Choosing the right fiber is an important first step when starting a macrame project. This process can be super exciting because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. It can also be overwhelming when you do not know what to choose.

It comes down to a few things that we think are very important to choosing the right macrame rope.


For plant hangers, we recommend using 4mm or 5mm rope.

Anything 3mm or smaller is great for jewelry or small delicate projects.

Be aware that there is some variation among retailers in the size of the rope listed and what you actually purchase. Some retailers indicate the size as measured when it is wrapped tightly around the spool and that can be confusing. We took our measurements after strings are were cut and given a chance to relax and untighten. Size can also vary widely depending on weather, humidity, storage conditions or how tightly the thread is wound around the spool.

Here is our cord size guide that will help you choose the appropriate string for your project.

  1. Small Macrame Cord Size (1-3mm): These may also be referred to as micro macrame cords. They are ideal for weaving through small beads and buttons. Small macrame cord are great for making jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, earring, and small accessories.
  2. Medium Macrame Cord Size (4-5mm): Medium size cords between (3-5mm) are most-likely be your standard macrame cord for plant hangers, wall hanging art, mandalas, and a majority of your macrame projects. I typically use 4mm cord for plant hanger projects.
  3. Large Macrame Cord Size (6mm and up): The large macrame cord size are for large projects that you want to stand out. Cords that are bigger often take less time to knot and will cover larger surface areas.

Twisted vs String Rope

Texture is another important element to consider when choosing rope. Different textures can offer different and unique looks to your macrame project.

Twisted ropes are 3 strands twisted around each other.  When you untwist the rope it gives a wavy fringe. It is great for adding texture to your work.

Single Strand rope is an extremely soft and single-stranded rope. It’s easy to work with and won’t unravel. Comb out the string to create a soft fringe.

Braided rope is woven into a string tube and is very sturdy. It’s great for heavy duty projects.

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

Now that you have some knowledge of the string types for macrame projects, let’s get into our macrame plant hanger project!