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VIVAIA Versus Rothy’s – Which is Better?

VIVAIA Versus Rothy’s – Which is Better?
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Sustainable apparel and accessories are super popular right now. People are making a conscious decision to shop secondhand or with companies who are making significant sustainable manufacturing.

The two companies we’re comparing today are big players in the sustainable shoe market; VIVAIA and Rothy’s.

VIVAIA vs Rothy's point flats
VIVAIA size 38 (left) and Rothy's size 7.5 (right)

VIVAIA Versus Rothy’s: Which is the Better Sustainable Shoe

We’ll list the differences between each brand so that you can make the decision on which shoe brand is better for you.

  Rothy’s VIVAIA
Quality Durable Much finer knit and durable
Price More Expensive

Starts are $125

Cheaper than Rothy’s

Starts at $78 and can range up to $198

Color and Pattern Selection Shoes are offered in many colors and patterns. Shoes are offered in many colors and patterns.
Comfortability Comfortable and flexible knit fabric.

Can be rough on feet that require cushion or arch support.

No arch or heel support.

Comfortable and flexible knit fabric.

Has heel and arch support built into the shoe liner.

Certain styles have chunky soles which are very plush and comfortable.

Sizing Sizing can be inconsistent.

Runs small – We recommend sizing up in certain styles.

Initially, VIVAIA shoes ran big. After some redesigning and taking feedback, their shoes now run true to size (TTS).
Discounts Get 20% off your first order with this link. Get 18% off all orders with this link or code SCHIMIGGY.
Style Selection Plenty of styles to choose from, but none of the styles offer heels. More styles to choose from than Rothy’s. They have many styles which have heels.
Made in China China
Packaging Sustainable packaging Sustainable until received by US shipping partner who wraps their products in bubble wrap and plastic.

What’s the Verdict?

Ultimately, we decided we love both our Rothy’s and VIVAIA shoes.

Rothy’s are great because their packaging is more sustainable than VIVAIA’s and their shoes have more structure due to the knitting pattern.

On the other hand, we find VIVAIA shoes to be much more comfortable because they’re made with a finer knit pattern and they’re just as durable as Rothy’s shoes. They also come in more silhouettes and even offer shoes with heels. We also love their boot styles.

Read all of our Rothy’s reviews here.

And read all of our VIVAIA reviews here.

Don’t forget to use our links to save towards your first pair of sustainable women’s shoes.


VIVAIA valencia flats with tread labs sole inserts
rothys point shoes with tread labs short insoles
Chicwish Exuberant Flower Land Co-Ord Maxi Skirt Dress Outfit Set Vivaia Sandals Wallaroo Sanibel Hat
Angel Jackets and Vivaia Charley thigh high boots and Zahara tote bag
VIVAIA Charley Boots
VIVAIA Zahara Bag in Cream
VIVAIA Zahara Bag and Zoe Booties in Cream

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Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Just once, as a female who wears a s 12 shoe, I'd like to be included in someone's demographic. Its 2022, the idea that a female may have large feet is not a wild concept. The explosion of openly trans women alone should have companies increasing their size catalog. Think about it please.


Sunday 9th of October 2022

Where did you get the red/orange sandals in the photo above?


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

They are from VIVAIA! :D


Saturday 7th of August 2021

Maybe TMI, but…. I don’t have many pairs of shoes, and I walk a lot, so I put my shoes to the test. My Rothy’s look good after all the abuse I put them through, but they do start to smell after awhile, which washing, etc. does not cure. Do you have any knowledge on if Vivaias would do better in the odor area?


Tuesday 31st of August 2021

I actually have no clue! My feet don't really sweat. I will ask my Vivaia group if they have any hacks and let you know. You can also join and ask other members if you're comfortable with that.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.