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Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Seattle

Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Seattle

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Updated: 4/9/2024 | Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Seattle

pumpkin rita cocktail from Taco City Taqueria Seattle

We love craft cocktails and are always adding new spots to our list of places to try. Here are our picks for the best craft cocktail bars in Seattle.

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Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Seattle

#1 1900 5th Bar & Lounge

1900 5th Bar & Lounge is located in the Westin Hotel in Downtown Seattle. They have amazing Seattle-themed craft cocktails created by some of Seattle’s most experienced mixologists. Their food is also phenomenal.

If you’re visiting Seattle, you might want to consider staying here. It’s located very close to all the major attractions. 

#2 2120

2120 is near the Amazon Spheres and they serve amazing drinks and food. It’s a little on the pricey side, but worth a visit during happy hour or for a fancy night out with friends.

#3 Alder & Ash

Paper Plane Cocktail Alder and Ash Restaurant Seattle

Paper Plane Cocktail

Alder & Ash is a new American restaurant located in Downtown Seattle in the Sheraton Hotel. They offer an amazing craft cocktail menu with classic and signature cocktails created by their Beverage Manager, Chakra.

We also love their happy hour bites! Here you’ll find half a dozen oysters for only $10. 

Happy hour is daily from 4-6 pm and they also offer a $55 3-course Pre Fixe menu that is absolutely delectable!


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#4 The Alley

The Alley is located in West Seattle. You’ll enter through a locker (yes you heard that right) and into a cute cozy bar that serves classic cocktails. They also have dealer-choice options and snacks.

Come by on Sundays for live jazz!


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#5 Ascend

Ascend is a fancy restaurant on the East Side in Bellevue. They have smokey cocktails that you’ll want to Instagram. Come for their happy hour fare or come for dinner where you can enjoy their prime steaks and more.

#6 The Backdoor

The Backdoor is located in Fremont and is a cozy little place for craft cocktails. For a minimum spend ($150) you can hang out in their private areas with your favorite people. They also have live bands and aerial silk performances on certain evenings.

Check their website for their full schedule.


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#7 Bad Bar

Bad Bar is located in Lower Queen Anne and offers a short and sweet classic cocktail menu. While you’re here, check out their restroom where it’ll feel like you were transported into a scene from Twin Peaks. They also offer $4 mystery shots. Even the bartenders have no clue what the mystery shot is. 

#8 The Ballard Cut

The Ballard Cut is a cute cocktail bar.

#9 Bar Miriam

Bar Miriam is located in Upper Queen Anne and has rotating cocktail menus. We went during their Arrested Development-themed drink menu. They also serve food and small plates.

#10 Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin is a must if you’re visiting Seattle. It’s a little speakeasy-style bar located in the old boiler room in the back of what was once a hotel building. You’ll need to find the entrance down an alleyway. You can order one of their crafted cocktails such as the Death Star or ask for a “Dealer’s Choice” cocktail which requires a base liquor and flavor preference. 

#11 The Barrel Thief

Barrel Thief is known for whiskey and bourbon-based cocktails. They also offer an impressive craft beer selection.

#12 Provisions

pisco cocktail from Provisions in Seattle Belltown

Provisions serves up some amazing craft cocktails. We love their Figure 8 (formerly the Busan Star) cocktail which has matcha green tea and cold brew in it. It’s super refreshing!

Los Tacos Mexicali also serves delicious Mexican food out of their kitchen. 

Come for happy hour where you can get both food and drink specials until 8 pm!


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#13 BOCA Grill Queen City

BOCA Grill Queen City is an Argentine steakhouse with an amazing selection of cocktails and Argentinian plates. We love their steaks and cocktails are very affordable. 


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#14 The Botanicale

The Botanicale is a speakeasy tasting room offering wines and ales in a verdant setting. It’s also female owned! Reservations are required.

#15 Canon

Canon is one of the best cocktail bars in Seattle. They have specific glassware for their special cocktails which is drawn onto their menus.

They also sell vintage versions of popular cocktails that may run you as much as $750 a pop.

Chick out their digital menu of vintage whiskeys that you can buy and try. We last saw a shot of whiskey for over $1,000!


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#16 Carnelian Bay

Carnelian Bay is a sci-fi bar in Fremont located in the covered patio of Dreamland Bar and Diner in Fremont.

#17 Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge

The Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge is located in the Lotte Hotel. 

#18 Civility & Unrest

Civility & Unrest is another prohibition-era-themed speakeasy located in Downtown Bellevue. They make classic prohibition cocktails along in a dimly lit setting.

#19 Cook Weaver

Cook Weaver is known for their cocktails and Euroasian plates.

#20 The Cozy Nut Tavern

The Cozy Nut Tavern is located in Greenwood and offers a cocktail menu in a taxidermy-filled space. If you don’t like squirrels, this place will drive you nuts.

#21 Damn the Weather

Damn the Weather is a bar located in Pioneers Square.

#22 Dark Room

Dark Room is an innovative craft cocktail bar in the heart of Greenwood, Seattle. Bartender Matthew Gomez and chef Amy Beaumier created the Dark Room which features POC photographers.

Their menu offers inventive cocktails and Korean small plates.

#23 Deadline

The Deadline is AMAZING! It’s a restaurant and bar located in Pioneer Square with delicious cocktails and food. The back bar is lit up and illuminates the entire space. It gives off Great Gatsby vibes!

#24 Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is not only one of Amazon’s leadership principles, it’s also a speakeasy bar located below the Amazon Spheres.

Reservations and classy attire are required.

#25 The Doctor’s Office

The Doctor’s Office is fairly new and offers skewers and classic and craft cocktails. You can also buy the Doctor’s Cure which is their version of a Dealer’s Choice cocktail.

Reservations and a small deposit are required.

#26 Fog Room

The Fog Room is a classy rooftop bar located at the top of the Charter Hotel in Downtown Seattle. It’s a snazzy little place that is great for date night or late-night drinks with friends.

#27 Fonté

Fonté started as a coffee shop but has evolved into a bar, restaurant, and bakery. Their Rainier Square location offers a full-service menu in a gorgeous open setting. 


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#28 Frolik Rooftop Bar

Frolik is located in Downtown Seattle and has a delicious assortment of craft cocktails and food.

We typically find their cocktails are on the sweeter side and ask them to add less sweetener. You’ll also get an amazing view of Downtown Seattle from their rooftop deck. It’s perfect for groups and summer gatherings.

craft cocktail from frolik rooftop bar seattle

#29 Hazlewood

Hazlewood is an upscale dive bar in the Ballard neighborhood. 

#30 Herb & Bitter Public House

Herb and Bitters Cocktail with Apples

Herb & Bitter Public House is located on the bustling street of Broadway on Capitol Hill. They have awesome food and amazing cocktails. We love hanging out in their string light-lit patio area. It’s in a well-decorated space with a dark tin ceiling, a beautiful chandelier, and an oversized patio with a retractable roof. You can rent it out for private parties as well.

In the wintertime, try their hot beverages to warm you up from the cold.

#31 The Hideout

The Hideout is an awesome cocktail bar with artwork lining the walls, that you can actually buy! They also have a quirky vending machine with souvenirs you can buy made by local artists.

Their cocktails are strong and creative. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask the bartenders for some creative recommendations.

#32 Il Bistro

Il Bistro is one of our all-time favorite places to dine and drink. Their happy hour menu is phenomenal with $5 well specials and food items under $10. Their cocktails are also on point. We are never disappointed with anything!


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#33 Foreign National

Foreign National is a very dimly lit cocktail bar and restaurant. They are located in Capitol Hill and is perfect for date night and smaller groups. The space is not very big.

They are known for their cheeseburger baos and creative cocktails. Reservations are required.

#34 Gold Bar

Gold Bar recently moved to Capitol Hill and offers a vibey outpost for cocktails and food. 


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#35 Inside Passage

A hidden nautical-themed bar with super fun Tiki cocktails. We loved the Four Boys cocktail which was served in a rice cooker and I See a Light, which is served in a fun angler fish vessel. Look up to check out the Kraken.

Inside Passage speakeasy bar in Seattle WA

Inside Passage Bar

#36 JarrBar

JarrBar by Bryan Jarr is a little cozy Spanish-style bar with seafood tins and cured meats. The space is small, but during warmer weather, they have tables set up outside for al fresco dining. 

We love their tinned seafood spreads and the refreshing Cochino cocktail. 


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#37 Kin Len Thai Night Bites

Kin Len Thai Night Bites Yay Remedy Tom Yum Soup Cocktail

Yay Remedy Tom Yum Soup Cocktail

Things are not what they seem over at Kin Len Thai Night Bites. They have cocktails inspired by the flavors of Thai cuisine.


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#38 Knee High Stocking Co.

The Knee High Stocking Co. offers craft cocktails alongside a Filipino-inspired comfort food menu. This two-story establishment has speakeasy vibes and cozy nooks throughout. Reservations are required and made via text. 

#39 Korochka Tavern

Korochka Tavern is a super cozy Russian bar serving amazing crafted cocktails, including one with beet vodka! They also serve Russian food such as pelmeni (dumplings) and pickled veggies.

Their dumplings can also be purchased frozen for take-home.

Trans Siberian Cocktails from Korochka Tavern

Trans Siberian Cocktails from Korochka Tavern

#39 Lady Jaye

Lady Jaye is located in West Seattle. They have an awesome prefix fare and delicious cocktails. We love their patio area where you can keep warm near the fire or enjoy on a warm sunny Seattle day.


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#40 Liberty

Liberty is a cocktail and sushi bar located in Capital Hill. They have a simple happy hour menu and tasty craft cocktails. The space is cozy and reservations are recommended.

#41 Life on Mars

Life on Mars was brought to life by local radio DJ John Richard. It’s located in Capitol Hill and has a great selection of cocktails and vegan food. You’ll want to try their cauliflower bites and taco salad. They also have special hours where you can play one of the thousands of vinyl records that line the restaurant wall.

#42 Little Tin Goods & Apothecary Cabinet

Little Tin is a cute Tiki bar located in Ballard. They have Tiki drinks that are on the sweeter side and presented in fun glassware. Each table is separated by plants, so it’s a really cool spot if you’re a plant parent.

#43 McMenamin’s Six Arms

Going to McMenamin‘s is an experience. Each location has a slightly different menu and the Six Arms location in Capitol Hill has Tiki Tuesdays! 

#44 Merchant’s Cafe & Saloon

Merchant’s Cafe & Saloon is Seattle’s oldest bar and is HAUNTED. They serve beverages and food. Downstairs is where you can see some remnants of Seattle before the city was built on top of the rubble after the Great Fire of 1889. 


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#45 Mischief on Canal

Mischief on Canal is a PNW artisanal distillery with a restaurant and full bar. You can make a reservation to tour their distillery.

#46 The Mountaineering Club

This rooftop bar is located in the Graduate Seattle Hotel. The space is very cozy with heated outdoor seating. They offer craft cocktails and food. We love ordering their tabletop s’mores for dessert.


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#47 Navy Strength

Navy Strength is Rob Roy’s sister establishment offering creative Tiki cocktails. During the holidays, the bar transforms into a tropical wonderland, with Christmas decor and drinks served in Christmas vessels. It’s located next to Vinnie’s wine and oyster bar.

#48 Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread is a secret bar located within Tavern Law. It’s a small space and requires a reservation. But if you’re lucky, you can pick up the phone and ask if they have space available. If they do, you can enjoy small bites and delicious cocktails in their small space.

#49 The NOOK

The NOOK is located in West Seattle and serves up amazing craft cocktails. Their upstairs area is a cozy “nook” with vintage furniture. Dogs are welcome! They may take a Polaroid photo of you and your pup for their pet wall.

#50 Octopus Bar

Octopus Bar in Wallingford Seattle WA

#51 Oliver’s Lounge

Oliver’s Lounge is located in the historic Mayflower Park Hotel. They serve amazing classic cocktails in an upscale bar setting. They also offer one of my favorite Caesar salads in the city.

#52 Olympic Bar at the Fairmont Hotel

Nothing is classier than the Olympic Bar at the Fairmont Hotel. Their 360-degree bar is spacious. Visit during the holidays and enjoy all the festive decorations throughout the bar. 

If you’re adventurous, ask the bartender how you can get into the Founder’s Club, a speakeasy located within the hotel behind a bookcase.

#53 Otium Grill and Greens

Otium Grill and Greens is a restaurant with a full bar located in the Astra Hotel in South Lake Union. We were very impressed with their cocktails and happy hour menu. 

The restaurant is also very elegant with backlit panels and a fully lit bar. It’s perfect for date night and business outings.

And the fun doesn’t end there! Head up the elevator to check out the Altitude Sky Lounge, a rooftop bar located in the same hotel. 


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#54 Otter On the Rocks

Otter on the Rocks is probably one of our favorite places to visit in West Seattle! Tanner opened this restaurant and bar and serves creative craft cocktails made with local ingredients. 

#55 Paper Fan Bar

Dragons Breath Cocktail Paper Fan Bar Seattle WA

Dragon’s Breath Cocktail

The owners of Biang Biang Noodle in Capitol Hill opened up an Oriental-themed speakeasy with tea-based craft cocktails that are award-worthy.

Paper Fan Bar has 20 seats and reservations must be made


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#56 Percy’s & Co.

Percy’s & Co serves awesome cocktails and soul food in an apothecary-style setting in Ballard. You’ll want to try their Tomatillo cocktail. It’s super delish!

#57 The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is a bohemian bar located in the basement of Temple Billards. They serve craft cocktails. Food and more beverages can be purchased upstairs at Temple Billiards.

#58 Phocific Standard Time

Brought to you by the owners of Pho Bac Sup Shop, Phocific Standard Time (PST). It’s located above their downtown pho restaurant.

In PST you can order a craft cocktail made with ingredients you’ll typically find in Vietnamese cuisine such as pickled onions, pandan, etc. They also have the Pho Cup (smaller snack size of their pho bowls) and bò lá lót (grilled steak skewers wrapped in betel leaf). 

You can also check out The Boat restaurant for some refreshing Vietnamese-inspired cocktails as well. 


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#59 The Pink Door

The Pink Door is located in Pike Place Market. You enter the Italian restaurant through a literal pink door on Post Alley. They have a bar area that is fully stocked and great for classic and creative craft cocktails.

Check their schedule for Burlesque shows. The space is dimly lit and great for date nights and special events.

#60 Pink Salt Restaurant

Pink Salt is a Peruvian restaurant located in Magnolia. They serve traditional Peruvian cocktails such as Pisco and Chicha sours.

#61 The Rabbit Box

The Rabbit Box is located in Pike Place Market and is open late at night for cocktails and small plates.

#62 Rapport

Rapport is a wine bar with automated dispensers. They also serve small bites, flatbreads, and charcuterie boards. Aside from wine, they also have beer and tasty craft cocktails. 

#63 Rider

Rider reopened in 2023 and has been serving delicious food and craft cocktails. They are a fine dining seafood restaurant located on the first floor of Hotel Theodore.


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#64 ROCCO’s

ROCCO‘s not only serves the best pizza (IMHO) in Seattle, but they also have a bar that has every spirit you can think of. 

#65 Roquette

Roquette is an art deco-style bar that serves stiff drinks. It’s located in Belltown and is a great place for date night in one of their cozy booths.

#66 Rose Temple

Rose Temple is a funky bar located in Capital Hill. We love coming here because they make their own house syrups and you can smell how fragrant they are throughout the bar.

Got a large group? Ask to sit in their cozy red room.

#67 Rumba

Rumba is a Cuban restaurant and bar with tropical beverages and Cuban fare. They offer Tiki style beverages that taste great and come in fun glassware.

#68 Rupee Bar

Rupee Bar is located in Ballard and offers craft cocktails and food inspired by India and Sri Lanka.

#69 Bar Sabine

Tucked behind Sabine Cafe is Bar Sabine. They have cute anime-themed cocktails and Turkish/Mediterranean fare. It’s dog friendly on the patio and their outdoor seating is equipped with a mister, perfect for warm sunny days.

Porco Rosso pink pig cocktail from Sabine Bar in Ballard Seattle WA

Porco Rosso cocktail from Bar Sabine

#70 Single Shot

Single Shot is a saloon style bar with craft cocktails and American food.

#71 Six Seven Restaurant

Located in the hip Edgewater Hotel on the Pier, this restaurant has happy hour deals on cocktails and food and an AMAZING view of the Puget Sound. They are known for their seafood fare.

Edgewater Hotel Six Seven Restaurant Seattle Happy Hour Aplets and Cotlets cocktail

Aplets & Cotlets Cocktail from Six Seven Restaurant

#72 The Sitting Room

The Sitting Room is located in lower Queen Anne and has an awesome cocktail menu. We loved their Cherry Blossom cocktail. We’re a sucker for pink drinks.

They also have delicious Mexican food. The Sitting Room is connected to a local theater, so it gets very busy before showtime. It’s also dog-friendly on the patio!


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#73 The Smith

The Smith is a restaurant located in Capitol Hill. They offer delicious food and a solid cocktail menu. Our favorite drink on the menu is the Nebula, a tequila cocktail made with fresh blueberries and glitter!


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#74 Smith Tower

Smith Tower was once Seattle’s tallest building in 1914. Now they serve cocktails on the 25th floor in the 360-degree observatory. Sign-up to be part of their Rum Runner club for entry for you plus a guest any time and 20% off your bill. We love watching the sunset over the Puget sound from the observatory deck.

paper plane cocktail from Smith Tower Seattle

Smith Tower

#75 Stampede Cocktail Club

Stampede Cocktail Club will activate all your senses. At first glance, it looks slightly dilapidated, but then you turn a corner and Jurassic Park greets you. It’s wacky and fun and they serve excellent cocktails alongside steamed dumplings from Little Ting’s. 

#76 Stella

Stella is located in First Hill and offers amazing Italian fare and seriously underrated cocktails in a hip setting. It’s located in Hotel Sorrento. 

#77 Taco City

La Loteria watermelon chamoy Cocktail from Taco City Taqueria Seattle

We are SO HAPPY Taco City Taqueria exists! They have an amazing menu of signature cocktails including holiday-themed libations.

They’re located in Columbia City and also have an awesome happy hour menu with $8 cocktails and food items for under $10! 

Their tacos are also super tasty! We love their deep fried fish tacos (you can get them grilled too), birria tacos, and the Cali Fries. 

Everything was literally, *chef’s kiss* and we can’t wait to go back!

Address: 5212 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118


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#78 Taurus Ox

Have you ever tried the Laotian fare from Taurus Ox? You definitely need to. The umami flavor profiles are mindblowing. 

We love the cocktails here. They are more fruit and citrus forward yet very balanced.


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#79 Tavern Law

Tavern Law is located in Capital Hill and has a hidden speakeasy (Needle and Thread) upstairs. You’ll need to make reservations for their hidden speakeasy. Tavern Law has great cocktails and a delicious food menu. Tavern Law has great cocktails and creative bar food.

#80 Teacher’s Lounge

Teacher’s Lounge is a scholastically themed cocktail lounge in Greenwood.

#81 Three 9 Lounge

The Three 9 Lounge is a Tiki bar located next to a bowling alley in West Seattle. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island as soon as you step into the place.

We loved the specialty cocktails which include a cocktail aptly named, “Why the Long Face?”

#82 Tin Lizzie

Tin Lizzie is located in the Marqueen Hotel in Lower Queen Anne and offers prohibition-era cocktails, a light food menu in an antique bar setting.

They no longer have happy hour but do offer themed and event specials such as dress in 50’s costume and get your first cocktail for half off.

#83 Toulouse Petit

Toulouse Petit is a New Orleans-style restaurant in Lower Queen Anne. They have a HUGE happy hour menu (they say it’s the biggest happy hour menu in the USA) and their food is super flavorful.

They also offer New Orleans-style cocktails such as the Boulevardier and Sazerac.

Chai Sazerac Cocktail from Trade Winds Tavern Seattle WA

Chai Sazerac from Trade Winds Tavern

#84 Triangle Spirits

Located in a historic triangle building in Fremont, Triangle Spirits offers

#85 The Velvet Elk

The Velvet Elk is a cocktail lounge located in Mount Baker.

#86 Von’s 1000 Spirits

pineapple cocktail from von's 1000 spirits

Von’s 1000 Spirits serves deliciously crafted cocktails and shots. They also have amazing homemade sourdough Rotelli pasta that you can order with plenty of sauce options. And you can ALWAYS enjoy a scratch Manhattan for only $7 every day.

#87 Zig Zag

Zig Zag is one of our favorite bars! It’s located on Western near Pike Place Market. The cozy interior is dimly lit and perfect for date nights. Their outdoor area is also great if you want to catch Golden Hour while sipping on a tasty libation.

They also have happy hour with discounted drink and food. 


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