travel review here.

#3 Columbia

Columbia Fire Side Fleece Sweater

Columbia is a famous outdoor apparel brand for men and women. They offer amazing staples that are perfect for traveling and outdoor adventures. 

We especially love their jackets that can be layered and will definitely keep you warm while traveling.

#4 PACT Apparel

Guadalajara Mexico PACT Fit and Flare Dress Gigi Pip Medium Straw Boater Hat Sak Sandals

PACT Dress

PACT Apparel makes sustainable apparel for men, women, and children. Their materials are sustainably sourced and fair trade. 

We love their lounge apparel and dresses (which have pockets). They’re very comfortable and great for travel and lounging around in.

Use code SCHIMIGGY15 to save 15% off your orders at PACT.

#5 reDEW8

reDEW8 started as a Kickstarter campaign. They create denim jeans made specifically for traveling.

Their collection offers denim pants for men and women. Their fabric is durable yet super soft and stretchy.

We tested their jeans and could do the splits anywhere and anytime.

Buy reDEW8 on Aktiv and save $10 off yourorders with code SCHIMIGGY10. The jeans start as low as $99!

#6 Anatomie

Anatomie Skyler Travel Pant Black

Skyler Travel Pant

Anatomie makes luxury apparel for both work and travel. Their collection offers neutral colors and high-quality garments that will last you for years to come.

We love their Skyler travel pant ($225).

Use this link to save $40 off your first order at Anatomie.

#7 Carbon38

carbon38 sample sale sweater hoodie rack 2019
Carbon38 makes travel friendly apparel that is wrinkle resistant, lightweight and super comfortable to wear.

We especially love their pants and jackets for traveling.

Use this link to save 15% off your first two orders at Carbon38. Alternatively, you can use code SHMGY25 during checkout.

#8 Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply Swift Drape Pant Navy

Swift Drape Pant

Ministry of Supply offers amazing apparel for men and women. You’ll want to live in their super soft proprietary fabrics all day long.

Their pieces are a must for any minimalist or capsule wardrobe.

Styles we recommend are their draped pants and button up blouses.

#9 MM La Fleur

MM La Fleur Pippa Pant

Pippa Pant

MM La Fleur creates luxe travel and work apparel for women.

MM La Fleur Items that we LOVE:

Use our link to save $50 off your order at MM La Fleur.

#10 Paskho

pashko best travel pants and bottoms

Paskho Travel Pants (left to right): Purity, Serene and Sanctuary

Paskho makes comfy pants that are wrinkle-resistant and look unique. The material is dry wicking and easy to pack.

Use our link to save $20 off your orders at Paskho. >>

#11 lululemon

Activewear Reviews | Schimiggy Reviews | Lululemon On the Fly pant

On the Fly (OTF) Pants

lululemon makes awesome travel apparel for both men and women. Styles that we love are the On The Fly pants and Love Tees, which pack easily and look effortlessly chic.

#12 Athleta

Athleta‘s street clothing line is very stylish and made with materials that are wrinkle resistant and long lasting. Anything made from their soft Powervita and Featherweight Stretch fabric is perfect for travel.

Our favorite pants are the Midtown Ankle Pant. It comes in many colors and can be dressed up or down.

Use our link to save 20% off your regular priced orders at Athleta.

#13 Origamei

Origamei makes packable dresses that fold into a little rectangle and stow conveniently anywhere. They currently offer three styles and different colorways for each silhouette. Their dresses are wrinkle resistant, easy to care for and are super comfy to wear.

The dimensions of the dress when folded is 7″ x 5″ x 2.5″. The dresses also come with pockets, a small hook to hang your dress and a pocket to hold smaller belongings like jewelry or credit cards.

#14 ADAY

Portfolio Pants ($185)

ADAY specializes in comfy women’s apparel that is perfect for travel and work. Their collection is wrinkle resistant and comes in neutral colors so you can create the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Use our link to get $20 off your first order of $100.

#15 Betabrand

Betabrand created the first dressy yoga pants! Their pants are meant to stretch to fit into your lifestyle.

Their pants come in many colors and style. You’re bound to find something that fits your style.

Use our link to save $15 off your first order at Betabrand. >>

#16 Encircled

Encircled Chrysalis Cardi

Chrysalis Cardi – Can be worn 6 ways!

Encircled is a Canadian based company that creates sustainable fashion for women. They’re a Certified B Corporation and many of their products are made from organic materials.

Some of their garments can be worn 6+ ways, which is great for creating a capsule wardrobe.

Encircled items that we LOVE:

#17 Nau Clothing

NAU makes minimalist apparel for men and women. Their apparel is made to take you out and about.

Based in Portland, their collection is perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe.

#18 Theory

Theory Skinny Scuba Pants

Skinny Legging in Scuba

Theory is known for their timeless pieces that are easily mix and match. Create a capsule wardrobe that can easily transition from work to other facets of your life.

Theory items that we LOVE:

#19 Prana

Prana Shiroma Jacket Camel Puffy Coat

Shiroma Jacket by Prana

Prana makes comfy clothing that is also eco-friendly and sustainable. We love how their styles are timeless and very durable. 

Their collection changes constantly, which is great for people who love to stay on-trend. They also offer excellent deals seasonally.

Read our Prana reviews here.

#20 lululemon

Peru Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca lululemon Down for It All Jacket and Pace Base Runner Leggings

Decked out in lululemon

And we can’t forget lululemon!

lululemon offers a wide range of apparel for men and women. Their fabrics are great for traveling because they’re dry wicking, durable and lightweight. 

One of our favorite products includes their Wunder Train leggings and Everywhere Belt Bag.

This sums up our top picks for travel clothing brands for women. Which brands caught your eye? Check out what they offer and use our coupon codes to save some moolah on your next wardrobe!

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