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Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Why Do People Get Tattoos?
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Did you know? 38% of Canadians and 42% of Americans have at least one tattoo.

This shows the ever-increasing fondness of tattooing among North Americans.

But why do people get tattoos?

Tattoos were once associated with jailbirds, sailors, bikers, bad guys and tribes, tattoos have become the part of mainstream culture in Canada and the United States of America. People from every walk of life have tattoos, from celebs, white-collar workers to your neighborhood mechanic.

Many believe that tattoos are more than a piece of ink art.

This is because they help you express your style or character. They also let you show your aesthetic sense. This way, they make you feel confident. And this leads to one big positive—an improved body image. In other words, tattoos help you accept who you are.

They make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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In a survey conducted by Manchester Metropolitan University, most respondents admitted that they opted for tattoos in order to resolve their body issues.

Here are some quotes expressed by respondents in the study…

“I finally had a piece of my body that I was like actually happy about.”

“It made me feel cute […] and it made me like myself a little bit more.”

“You feel more attractive to you.”

“People collect [art] on their walls, people collect it on their bodies. If it makes you happy then do it.”

“I feel better with more tattoos.”

“I like the parts of me which are tattooed.”

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Top Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

#1 Tattoos Camouflage Your Imperfections

Not everyone has the perfect body. Most of us have love handles, sagginess, cellulitis, scars, and stretch marks across the body. These things negatively affect our self-esteem, paving a way for a negative body image.

Tattoos can be a great way to hide those imperfections. For example, tattoos have been a popular way to hide scars that resulted from surgery, injury, or bodily trauma. There are even tattoos that cover stretch marks for women who have had children.

#2 Tattoos Add to Your Style

As I have told you earlier that tattoos add to your aesthetic sense of self. It means that you look more stylish with a beautiful tattoo. Some people view tattoo as the way to bring “excitement” to their “bare, blank and plain” body.

Whether you are super skinny or a bulky person, a tattoo makes a strong statement on your body.

#3 Tattoos Can Motivate You

Tattoos not only add to your style but can also act as a way to keep you motivated while you live your life. Yes, we’re literally talking about the tattoos of text and quotes that people get on their bodies.

These inspirational and motivational tattoos are typically visible and can be referred to at any moment when you need it. Remember that tattoos are almost always permanent (unless you use to decide to remove it using a laser), so it’s always with you. Feeling low? Just have a look at your favorite phrase inked onto your wrist.

From a simple “Never Give Up” to “Only God Can Judge me,” there are thousands of inspirational quotes you can get inked on your body.

These tattoo phrases can also unleash positive vibes with those around you.

#4 Tattoos Keep Positive Memories and Loved Ones Close

Some people opt to go down a memory lane with their tattoos. Some etch the wonderful things they have accomplished, memories of people or pets who have made an impact in their lives or a time when they took a life-changing adventure.

These types of tattoos can uplift your spirit, improve self-esteem and may even motivate you to explore and travel more!

Tattoos, on the other hand, can also help people cope. Getting a tattoo of a significant date or of a loved one who has passed can help you honor that loss or rough patch in your life.

#5 Tattoos Can Help You Socialize

Tattoos also act as conversation starters and can help you bond with others. You may want to know who someone’s tattoo artist is, or if someone has a similar tattoo as yours, you can both share stories about how you were inspired to get it.

People without tattoos may also be inspired by your tattoos and spark up a conversation with you to learn more about the process and may even turn this into a friendship!

#6 Tattoo Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence

Because tattoos can hide bodily imperfections, make you look stylish, motivate you and keep your best memories close, it’s no surprise that tattoos can also help you improve your self-esteem!

According to a study, self-esteem lives in the frontostriatal pathway of the brain. This pathway links the medial prefrontal cortex and the ventral striatum. These parts evoke self-knowledge and our feelings of reward. And there are many ways of feeling rewarded.

For example, you feel good when you wear expensive designer clothes or land a makeup routine that makes you shine. Similarly, you feel rewarded and more confident when you get a tattoo. As a result, you aren’t bothered about your body image or other flaws and this leads to improved self-esteem.

This confidence can help you accomplish a myriad of things in your life.

Are You Ready to Get a Tattoo?

There are many benefits of getting a tattoo, with the main one being a boost in self-esteem.

The internet is full of inspiration. You can search images of a tattoo idea that you have, or you can work with a tattoo artist to create something entirely unique to you. It’s very important to shop around and speak with friends, family and strangers to find the right artist that will help you find a tattoo that you love.

The last thing you want is to regret a tattoo decision you made. Or maybe your motto is YOLO, and that’s OK too.

However, if you regret it, you can always remove it. Schedule up an appointment in a local saloon and watch tattoo removal progress live in person!

bad bodyart no ragrets tattoo on chest

It’s also important to choose the right tattoo artist. For example, if you want to get your scar covered by a tattoo, choose the one who is experienced in cover-up tattoos. Ink will be less likely to absorb into scar tissue than regular skin.

Look for experience, reputation, customer reviews, and price in your tattoo artist. Make sure to review the pros and cons of tattoos.

Post your tattoo session, you’ll notice that tattoos can be painful. You may want to consider using a quality numbing cream during the healing process.

Now go find that body art of your dreams!

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