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Get Over It: Traveling with a Menstrual Cup and Using a Bidet

Get Over It: Traveling with a Menstrual Cup and Using a Bidet
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WARNING: This post contains some graphic information that may not be for the lighthearted.

squatter asian asia toilet bidet

Squatter Asian Toilet

I’m starting a GET OVER IT post series where I’ll be trying things that I’ve had an aversion towards for so long. Things that deter me include hygienic reasons, supernatural stuff (like ghosts), and anything creepy and crawly, AKA eating or touching bugs! This stuff makes the hair on my neck stand.

Well here is my first in the GET OVER IT series.

I recently returned from a trip to Asia. We visited Japan, Singapore and my all favorite country…Thailand! On our trip to Thailand I decided to visit Bangkok and Phuket (pronounced poo-ket). We were traveling with a friend who had never been to Thailand before and wanted to experience Phuket. We had never been to and only heard that Phuket was very touristy and wouldn’t be worth our time. I decided that I might as well give Phuket a chance. I didn’t want to visit Thailand without stopping by one of their many beach cities. I decided that if we did Phuket once, we would not have to do it again. My visit convinced me otherwise. I would go back to Phuket in a heartbeat! Onto my experience…

Darn, It’s that Time of the Month Again!

Diva Cup – Menstrual Cup

During our travels in Thailand, I got my period. I use a menstrual cup and always carry it when I travel. I use the Diva Cup and have been using it for the past 4 years. Read my full review of the Diva Cup here.

In all the years that I’ve been using this magical contraption, NEVER have I used it the way I did in Thailand. This time was different. I combined it with a hygienic practice that I’ve never done before. And honestly, it was one of the most AMAZING feelings I’ve ever felt!

Ok, Tell Me More! What happened?

If you insist…

I was on a boat + canoe tour of James Bond island. The tour lasted approximately 6 hours, so basically the entire day. It takes approximately 2 hours to get to the pier and board the cruise ship. The menstrual cup is meant to last at most 12 hours, but depending on the flow, you may need to “dump the cup” sooner. When we returned to land, I still felt OK. We got into our car to head back towards Siray Bay. Our final stop was in Old Town Phuket. From Old Town Phuket we wanted to head to Patong Beach to catch the sunset.

So we ordered a GRAB (Thailand’s version of an Uber). In the GRAB was when I started to feel that my cup that was about to tip over. You can feel it because it starts to get messy and sloshy near the tip of the cup and there’s some leakage. Looking at the app, I saw that it would take us about 35 minutes to get from Old Town Phuket to Patong Beach. Could I wait that long? It’s already been 9 hours since I’ve dumped the cup! We wanted to catch the sunset, so we were in a rush and I had no time to use the restroom in Old Town Phuket.

Mid-way through the ride, the driver exclaimed that he was on E and needed to stop by and pump more gas into his vehicle. I screamed internally with JOY! It was my time to dump the cup before I bled all over his back seats. His seats were lined in fabric so it would have been a BAD DAY for everyone.

I asked to use the restroom and he obliged. I ran as fast as I could to the nearest toilet. I looked in one stall and saw a squat toilet. Went to the next one, another squat toilet. Aw heck they were ALL squat toilets. There was also NO toilet paper. What is a girl to do? Bloody hell, literally.

So I decided to DO IT. I was going to take that hose and clean myself on this squat toilet. I squatted and dumped the cup. Now, having leaked a little, I could feel the stickiness of blood in between my legs. Then there’s that mucousy snail trail that dangles from my vagina, refusing to follow the rest of Aunt Flow into the depths of the porcelain goddess. What do I do not? I’ve never been with out my trusty toilet paper before. So, I took the hose, and pointed it at Aunty Flow and applied pressure to the handle.

What Happened Next?

The next part was the best! I was able to hose down and clean EVERYTHING off my body. I used my opposite hand to wipe my vagina clean and then sprayed the flow away from my hand. I even used it to clean my menstrual cup inside the stall! What a relief it was. At that moment, I thought to myself, “Why have I not thought of this before?” The bidet + menstrual cup were meant to be. There was no need to take my cup to the sink and clean it in front of a bunch of strangers. I could do it all in the privacy of my own stall.

I shook the water off my toosh and stuck my cup back in. I pulled my shorts back on and felt as fresh as a daisy! I confidently strolled back to the GRAB car and we continued onto Phuket. No one would have known there was chaos internally and in the restroom. I was traveling with two males (one being my boyfriend) and they definitely were not on a need to know basis with Aunt Flow.

Thank You Bidet!

The bidet had saved me from a disaster in the car. After experiencing the bidet + menstrual cup combination in Thailand, I am convinced I can do anything and that anything is possible! I’ll definitely be prepared Vietnam in 2018! I’ll be there for three weeks, so I’m pretty sure Aunt Flow will be making an appearance. (yay…) I got three words for her: BRING IT ON!!!

Next challenge…eating those fried street food insects! *squirms*

PS: I visited Phuket and I absolutely loved it! There are so many things to do and so many beaches to visit. I highly recommend Phuket. Will post a Phuket travel guide soon!

If you’re looking for travel resources, check my travel resources page for some of my favorite companies and products for traveling.

<3 + Light,


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