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What to Wear When You Have Gray Hair

What to Wear When You Have Gray Hair
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Updated: 4/19/2023 | What to Wear When You Have Gray Hair

When I started my grey hair transition process, I could still wear pretty much anything I wanted.

As my hair progressed to 80% gray, I started to notice that my outfits began clashing with my hair. I would attempt to cover my hair by wearing a hat or headband.

Now that I am 100% transitioned, my hair looks visibly gray but my face still appears young. 

I didn’t want to give up color, because the color gives life! I decided to delve into more fashion trends to find exactly what worked for my gray mane.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten and accentuate your gray hair, here is our guide to help you look your best while embracing your gray hair.

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What to Wear When You Have Gray Hair

Below we’ve included some tips and inspiration to help you look great with gray hair.


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#1 Wear Makeup

When my hair transitioned, so did my style. I wanted to go for a more simple look that I could easily maintain. I also wanted a look that would look youthful with my gray hair.

Since grey hair can make you look washed out, using warm and pink tones in your makeup will make you look and feel youthful and gorgeous.

#2 Blush

Blush makes everyone look more vibrant. I notice a huge change when I apply blush. I advise people to wear blush because it gives your face life and it’s easy to apply.

If you’re fair skinned, choose a light pink hue. If you’re medium or olive, choose a bright pink or mauve. And if you’re dark complexioned, choose a rich, hot pink, or magenta with some shimmer.

Apply the blush onto the apples of your cheeks for an instant brightening effect.

#3 Go Easy on the Powder

When you’ve gone gray, or white, or salt-and-pepper, your skin can look dull. Use a moisturizing foundation to brighten your skin. Highlighters are also great to use on your eyes and cheeks to look brighter.

#4 Pick a Rich Lipcolor

Try juicy-looking lip colors in shades of pink and red.  Choose a color a few shades more intense than your natural lip tone.

Avoid nudes and browns as they can make your face look dull.

We love wearing matte lip colors by Beverly Hills Anastasia, MAC, Urban Decay, and Sephora.

#5 Line your Lips

As you mature, lips lose their natural contour and plumpness. Restore it by tracing your lips with a nude lip liner before applying lip color.

#6 Brighten Your Eyes

You don’t have to give up color on your eyes. Feel free to wear a color that matches the colors of your outfit.

We recommend using mascara and eyeliner to widen the eyes and make them stand out more.

#7 Fill In Your Brows

Eyebrows allow us to show emotion in the face. Fill in sparse brows with a pencil for a more defined look. 

If you’re fair complexioned, use a light brown shade. If you’re olive or dark complexioned, and your brows are dark, try a dark brown.

For silver or salt-and-pepper brows, use a dark grey pencil. Brows also tend to lose their “tails” as you age. Try extending them with wispy strokes toward your temples.

Colors to Wear With Gray Hair

#1 Match Your Eye Color

Matching your eye color is a great way to complement your gray hair. If you have dark brown eyes, it’s best to wear darker shades such as black or navy.

#2 Gray/Silver

Go for the monochromatic look and wear gray or silver. 

Zesica pleated skirt brown Lacademie Maven Crop Sweater ATP Atelier Catania Boots Peili Ebony Beret

L’Academie Maven Crop Sweater + Zesica Pleated Skirt

#3 White

White is a huge contrast to salt and pepper hair and can really make your hair stand out.

Gentle Herd Quilted Down Parka Ivory Dream Pairs Montana Boots Gigi Pip Dakota Triangle Fedora

White Parka by Gentle Herd

#4 Black

Black is an easy color to wear with gray hair. Gray hair can also look brighter against a black outfit.

Selkie Caviar Black Marie Dress Isabel Marant Beth Shoes Namjosh Headband

Black Marie dress by Selkie

#5 Blue

Navy or royal blues are excellent colors to wear with gray hair. Blues make gray hair look more silver.

#6 Pink

Pink tends to brighten the complexion. Try wearing a pink top, dress or necklace. Rose and dusty pink are also pink shades that complement gray hair really well.

En Saison Brielle PInk Peasant Dress ASN Hats VIVAIA shoes Santiago Chile

Pink Brielle Dress by En Saison


Emerald green works especially well for those with gray hair and brown or green eyes. 

I love wearing green because it’s my favorite color. 

Selkie Macaron Dress Summer Field Green Viscata Diff Eyewear Becky IV Sunglasses

Selkie Macaron Dress in Summer Field


Whether it’s lavender or violet, purple shades are an excellent way to highlight your grays. 

Wear a purple co-ord (top and bottom set) or a purple dress. We love wearing purple, lavender, mauve, violet, and heather.


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Choose a bright shade of red and pair it with a neutral top or bottom for balance. Red colors that look great include red, burgundy, wine, brick, and vermillion.

You can also use a bright red accessory such as a hat or scarf for a pop of color.

Palais Royal Striped Columns Paris France

Red tulle skirt by Chicwish

Style With a Scarf

As far as accessories are concerned you can wear any color scarf that compliments your skin tone, just remember if there is too much going on it will take away attention from your hair and onto the accessory so keep the scarf simple.


You never know what might look good until you try. Head to the department store and try on accessories to find your new look.

Just because you have gray hair, doesn’t mean you need to let go of fun and cute accessories. 

We love accessorizing with headbands, hair clips, headscarves, hats, and braids.

Selkie Shabby Chic Hazy Floral Dress San Diego Hat Company Julian Hat

Selkie Shabby Chic Dress and San Diego Hat Company Julian Hat

Experiment with Textures and Patterns. 

A solid color will look fabulous if you mix it with a more textured fabric and vice versa. A little texture goes a long way.

Add a Pop of Color for Contrast

Add pops of color for interest and further contrast against neutrals. Maybe now is the time to grab those red heels you’ve been wanting to wear.

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