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ALOHAS Review | Cute Sustainable Shoes

ALOHAS Review | Cute Sustainable Shoes
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ALOHAS Sandals











  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • Very Stylish Design
  • High Quality Construction


  • Expensive
  • No Arch Support
  • Shipping Times Vary

Updated: 3/29/2023 | ALOHAS Review


Disclaimer: While I was gifted shoes from ALOHAS, this review is 100% honest and all thoughts are my own.

Selkie Chocolate Lace Puff Dress Seattle Center


ALOHAS is a sustainable shoe brand from Spain. Their products are made using a lean production line where customers can buy products On Demand, at a discount, and items are shipped much later down the road. This can be anywhere between a span of weeks to months.

Their shoes are made with responsibly sourced leather and come in a variety of styles and materials. The shoes are not only super cute, but they’re also very comfortable. You’ll definitely want to wear them all day long.

ALOHAS also sells sustainable apparel, swimwear, jewelry, and handbags.


I reviewed the following ALOHAS sandals in this post:

  • Letizia Shades of Beige ombre sandals ($147) – I chose these sandals because I LOVE ombre colorways and the ombre straps were just too adorable to pass up. I also know they will match a lot of my outfits because of the neutral colors. The heel is also a comfortable height. I sized down to a size 37 in this shoe. 
  • South Bicolor Boots ($237) – The two tone faux leather is to die for! I sized down to a 37 in these boots. The chunky heel provides a lot of support and is very comfortable. I also get TONS of complements when I wear these boots.

Selkie Chocolate Lace Puff Dress MoPoP MuseumI own a few other ALOHAS shoes and they’re all equally comfortable and stylish.

Here are the other ALOHAS styles that I own and highly recommend!

spring outfit everlane white jeans vici tank and alohas sandals

What I Wore: Everlane Authentic Skinny Jeans ($78) – Use this link to save 10% off your first order. | 
VICI Collection Cactus washed tank top ($34) – Use this link to save $25 off your first order of $125. |
Nisolo Noemi Belt ($50) – Use this link to save $50 off your first order. | Furtalk felt hat ($25)

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ALOHAS South Bicolor Beige Black Boots Vici Babydoll polka dot dress eric javits hat

ALOHAS South Bicolor Boots

How does ALOHAS sizing run?

We recommend sizing down in ALOHAS shoes. They have a size recommender that suggests that I order size 38 (US size 7.5) and my shoes ended up being super loose and would fall off when I walk in them.

I wanted also to mention that my feet are very narrow and my arches are high. I sized down to a size 37 (US 6.5) and it fit perfectly.

We also sifted through the reviews and saw that most people recommended sizing up. I guess it really depends on the width of your foot and the style of shoe. In general, I am a street size 7, wear size 7.5 in Rothy’s points, and size 7.5 in boots and sneakers in most brands.

I’ve tried at least 4 different pairs of ALOHAS now and recommend sizing down in their sandals and sizing up in their boots with a rounded toe box. Size down in boots that come with a box-shaped toe box.

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neutral spring outfit with everlane white jeans and furtalk felt hat and alohas sandals

Selkie Angel Delight Puff Dress ALOHAS boots Zanatany Straw Hat Skagit Valley Tulip Farm

Globetrotter Boots by ALOHAS

Where to Buy ALOHAS

Buy ALOHAS directly from their website. Use this link to save 20 Euros off your first order at ALOHAS.

You can also shop ALOHAS at the following retailers:

You can save up to 30% when you shop their On Demand styles (pre-order).

On Demand styles are styles that will ship later based on the demand. You’ll purchase the shoes first and once the ALOHAS production team reaches a critical mass of orders, they will make shoes that are then shipped at a later date.

To us, the wait is well worth the discount!

ALOHAS South Bicolor Beige Black Boots Vici Babydoll polka dot dress eric javits hat side pose

ALOHAS South Bicolor Boots

Selkie Chocolate Lace Puff Dress Seattle Armory

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Thursday 17th of November 2022

I love this! I have their can can boots and I've been wanting to buy a pair of their sandals/heels and this helped so much. Thanks!


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

yay glad i could be of help!

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