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Best Rothy’s Dupe Brands

Best Rothy’s Dupe Brands
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Updated: 6/26/2023 | Best Rothy’s Dupe Brands

While we love our Rothy’s, having multiple pairs can really add up and get expensive!  

Rothy’s is a sustainable shoe brand that is known for turning water bottles into footwear.

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Below we found some great Rothy’s alternatives that will save you money and give you just about the same look that Rothy’s shoes do.

Best Rothy’s Dupe Brands


VIVAIA Review Valencia Flats

VIVAIA Valencia Two Tone Flats

VIVAIA is probably the most comparable dupe to Rothy’s in terms of quality and styles offered. They are a China-based company with products made and shipped from China.

You’re looking to pay $95 for a pair of their flats, which is still cheaper than Rothys. They also offer cute boots and handbags that are also made from used water bottles.

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 20% off your orders at VIVAIA. 

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#2 Sketchers

Skechers Cleo 2.0 Shoes Knit Rothys Dupe

Skechers Cleo shoes are only $57 and are a close dupe to Rothy’s flats.

One advantage that Sketchers has over Rothys is that they have an air cooled memory foam cushion and are much more affordable.

#3 Old Navy

Old Navy Textured-Knit Pointy-Toe Ballet Flats for Women BlackOld Navy makes point dupes that are made from 50% recycled materials but are not machine washable. 

At a $35 price point, they’re a good dupe that you can wear for years.

#4 Lattelier Store

Lattelier Pointed Flat Shoes

Lattelier is a women’s fashion brand with cute knit shoes that are very similar to Rothy’s. We recommend going with your true size in Lattelier. 

Use code ALEX35 for 35% off your orders at Lattelier.

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#5 HEAWISH on Amazon

Heawish Rothys Dupe Brand on Amazon

Heawish is an Amazon brand that makes points and flats. They offer tons of colors and prints and are essentially the same as Rothy’s but only cost $24!

We recommend going with your true size when shopping Heawish shoes.

#6 Bagudog

babudog knit point flats shoes rothys dupe

Babudog is another great Amazon fashion brand that sells Rothy’s and VIVAIA dupes.

They have plenty of colors, prints and can be machine washed.

#7 Frank Mully

Frank Mully Point Flats Beige Rothys Dupe

Frank Mully is an Amazon brand offering Rothy dupes. Their styles include the Flat, Point, Loafer, and Dressy shoes and come in over 15 colors and patterns.

We love their padded heel and that it’s machine washable.

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