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ASN Hats Review

ASN Hats Review
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Updated: 9/27/2022 | ASN Hats Review

En Saison Briell Dress ASN Hat VIVAIA Sky Costanera Tower Observation Deck Santiago Chile

ASN Straw Hat

About ASN

The ASN brand is a premier fashion company combining leisure and luxury to create a modern flair with the world’s most timeless accessory, hats.

Founded in Los Angeles by two sisters, Alejandra and Ilsse Nevarez, ASN designs draw inspiration from trendy LA streetwear. Their aesthetic can be described as a combination of modern and classic designs.

Each hat is masterfully hand-tailored and shaped. The intricate yielding, braiding, and molding of the straw can take up to 15 days for the development of the Jipijapa and Panama hats.

For their wool hats they use sustainable, cruelty-free, and 100% virgin wool that is cleaned, scoured and hand dyed by artisans for an impeccable finish.

ASN Hats Review

I purchased the Astoria Straw Boater hat ($115) from Anthropologie. It is a cordobe (or boater style) hat with a black and white hat band. Boater hats typically have a flat crown and large brim.

I ended up removing the hat band so that I can have a fully off-white boater hat for my trip to Chile. It was super easy to remove (only stuck on the hat in two places with glue). Removing the band also made the hat more versatile and match more of my outfits.

Below we’ll go over the pros and cons of ASN hats.

ASN Hats Astoria Straw Boater Cordobe hat with band

ASN Astoria Straw Boater Hat ($115)

ASN Hats Pros

  • Offers SOMEWHAT inclusive sizing. Some hat styles are One Size Fits Most (OSFM), which is typically 58 cm, and some styles are offered in sizes ranging from Small (55 cm), Medium (58 cm), and Large (59 cm).
  • The hats are made with high-quality materials. I would definitely say they are on par with Lack of Color and Gigi Pip hats. 
  • Timeless Designs – Their hat styles are super chic and timeless. 
  • Affordable Price Point – Their hats are more affordable than Lack of Color and Gigi Pip.
  • 100% Vegan – All their hats are made with faux suede, raffia, cotton, or straw.

ASN Hats Cons

  • Painted hats may flake. This hasn’t happened to me but another reviewer said that her black hat started flaking on her with normal wear and tear.
  • Elastic band lifts the hat off my head. This is probably the most annoying feature of the hat but I’ll deal with it since I got such a good deal on it. I also plan on removing the elastic band so that it will fit better.
En Saison Brielle PInk Peasant Dress ASN Hats VIVAIA shoes Santiago Chile

ASN Straw Cordobe/Boater Hat

Cerro Santa Lucia Santiago Chile Selkie My So Called Life MSCL Cotton Puff dress Isabel Marant ASN hats

ASN Straw Boater Hat

Should I Buy ASN Hats?

I love how my cordobe hat completes my outfits. It’s super stylish and chic and I get compliments everywhere I go.

The hats are also very well made and will be timeless pieces in my closet.

I do wish they made adjustable bands for the hats. The elastic drives me crazy and makes the hat seem cheap.

En Saison Brielle Dress Pink Parque Bicentenario Park Santiago Chile VIVAIA ASN Hats

ASN Straw Cordobe Hat

Where to Buy ASN Hats

You can purchase ASN Hats directly from their website.

I also love purchasing ASN Hats from the following retailers:

  • Anthropologie – Anthro has a limited selection but they go on sale often and are a great deal.
  • Madewell

Other hat retailers we love include Nordstrom, REVOLVE, and Shopbop.

En Saison Brielle Dress Pink back Santiago Chile

ASN Straw Boater Hat

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