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Bzees Review | Machine Washable and Comfortable Shoes

Bzees Review | Machine Washable and Comfortable Shoes
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Updated: 3/9/2022 | Bzees Review

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Disclaimer: We received Bzees shoes to review in this post. As always, our thoughts and opinions are our own and 100% honest.

Cerro Monserrate Bogota Colombia Caroline Constas Dress Sak Gaia Crossbody Bag Bzees ShoesAbout Bzees

Bzees is a women’s shoe brand that is known for its bouncy and comfortable shoes.

They prioritize comfort and durability, so it’s a no brainer for people who like to put their shoes to good use.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing Bzees shoes, read our review to help you decide.

Bzees Review

We received the following styles to review in this post:

  • Double Up Slingback Wedge Sandal ($85) – This is my FAVORITE pair of Bzees. I have them in the sand color and have taken them with me to 4 countries. They’re super comfortable and the neutral color goes with everything.
  • Finale Peep Toe Wedge Sandal ($80) – I received this in black and they look amazing with dresses and jeans. They’re not as stretchy as my Double Up wedges but still very comfortable.
  • Smile Wedge Sandal ($85) – The bright yellow color is so fun. The upper material is super soft and the bow accent adds adorable to any outfit.
  • Dancing Queen Flip Flop Wedge Sandal ($85) – Love this thong style wedge because it keeps my narrow foot in place. The material is similar to linen and the red color is so vibrant and fun.

Lima Peru Barranco Neighborhood Farm Rio Skirt Vici Collection Top Bzees Wedges

Bzees Pros

  • Machine washable! I simply throw my shoes into the washer and they come out looking like new!
  • Lightweight – Their Cloud Comfort technology makes it feel as if you’re walking on air!
  • Comes in lots of colors and patterns. I am impressed with all the colors and patterns offered in their shoe styles. The selection is great for people who have a diverse closet.
  • Super durable! The shoes are made to last. I’ve worn my shoes hiking, running, to concerts, and washed them over and over again, and they still look like new.
  • Select styles come in both wide and narrow widths.
  • Arch cushions! Certain styles come with an arch cushion which is great for people with high arches.
  • ComfortBoost soles – Their soles are SO FREAKIN SOFT. Your feel will love you when you wear Bzees.
  • Fit true to size (TTS) – I wear a size 7 in women’s and 7 in Bzees shoes. They have a true fit tool that will help you find your perfect fit in Bzees shoes.
  • Odorban prevents stink! Bzees shoes will never get stinky with their anti-stink technology.
  • 100% Vegan Friendly – All their materials are free of any animal products.

Lahaina Coastline

Bzees Cons

  • Expensive – Each pair will run you about $80 USD but they are WORTH IT.
  • No information on their sustainability and fair labor practices is listed on their website.

Summer Outfit Idea VICI Shorts Capulet Crop Top Wallaroo Hat and The Sak Gaia Hobo Bag Bzees Wedge Shoes

Kosan Go Travel Dress Review front

Bzees Smile Wedge Sandals

Should I Buy Bzees?

If it’s not obvious, 100% yes. We are cra-zee about my Bzees. And we know you will be too! 

Trust us, it’s Bzees are SO WORTH IT.

We highly recommend their wedge sandals and sneakers. They’re perfect for casual wear and travel. Prepare to be amazed.

You’ll even find yourself reaching for your Bzees a lot. I reach for my Double Up wedges all the time. They’re my go-to dress-up travel shoe.

Where to Buy Bzees

Shop for Bzees directly on their website

You can also shop for Bzees footwear at these other verified retailers:

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