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Her Gym Clothing Review

Her Gym Clothing Review
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Updated: 9/9/2022 | Her Gym Clothing Review

About Her Gym Clothing

Her Gym Clothing is based in China and has been producing activewear and lifestyle apparel since 2016. 

They have factories in South East Asia, Europe, and even in the USA.

Her Gym Clothing Review

I received the following pieces from Her Gym Clothing to review in this post:

Her Gym Clothes Review Pleated Tennis skirt cropped sweater Schimiggy

Her Gym Clothing Pros

  • Affordable – Their apparel ranges from $8 to upwards of $40 per piece, making them very affordable.
  • Runs True to Size (TTS) – We chose a medium and the sizing fit perfectly and had a lot of stretch. We recommend using their size charts when shopping.
  • Fast shipping – We received our products within 5 days!
  • High quality fabrics – Their fabrics are super high quality and many spandex pieces are very stretchy.

Her Gym Clothing Cons

  • Fast Fashion – Their products are made in factories throughout the world and our package was shipped from China which contributes to our carbon footprint.
  • No Wishlist Feature – We loved a lot of pieces but didn’t have a way of saving our favorites. A wishlist feature would be great since they have a huge variety of products to choose from.

Should I Buy Her Gym Clothing

Some products I loved and somewhere a no-go for me. I am glad if found a lot of good products that I’ll wear again and again. I recommend them because they are high-quality yet affordable. 

If you’re looking for something more eco-friendly and size-inclusive, I would go with other brands such as Girlfriend Collective or lululemon.

Where to Buy Her Gym Clothing

You can shop Her Gym Clothing on their website and on Amazon.

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 20% off all your orders on their website.

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